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1945 Newfoundland Population Census
Labrador District



PAGE 111                  
28 35 NOCHESAK Sem Family Head M M 53 Ramah Hebron
    NOCHESAK Harriet N. Wife F M 48 Hebron Hebron
    NOCHESAK Julius Son M S 17 Ramah Hebron
    NOCHESAK Polous N. Son M S 8 Narpartokh  
    NOCHESAK Th?as Daughter F S 12 Narpartokh Hebron
    NOCHESAK Clara K. Daughter F S 6 Narpartokh  
    NOGGOLEK Magdeline N. Foster Child F S 1 Narpartokh  
29 36 KASTJAVAK Joshua T. Family Head M M 46 Hebron Narpartokh
    KASTJAVAK Rebecca Wife F M 53 Narpartokh Narpartokh
    BASTO Sophie S. Step Daughter F S 19 Narpartokh Narpartokh
    KASTJAVAK Roger Grand Child F S 10 Narpartokh  
    BASTO Joshua D. Grand Son M S 7 Narpartokh  
  37 TUGLAVINA Al?ia D. Family Head M M 29 Hebron Hebron
    TUGLAVINA Clara Wife F M 30 Narpartokh Narpartokh
    TUGLAVINA Bertha Daughter F S 3 Narpartokh  
    TUGLAVINA Nicodemus T. Son M S 1 Narpartokh  
30 38 BRATS (?) Julius L. Family Head M M 25 Narpartokh Narpartokh
    BRATS (?) Maria S. Wife F M 20 Narpartokh Narpartokh
  39 MOSES Peter Family Head M M 49 Hebron Hebron
    MOSES Jarone(?) Wife F M 39 Nain Nain
31 40 OBED Joshua H. Family Head M M 41 Nain Narpartokh
    OBED Matilda Wife F M 50 Canada Narpartokh
    JARSI??Y Amelia H. Foster Child F S 13 Saglek Bay Narpartokh
    BO?TO Amentus N. Foster Child M M 27 Narpartokh Narpartokh
32 41 ITTULAK Nicodemus Family Head M M 33 Canada Canada
    ITTULAK Minnie Wife F M 30 Canada Canada
    ITTULAK Maggie N. Daughter F S 6 Canada  
    ITTULAK Louise S. Daughter F S 4 Canada  
    ITTULAK Jimmy J. Nephew M S 17 Canada Canada
    ITTULAK Annie Niene F S 14 Canada Canada
    ITTULAK Emily Sister F Widow 35 Canada Canada
    ITTULAK John A. Nephew M S 4 Canada  
33 42 SURAK Esau G. Family Head M M 35 Canada Hebron
    SURAK Maggie Wife F M 30 Canada Hebron
    SURAK Sabina A.E. Daughter F S 7 Hebron  
    SURAK Amelia S. Daughter F S 6 Hebron  
    SURAK Amos J.S. Son M S 4 Hebron  
  43 OBED Adolph Family Head M Widow 60 Saglek Bay Hebron
    OBED Jefta J. N. Son M S 15 Saglek Bay Hebron
    OBED Sarah R.E. Daughter F S 12 Hebron Hebron
    OBED Jermain P. Son M S 4 Hebron  
34 44 KAUTJASIAK Elenora Family Head F Widow 52 Canada Hebron
    KAUTJASIAK Solomon Son M S 23 Canada Hebron
    KAUTJASIAK Sem S. Son M S 16 Narpartokh Hebron
  44 KAUTJASIAK Jacko Family Head M M 47 Canada Hebron
    KAUTJASIAK Emma Wife F M 43 Canada Hebron
    KAUTJASIAK Thomas Son M S 20 Canada Hebron
    KAUTJASIAK Amos Son M S 13 Hebron Hebron
    KAUTJASIAK Aigi??? Daughter F S 16 Canada Hebron
  45 MENSEL Nicodemus Family Head M M 26 Canada Hebron
PAGE 112                  
    MENSEL T. Mary Wife F M 37 Canada Hebron
    MENSIL Aigenatko Daughter F S 11 Narpartokh Narpartokh
    MENSIL David Son M S 3 Narpartokh  
35 46 OKUATSIAJOAK Peter Family Head M M 40 Canada Canada
    OKUATSIAJOAK Jenny Wife F M 35 Canada Canada
    OKUATSIAJOAK Kitty Daughter F S 18 Canada Canada
    OKUATSIAJOAK Susie L. Daughter F S 14 Canada Canada
    OKUATSIAJOAK Bertha E. Daughter F S 10 Canada Canada
    OKUATSIAJOAK Chabs Son M S 17 Canada Canada
    OKUATSIAJOAK David J. Son M S 1 Narpartokh  
    OKUATSIAJOAK Lucas (jr) Son M S 2 Narpartokh  
36 47 ITTUTAK Joshia Family Head M Widow 38 Canada Canada
    ANNIPAK Lilly Sister in Law F Widow 30 Canada Canada
    ITTUTAK May M.B. Daughter F S 9 Canada  
    ITTUTAK Henry T.J. Son M S 8 Canada  
    ITTUTAK Lucas S. S M S 6 Canada  
    ITTUTAK Jerimia S M S 12 Canada  
    WINTERS Clara Servent F S 49 Hopedale Hopedale
    PARSONS C.   M S 22 Bell Isle Bell Isle

Transcribed by: Pearl Bradbury (December 2006)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2013 (Don Tate)

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