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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census

Placentia & St. Mary's District

Pages 176 - 179

Community of

PAGE 176                  
247 278 NEWMAN John Head M M 48 N D B Dist Buchans
    NEWMAN Veronica Wife F M 32 W B Dist Grand Falls
    NEWMAN Margaret D Dau F S 5 Buchans  
    NEWMAN John P Son M S 2 Plac Dist  
    NEWMAN Gerald Son M S 21 USA N D B Dist
    SMITH Rose Lodger F M 21 Plac Dist Plac Dist
248 279 HUNT Thomas Head M M 37 Plac Dist Buchans
    HUNT Bridget Wife F M 34 Hr Main ist Buchans
    HUNT John Son M S 6 Buchans  
    HUNT William Son M S 4 Stg. John's  
PAGE 177                  
    HUNT Charles F Son M S 1 Plac Dist  
249 280 KENT William J Head M M 39 Bell Island Bell Island
    KENT Lucy Wife F M 38 Bell Island Bell Island
    KENT Denis Son M S 10 Bell Island Bell Island
    KENT Katherine Dau F S 9 Bell Island  
    KENT Rosalie Dau F S 6 Bell Island  
    KENT Edward Son M S 4 Bell Island  
    KENT Kevin Son M S 3 Bell Island  
250 281 BRAY Ernest Head M M 34 Hr Grace Hr Grace
    BRAY Sadie Wife F M 36 Hr Grace Hr Grace
    BRAY Cynthia Dau F S 2 Hr Grace  
    BRAY Wayne Son M S 2/12 Hr Grace  
251 282 PHILLIPS Patrick Head M M 33 Hr Main Dist Hr Main Dist
    PHILLIPS Mary Wife F M 28 Hr Main Dist Hr Main Dist
    PHILLIPS Marguerite Dau F S 6 Hr Main Dist  
    PHILLIPS John Son M S 5 Hr Main Dist  
    PHILLIPS Bernard Son M S 4 Hr Main Dist  
    PHILLIPS Patrick Jr Son M S 2 Hr Main Dist  
252 283 O'NEILL Felix Head M M 25 Burin Dist Burin Dist
    O'NEILL Maude Wife F M 29 W B Dist W B Dist
    O'NEILL Neil F Son M S 1 (?) W B Dist  
    O'NEILL Nellie Dau F S 3 Burin Dist  
253 284 GLAVINE Matthew Head M M 41 Fortune Hr N D B Buchans
    GLAVINE Edith Wife F M 39 Change Isl N D B Buchans
    GLAVINE Ronald Son M S 15 Canada Buchans
    GLAVINE John Son M S 13 Buchans Buchans
    GLAVINE Gloria Dau F S 8 Buchans  
    GLAVINE Dorothy Dau F S 6 Buchans  
254 285 McKNIGHT John Head M M 38 Scotland Bell Island
    McKNIGHT Stella Wife F M 32 Bishop Falls Bell Island
    McKNIGHT John M Son M S 10 Grand Falls Bell Island
    McKNIGHT Joan Dau F S 9 St. John's  
    McKNIGHT Nancy Dau F S 7 Bell Island  
    McKNIGHT James Son M S 5 Bell Island  
    McKNIGHT Anthony J Son M S 2 Plac Dist  
    La MER (?) Ellen Mother in Law F W 67 Fogo Dist  
255 286 PEYTON John E Head M M 32 Twillingate Twillingate
    PEYTON Janet Wife F M 22 T B Dist T B Dist
    PEYTON Edgar S Son M S 1 Plac Dist  
    PEYTON Douglas Nephew M S 13 Twillingate Twillingate
256 287 MURPHY Bernard Head M M 38 Canada Canada
    MURPHY Bernice Wife F M 27 Carbonear Carbonear
    MURPHY Ronald Son M S 1 Carbonear  
257 288 Le MESSIEUR Phillip Head M M 50 St. John's St. John's
    Le MESSIEUR Mary Wife F M 50 Scotland St. John's
258 289 ROOST * Genevieve Lodger F S 21 Grand Falls Grand Falls
    BARRETT * John Lodger M W 39 Hr Main Dist Hr Main Dist
    COCHRANE * William ** Lodger M S 21 Grand Falls Grand Falls
* Live in Barracks
** Original entry is William. Later Jr. has been penned in by the entry. Not done by the enumerator
259 290 MILLER Angus Head M M 27 Plac Dist Plac Dist
    MILLER Mary Wife F M 22 Plac Dist Plac Dist
PAGE 178                  
262 293 BENNETT Simon * Head M M 56 Plac Dist Plac Dist
    BENNETT Austin * Son M S 17 Plac Dist Plac Dist
* Live in Barracks
263 294 BARTLETT Wilfrid * Head M M 21 Port De Grave Port De Grave
    BARTLETT Anne * Wife F M 24 Hr Main Hr Main
* Live in Barracks
264 295 FAGAN Donald Head M M 26 St. John's St. John's
    FAGAN Agnes Wife F M 21 Plac Dist St. John's
    FAGAN Bonaventure Son M S 1 Plac Dist  
    FAGAN Donald Jr Son M S 3 Days Plac Dist  
267 288 LERHST (??) Margaret No Entry F M 22 St. John's St. John's
    DESSURAU (??) Bernadette * No Entry F M 29 St. John's St. John's
    DEAN Thomas * No ntry M W 68 Carbonear St. JOhn's
* Live in Barracks
PAGE 179                  
No Entry No Entry CLEARY Joseph * No Entry M S 28 Fogo Dist Fogo Dist
    SCOTT Wallace * No Entry M S 24 N D B Dist N D B Dist
* Live in Barracks
279 309 BARRON Patrick Head M M 46 Placentia & S M Dist Placentia & S M Dist
    BARRON Stella Wife F M 46 St. John's Placentia & S M Dist
    BARRON Kathleen Dau F S 18 Placentia & S M Dist Placentia & S M Dist
    BARRON Patricia Dau F S 8 Placentia & S M Dist  

Contributed by: Frank Fitzpatrick (October 2002)

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