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1945 Census


Placentia & St. Mary's District

Dwelling Family Last First FR Sex MS Age
PAGE 49              
21 3 Dalton John M Head M M 53
    Dalton Helen Wife F M 46
    Dalton Esther M Sister F S 47
22 5 Power Joseph Head M M 36
    Power Stella Wife F M 35
    Power Marie Dau F S 13
    Power Theresa Dau F S 8
    Power Joseph Son M S 6
    Power Edna Dau F S 5
    Power Frances Dau F S 3
23 8 Power Gerard Head M M 42
    Power Josephine Wife F M 32
    Power John F Son M S 6
    Power Margaret Dau F S 5
    Power Leo Son M S 4
    Power Thomas Son M S 2
    Power Allan Son M S 1
    Power Alexander Brother M S 44
24 11 Power David Head M M 52
    Power Vivien Wife F M 48
    Power Walter P Son M S 24
    Power Rita M Dau F S 22
    Power Mary J Dau F S 20
    Power Valentine Son M S 19
    Power Katherine Dau F S 18
    Power Genevieve Dau F S 16
    Power Helen Dau F S 14
    Power Matilda Dau F S 12
    Power Bernard Son M S 8
25 6 Power Fabian Head M M 41
    Power Elizabeth Wife F M 31
    Power Raymond Son M S 4
    Power Edward Son M S 2
    Power Kevin Son M S 1
    Power Peter Brother M S 43
26 8 Power Henrey (sic) Head M M 56
    Power Florence Wife F M 49
    Power Sebastine (sic) Son M S 21
    Power James Son M S 20
    Power Rodger Jr Son M S 17
    Power Mary A Dau F S 16
    Power Bridget Dau F S 14
    Dobbin Marion Niece F S 8
27 9 Power William Head M M 52
    Power Mary Wife F M 47
    Power Ambrose Son M M 23
    Power Amenda (sic) Dau F S 18
    Power Lawrence Son M S 17
    Power Michael Son M S 14
PAGE 50              
    Power Norah Dau F S 10
    Power Monica Dau F S 7
    Power Carmel Daughter in Law F M 23
28 8 Dalton James Jr Head M M 59
    Dalton Gertrude Wife F M 52
    Dalton Vincent Son M M (sic) 24
    Dalton Alban Son M S 22
    Dalton Leonard Son M S 20
    Dalton Edmund Son M S 16
    Dalton Augustine Son M S 15
    Dalton Theresa Dau d S 12
29 2 Dalton Patrick Head M M 42
    Dalton Alice Wife F M 34
30 4 McAvoy John Head M M 50
    McAvoy Norah Wife F M 48
    McAvoy Josephine Dau F S 18
    McAvoy John F Son M S 11
31 4 McAvoy George Head M M 48
    McAvoy Agnes Wife F M 39
    McAvoy Phillip C Son M S 1
    McAvoy Edward J Son M S 4 / 12
32 6 McAvoy Edward J Head M M 54
    McAvoy Frances Wife F M 59
    Power Hannah M Dau F M 25
    Power Cecil Son in Law M M 25
    Power Mildred M Grand Daughter F S 1
    Nolan Theresa Adopted Daughter F S 19
33 11 Power Leo Head M M 55
    Power Annie Wife F M 53
    Power Maurice Son M S 28
    Power Albert Son M S 25
    Power Patrick Son M S 23
    Power Ellen Dau F S 22
    Power Hilda Dau F S 20
    Power Aiden Son M S 18
    Power Francis Son M S 16
    Power Harry Son M S 13
    Power Arthur Son M S 10
34 4 Power Leonard Head M M 30
    Power Pauline Wife F M 21
    Power Annie M Dau F S 4 / 12
    Power Garrett Brother M S 28
35 3 Dalton Peter Head M M 46
    Dalton Mary E Wife F M 32
    Dalton Annie Dau F S 2
36 5 McAvoy Arthur Head M M 31
    McAvoy Madline (sic) Wife F M 22
    McAvoy Francis Son M S 3
    McAvoy William Son M S 2
    McAvoy Walter Son M S 1
PAGE 51              
37 3 McAvoy Samuel Head M S 47
    Dalton Evelyn Sister F M 43
    Dalton Ephraim Brother in Law M M 53
38 2 Dalton Daniel Head M M 49
    Dalton Helen Wife F M 42

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Page Revised by Craig Peterman (December 2002)

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