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This file "Verified to the original pages" (November 2004 by Don Tate)

1945 Newfoundland Population Census
Placentia West District


Section: Clattice Harbour to Petit Forte
Page 167 & 170

Dwelling Family Last First Relationship Sex MS Age Birth Place
PAGE 170                
85 92 RYAN Patrick F. H. M M 52 Presque
    RYAN Rita Wife F M 35 Presque
    LAKE Ellen Mother in Law F W 73 St. Kyrans
86 93 RYAN Margaret H. F W 73 Paradise PB
    RYAN Rita Daughter F S 37 Presque
87 94 KANE Bernard H. M M 90 Rencontre FB
    KANE Mary Wife F M 79 St. Anns
  95 KANE John H. M M 34 Presque
    KANE Maria Wife F M 23 Bona PB
    KANE Bernard Son M S 1 Presque
88 96 DUNPHY Patrick H. M M 23 S.E. Bight
    DUNPHY Annie Wife F M 23 Presque
    PITTMAN Robert Father in Law M W 66 Toslow
    DUNPHY Mary Sister F S 21 S.E. Bight
89 97 RYAN Douglas H. M M 48 Presque
    RYAN Maud Wife F M 40 Presque
    RYAN Michael Son M S 17 Presque
    RYAN Vincent Son M S 15 Presque
    RYAN Carmel Daughter F S 13 Presque
90 98 RYAN Martin H. M M 62 Presque
    RYAN Lucy Wife F M 53 Presque
    RYAN John F. Son M S 20 Presque
91 99 FITZGERALD Douglas H. M M 40 Presque
    FITZGERALD Donna Wife F M 38 Presque
    FITZGERALD Mary Daughter F S 6 Presque
92 100 CANNING Mary P. H. F W 41 Presque
    CLARKE Maud Housekeeper F S 20 Presque
    CANNING Joseph Son M S 18 Presque
    CANNING Regina Daughter F S 20 Baine Hr ?
    CANNING Loretta Daughter F S 15 Presque
    CANNING Mildred Daughter F S 10 Presque
93 101 LAKE Abraham H. M S 77 Presque
    LAKE Daniel Nephew M S 32 Presque
94 102 GREENE Fergus H. M M 45 Presque
    GREENE Annie Wife F M 36 Presque
    GREENE Johnny Son M S 9 Presque
    GREENE Thomas Son M S 7 Presque
    GREENE Rita Daughter F S 4 Presque
    GREENE Stephen Son M S 3 / 12 Presque
    GREENE Maria Mother F W 75 Presque
    LAKE Madeline Sister F S 50 Presque
95 103 HYNES James M. H. M M 28 Presque
    HYNES Madonna Wife F M 21 St. Anns
    HYNES Ellen Mother F M 47 Presque
    HYNES Anna Sister F S 13 Presque
    HYNES Thomas Uncle M S 58 Davis Cove
96 104 RYAN James J. H. M W 67 Presque
    RYAN Paul A. Son M S 23 Presque
    RYAN Mary A. Daughter F S 19 Presque
PAGE 167                
97 105 RYAN Patrick H. M M 68 Presque
    RYAN Margaret Wife F M 62 Deep Cove
98 106 RYAN Gerald H. M M 30 Presque
    RYAN Christine Wife F M 27 Presque

Contributed and Transcribed by Frank Fitzpatrick (October 2002)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (November 2004 by Don Tate)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (December 2002)

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