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1945 Newfoundland Population Census
Labrador District



PAGE 94                  
12 12 PARSONS Edward Head M M 43 Harbour Grace  
    PARSONS Isabella Wife F M 35 Cartwright  
    PARSONS Merril Son M S 13 Makkovik  
    PARSONS Elizabeth Daughter F S 8 Makkovik  
    PARSONS George Son M S 6 Makkovik  
    PARSONS Alex Son M S 3 mons Makkovik  
13 13 MITCHELL Albert Head M W 52 Hopedale  
    MITCHELL Bob Son M S 23 Makkovik  
    MITCHELL David Son M S 22 Makkovik  
    MITCHELL Wilson Son M S 17 Makkovik  
    MITCHELL Bertha Daughter F S 19 Makkovik  
    MITCHELL Edward Son M S 16 Makkovik  
    MITCHELL Gerald Son M S 11 Makkovik  
14 14 ANDERSON ??artin Head M M 40 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Sarah B Wife F M 37 Nain  
    ANDERSON Edgar J Son M S 15 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Emma M Daughter F S 14 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Bertha A Daughter F S 11 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON David O Son M S 10 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON William W Son M S 8 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON John A Son M S 5 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Annie M Daughter F S 4 mons Makkovik  
15 15 JACQUE Samuel J Head M M 61 Makkovik  
    JACQUE Lavinia Wife F M 45 Nain  
    JACQUE Edward Son M S 21 Makkovik  
    JACQUE Gertrude Daughter F S 18 Makkovik  
    JACQUE Harry Son M S 14 Makkovik  
    JACQUE Mary Ellen Daughter F S 12 Makkovik  
    JACQUE Victoria Daughter F S 9 Makkovik  
    JACQUE Cristina Daughter F S 6 Makkovik  
    JACQUE Wallace Son M S 5 Makkovik  
16 16 BROOMFIELD Charley Head M M 49 Makkovik  
PAGE 95                  
    BROOMFIELD Gladys Wife F M 45 Bay Roberts  
    BROOMFIELD Johny Son M S 25 Makkovik  
    BROOMFIELD Susie G Daughter F S 20 Makkovik  
    BROOMFIELD Ellen M Daughter F S 17 Makkovik  
    BROOMFIELD Doris L Daughter F S 14 Makkovik  
    BROOMFIELD Annie C Daughter F S 12 Makkovik  
    BROOMFIELD Lily M Daughter F S 7 Makkovik  
17 17 ANDERSON Edward W Head M M 36 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Lavinia Wife F M 28 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON John C Adpt Son M S 10 mons Makkovik  
18 18 WINTERS Albert Head M M 42 Hopedale  
    WINTERS Bridget Wife F M 42 Makkovik  
    WINTERS Susie Daughter F S 18 Makkovik  
    WINTERS Herman Son M S 17 Makkovik  
    WINTERS James Son M S 15 Makkovik  
    WINTERS Katie Daughter F S 11 Makkovik  
    WINTERS Alfred Son M S 9 Makkovik  
    WINTERS Maxwell Son M S 6 Makkovik  
    WINTERS Effie Daughter F S 4 Makkovik  
    WINTERS Mary Ann Daughter F S 2 Makkovik  
19 19 VOISEY David Head M M 22 Kelliuk  
    VOISEY Rhoda Wife F M 21 Makkovik  
20 20 GRUBB Fredrick M Head M M 52 England  
    GRUBB Emily Wife F M 36 England  
    GRUBB John M Son M S 1 Hopedale  
    FOUNTAIN Margarett J Boarder F S 25 England  
21 21 ANDERSON William A Head M M 27 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Mary E Wife F M 20 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Harriett Mother F W 60 Hopedale  
    ANDERSON Bertha Aunt F S 73 Makkovik  
    MITCHELL Viola Adpt Daughter F S 12 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Samuel Adpt Son M S 17 Makkovik  
  22 MCNEILL Rupert Head M M 26 Makkovik  
    MCNEILL Peace Wife F M 21 Makkovik  
    MCNEILL James W Son M S 3 mons Makkovik  
22 23 ANDERSON John Father M W 72 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON James Head M M 25 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Susie Wife F M 33 Davis Inlet  
    GEAR Norman Adpt Son M S 9 Makkovik  
    WINTERS Bertram Adpt Son M S 18 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Elsie Daughter F S 33 Makkovik  
    ANDERSON Harry Son M S 23 Hopedale  

Transcribed by: Floyd Letto (December 2006)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2013 (Don Tate)

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