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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census

Grand Falls District

Pages 127 - 128

Community of

PAGE 126                  
232 246 PERRIER Frances (sic) Head M M 56 St. Georges Grand Falls
    PERRIER Jane Wife F M 51 Grand River Grand Falls
    PERRIER Richard Son M S 28 St. Georges Grand Falls
    PERRIER Pius Son M S 22 St. Georges Grand Falls
    PERRIER Arthur Son M S 20 St. Georges Grand Falls
    PERRIER Angela Daughter F S 18 St. Georges Grand Falls
    PERRIER ??? Son M S 17 St. Georges Grand Falls
    PERRIER Gordon Son M S 16 St. Georges Grand Falls
    PERRIER Olive Daughter F S 12 St. Georges Grand Falls
    PERRIER Theresa Daughter F S 10 B Falls Grand Falls
278 293 PRITCHARD Llewlyn(sic) Head M M 49 Harbour Grace Grand Falls
    PRITCHARD Elizabeth Wife F M 48 Sunnyside Grand Falls
    PRITCHARD Frank Leo Son M S 23 Sunnyside Grand Falls
    PRITCHARD Agnes D. Daughter F S 19 Sunnyside Grand Falls
    PRITCHARD Sarah S. Daughter F S 16 Sunnyside Grand Falls
    PRITCHARD Grace Daughter F S 15 Sunnyside Grand Falls
    PRITCHARD Shirley B. Daughter F S 11 Grand Falls Grand Falls
    PRITCHARD Mary J. Daughter F S 8 Grand Falls  
279 294 PAUL William J. Head M M 49 Green Bay Grand Falls
    PAUL Christina Wife F M 50 St. Barbe Grand Falls
    SCOTT Margaret Daughter M W 21 Grand Falls Grand Falls
    PAUL Frederick Son M S 3 Grand Falls  
    SCOTT George Grand Son M S 1 Grand Falls  
PAGE 128                  
280 295 WILLIAMS Howard Head M M 37 New Harbour T.B. Grand Falls
    WILLIAMS Eileen Wife F M 35 Bonavista North Grand Falls
    WILLIAMS Charles Son M S 5 New Harbour T.B. Grand Falls
    WILLIAMS Lawrence Son M S 2 New Harbour T.B.  
    WILLIAMS Neta Daughter F S 8/12 New Harbour T.B.  
281 295 STANLEY Ernest Head M M 28    
    STANLEY Rebecca Wife F M 27 Bonavista North Grand Falls
    STANLEY Fern M.R.. Daughter F S 2 Grand Falls  
    CARPENTER Mrs.James Mother F Widow 58 Long Island Bonavista North
    CARPENTER Stanley Brother in Law M S 15 Bonavista North Bonavista North
282 287 CLARKE George Head M M 36 New Harbour T.B. Hopeall T.B.
    CLARKE Emma Wife F M 34 New Harbour T.B. Hopeall T.B.
    CLARKE Isabella Daughter F S 10 Hopeall T.B. Hopeall T.B.
    CLARKE Eleane (sic) Daughter F S 2 New Harbour  
    WHITE Fred None (sic) M M 31 Greens Harbour T.B. Islington
    WHITE Fanny None (sic) F M 31 Islington. T.B. St. Johns
    WHITE Ruth None (sic) F S 10 Islington. T.B. Islington
    WHITE Annie None (sic) F S 4 Greens Harbour  

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (January 2007)

Posted January 2007)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday May 03, 2017 (Don Tate)

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