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1945 Census
Placentia & St. Mary's West


Section: Clattice Harbour to Petit Forte
Page 161,  163-164

Dwelling Family Last First Relationship Sex MS Age
PAGE 163              
156 164 FITZGERALD Vincent H M M 45
    FITZGERALD Lillian Wife F M 36
    FITZGERALD Brandon Son M S 5
157 165 BRANDAN William Head M M 47
    BRANDAN Elizabeth Wife F M 42
    BRANDAN Joseph Son M S 20
PAGE 164              
    BRANDAN Arthur Son M S 18
    BRANDAN Felix Son M S 15
    BRANDAN Mary A. Daughter F S 13
    BRANDAN Mercedes Daughter F S 10
    BRANDAN Bernice Daughter F S 9
    BRANDAN Dolorosa Daughter F S 5
    BRANDAN Mildred Daughter F S 3
    BRANDAN Raymond Son M S 1
158 166 BRENNAN Ignatius Head M M 50
    BRENNAN Mary Wife F M 44
    BRENNAN Regina Daughter F S 18
    BRENNAN Carmel Daughter F S 16
    BRENNAN Marie Daughter F S 11
159 167 RYAN Martin Head M M 55
    RYAN Edith Wife F M 47
    RYAN Denis Son M S 25
    RYAN Paul Son M S 23
    RYAN Rosemary Daughter F S 13
    RYAN Leonard Son M S 10
    RYAN Dermott Son M S 7
    RYAN Denis Father M W 85
160 168 FLYNN Annie Head F M 53
    FLYNN William Son M S 14
161 169 BRENNAN Michael J. Head M M 57
    BRENNAN Agnes Wife F M 53
    BRENNAN Annie Daughter F S 20
    BRENNAN Denis Son M S 22
    BRENNAN Mary Daughter F S 14
    BRENNAN Pius Son M S 7
162 170 BRENNAN John Head M M 61
    BRENNAN Annie Wife F M 56
    BRENNAN Mary Daughter F S 29
    BRENNAN Adolphus Son M S 17
    BRENNAN John Son M S 19
    BRENNAN Harold Son M S 16
    BRENNAN Leopold Uncle M S 31
163 171 WITHERS Marion Head F W 42
    WITHERS Vincent Son M S 16
    WITHERS William Son M S 7
    WITHERS Peter Son M S 3
164 172 WITHERS Michael H M M 70
    WITHERS Bridget Wife F M 68
    WITHERS Michael Son M S 29
165 173 HEFFERAN Francis Head M M 64
    HEFFERAN Mary Wife F M 68
    HEFFERAN Laurene Grand Daughter M S 2
PAGE 161              
166 174 HEFFERAN Thomas Head M M 64
    HEFFERAN Elizabeth Wife F M 55
    HEFFERAN Edward Son M S 33
    PLUMBER Marguerite Daughter F M 35
    PLUMBER Thos Grand Son M S 3mo
167 175 HICKEY John Head M M 63
    HICKEY Monica Wife F M 60
    HICKEY Raymond Son M S 25
    HICKEY Garrett Son M S 16
    HICKEY Mary Daughter F S 22
167 176 HICKEY John Jr. Head M M 32
    HICKEY Ethel Wife F M 22
    HICKEY Irene Daughter F S 1
168 177 RYAN John Head M M 53
    RYAN Elizabeth Wife F M 52
    RYAN Anthony Son M S 23
    RYAN Martin Son M S 13
    RYAN Catherine Daughter F S 9
    RYAN Blanche Daughter F S 7
169 178 BRENNAN John Head M M 32
    BRENNAN Maud Wife F M 31
    BRENNAN Geraldine Daughter F S 7 (?)
    BRENNAN Pete Son M S 2
    BRENNAN Eugene Son M S 4 / 12
    BRENNAN Michael T. Father M W 70
170 179 LEONARD Edward Head M M 45
    LEONARD Rosanna Wife F M 29
    LEONARD Bernard Son M S 3
    LEONARD Kevin Son M S 1
171 180 WHITE Maurice Head M M 49
    WHITE Mary Wife F M 50
    WHITE Mary Daughter F S 21
    WHITE Maurice Son M S 19
    WHITE Florence Daughter F S 15
    WHITE Bernadette Daughter F S 12
    WHITE Louis Son M S 11
172 181 BRENNAN Edward Head M M 38
    BRENNAN Frances Wife F M 24
    BRENNAN Mary Daughter F S 6
    BRENNAN Elizabeth Daughter F S 5
    BRENNAN Stella Daughter F S 4
    BRENNAN Martin Son M S 1

Contributed and Transcribed by: Frank Fitzpatrick (October 2002)

Updated to order families as ordered on the original pages (Don Tate - June 2010)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2013 (Don Tate)

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