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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census

Trinity Bay North District

Pages 217 - 218

Community of


PAGE 217                  
NOTE: Dwelling column and Relationship column were left blank on the original page.
  246 MEADUS Caleb   M M 60 Champneys Hodges Cove
    MEADUS Jane   F M 59 Loreburn Hodges Cove
    MEADUS Calvin   M S 17 Loreburn Hodges Cove
  247 FLIGHT Arthur   M M 38 Broad Cove Hodges Cove
    FLIGHT Violet   F M 36 Loreburn Hodges Cove
    FLIGHT Harvey   M S 14 Loreburn Hodges Cove
    FLIGHT Maxwell   M S 12 Loreburn Hodges Cove
    FLIGHT Lorraine   F S 9 Loreburn  
    FLIGHT Marie   F S 5 Loreburn  
    FLIGHT Winsor   M S 3 Loreburn  
  248 PRICE John   M M 56 Loreburn Hodges Cove
    PRICE Bertha   F M 46 Loreburn Hodges Cove
PAGE 218                  
    PRICE Gordon   M S 15 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE Samuel   M S 12 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE Daisy   F S 8 Loreburn  
    PRICE Corbett   M S 5 Loreburn  
    PRICE Mary   F S 3 Loreburn  
    PRICE Laura   F S 1 Loreburn  
  249 MEADUS J Herbert   M M 38 Loreburn Loreburn
    MEADUS J Martha   F M 26 Little Hearts Ease Loreburn
    MEADUS B Hector   F S 1 Loreburn  
  250 PRICE Uriah   M M 43 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE Violet   F M 38 Queens Cove Loreburn
    PRICE W E Roy   M S 9 Loreburn  
  251 PRICE Simeon   M M 57 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE Minnie   F M 52 Southport Loreburn
    PRICE Mildred   F S 17 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE Stanley   M S 13 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE Lester   M S 8 Loreburn  
  252 PRICE William   M M 26 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE M Effie   F M 24 St Jones Within St Jones Within
    PRICE Gertrude   F S 5 Loreburn  
    PRICE Shirley   F S 1 Loreburn  
  253 PRICE Jeremiah   M M 45 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE E Alice   F M 37 House Cove Loreburn
    PRICE Irene   F S 11 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE Annie   F S 9 Loreburn  
    PRICE J Willis (?)   M S 8 Loreburn  
    PRICE J Herbert   M S 4 Loreburn  
    PRICE A Winson (??)   M S 2 Loreburn  
  254 PRICE Naomi   F M (sic) 53 House Cove Loreburn
    STOYLES Francis   M M 24 Hillview Loreburn
    STOYLES Neta   F M 21 Loreburn Loreburn
    STOYLES E Roy   M S 3 Loreburn  
  255 PRICE Clarence   M M 29 Loreburn Loreburn
    PRICE Priscilla   F M 27 Dark Hole Loreburn
    PRICE E Flossie (?)   F S 4 Loreburn  
    PRICE Austin   M S 1 Loreburn  
    SHORT Lucy   F S 18 Deep Bight Deep Bight

Transcribed by Floyd Letto (Summer 2008)

Family 248 (PRICE) Updated by Judith Price (Feb 2010)

Page Last Modified: Friday June 29, 2018 (Don Tate)

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