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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census
District of Bonavista Bay South

Pages 7, 9 & 13

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12 Col 13 Col 14
PAGE 7                  
100 100 COLE Walter M Head M S 23 Md Amh Cove Newman's Cove
    COLE Earl G Brother M S 18 Md Amh Cove Newman's Cove
PAGE 9                  
101 101 ABBOTT Frank Head M M 34 Md Amh Cove Newman's Cove
    ABBOTT Alice Wife F M 25 Md Amh Cove Newman's Cove
    ABBOTT Ernest G Son M S 5/12 Md Amh Cove Newman's Cove
    NOBLE Ernest Father in Law M W 60 Md Amh Cove Newman's Cove
PAGE 13 NOTE: Residence in 1935 not entered on original page.
170 170 COLE Charles Head M W 77 Md Amh Cove  
    COLE Lemuel M Son M M 30 Md Amh Cove  
    COLE Mildred B Daughter in Law F M 26 Lr Amh Cove  
    COLE Calvin H C Grandson M S 2 Lr Amh Cove  
    COLE Frank W Son M S 35 Md Amh Cove  
171 171 FORD Thomas Head M M 42 Md Amh Cove  
    FORD Mary Wife F M 38 Baine Hr  
    FORD Arthur W Son M S 3 Md Amh Cove  
    FORD Meta G Daughter F S 4 Md Amh Cove  
    FORD Elizabeth M Daughter F S 6 Md Amh Cove  
172 172 VENGER Dorcas Head F W 75 Lr Amh Cove  
173 173 VENGER Thomas Head M M 31 Lr Amh Cove  
    VENGER Mary J Wife F M 25 Lr Amh Cove  
    VENGER Harold L Son M S 6 mos Lr Amh Cove  
    VENGER Walter Brother F S 22 Lr Amh Cove  
174 174 COLLINS Samuel James Head M M 56 Lr Amh Cove  
    COLLINS Selena Wife F M 54 Lr Amh Cove  
    COLLINS Donald Son M S 32 No Entry  
    COLLINS Frank Son M S 17 Lr Amh Cove  
    COLLINS Samuel Son M S 17 Lr Amh Cove  
    COLLINS Marjorie Daughter F S 20 Lr Amh Cove  
    COLLINS Thomas Brother M S 72 Lr Amh Cove  
175 175 COLE Alexander Head M M 60 Lr Amh Cove  
    COLE Rhoda Wife F M 50 (?) Upper Amherst Cove  
    COLE William T Son M S 27 Md Amh Cove  
    COLE Leslie Son M S 23 Md Amh Cove  
    COLE Howard Son M S 19 Md Amh Cove  
176 176 FORD George L Heqad M M 47 Md Amh Cove  
    FORD Blanche J Wife F M 46 Md Amh Cove  
    FORD Clarence E Brother M S 38 Md Amh Cove  
177 177 VERGER Ismel G Head M M 42 Md Amh Cove  
    VERGER Rebecca J Wife F S 38 Md Amh Cove  
    VERGER Cyril J Son M S 10 Md Amh Cove  
    VERGER George A Son M S 8 Md Amh Cove  
    VERGER Bertram P Son M S 1 mon Md Amh Cove  
178 178 BARTLETT Henry Thos Head M M 64 Md Amh Cove  
    BARTLETT Jessie Wife F M 57 Hoddenville  
    STREET Myra J No Relation F S 13 Up Amh Cove  
    MORGAN Alexander One of those boys from war (sic) M S 12 St John's  
    MORGAN Raymond ??? M S 10 St John's  
    DOWNER Raymond None M M 21 Gander Bay  
179 179 FORD Pierce L Head M M 52 Md Amh Cove  
    FORD Edith M Wife F M 41 Bonavista  

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (Summer 2008)

Page Last Modified: Saturday September 23, 2017 (Don Tate)

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