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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census

White Bay District

Pages 205 - 206

Community of


PAGE 205                  
71 65 LEWIS Leo Head M M 26 Conche Conche
    LEWIS Elsie Wife F M 23 Conche Conche
72 66 KENNEY Madeline Head M W 31 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Harold Son M S 8 Conche  
    KENNEY Mary Daughter F S 6 Conche  
    KENNEY Bernetta Daughter F S 4 Conche  
    KENNEY Albert Daughter F S 2 Conche  
    JOYCE John Lodger M S 57 Conche Conche
73 67 FOLEY James Head M M 27 Conche Conche
    FOLEY Mary Wife F M 23 Griquet Hr. Croque
    FOLEY Francis Son M S 2 Conche  
    FOLEY Harold Son M S 1 Conche  
74 68 FOLEY Terence Head M M 46 Groias Island Conche
    FOLEY Nellie Wife F M 47 Hull, England Conche
    FOLEY Ronald Son M S 24 Conche Conche
    FOLEY Elias Son M S 15 Conche Conche
75 69 JOYCE John Head M S 49 Conche Conche
    JOYCE Cecilia Mother F W 73 Hr. Deep Conche
    JOYCE Peter Brother M S 38 Conche Conche
    WHALEN Agnes Neice F S 17 Conche Conche
    CASSELL Mary Ann Aunt F S 79 Hr. Deep Conche
76 70 WHALEN Nicholas Head M M 38 Conche Conche
    WHALEN Mary Wife F M 36 Conche Conche
PAGE 206                  
    WHALEN William Jr. Son M S 15 Conche Conche
    WHALEN Bride Daughter F S 12 Conche Conche
    WHALEN Micheal Son M S 8 Conche  
    WHALEN Susan Daughter F S 5 Conche  
    WHALEN James Son M S 11/12 Conche  
77 71 KENNEY Micheal Head M W 85 Conche Conche
78   KENNEY Anisestia Sister F S 72 Conche Conche
79 72 KENNEY James Head M M 51 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Nellie Wife F M 49 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Margret Daughter F S 16 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Lizzie Daughter F S 14 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Frank Son M S 13 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Margret Sr. Mother F W 85 Conche Conche
80 73 KENNEY Stephen Head M S 26 Conche Conche
81   KENNEY Nellie Sister F S 22 Conche Conche
82 74 KENNEY Bernard Head M M 30 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Cecilia Wife F M 29 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Maud Daughter F S 2 Conche  
83 75 KENNEY John Head M M 45 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Mary B. Wife F M 38 ? Conche
    KENNEY Brendon (sic) Son M S 17 Conche Conche
    KENNEY William J. Son M S 15 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Josephine Daughter F S 14 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Raymond Son M S 12 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Dorothy Daughter F S 10 Conche Conche
    KENNEY Bettrice (sic) M. Daughter F S 8 Conche  
    KENNEY Cyril Son M S 5 Conche  
    KENNEY Mary Ellen Daughter F S 2/12 Conche  
84   KENNEY Ambrose Head M S 43 Conche Conche

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (January 2008)

Page Last Modified: Sunday May 20, 2018 (Don Tate)

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