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This file "Verified to the original pages" (November 2004 by Don Tate)

1945 Newfoundland Population Census
Placentia West District

Harbour Island

Section: Merasheen to Grest Brewley
Page 107 - 108

Dwelling Family Last First Relationship Sex MS Age Birth Place
PAGE 107                
88 88 GREEN John No Entry M M 39 Pla West
    GREEN Bride Wife F M 32 Pla West
    GREEN Kevin M. Son M S 2 Pla West
    GREEN Martha No Entry F S 1 / 12 Pla West
    GREEN William J. Step Father M M 71 Pla West
    GREEN Mary Mother F M 77 Pla West
89 89 GREEN William A. No Entry M M 50 Pla West
    GREEN Cecilia Wife F M 58 Pla West
90 90 GREEN Walter No Entry M M 53 Pla West
    GREEN Mary J. Wife F M 40 Pla West
91 91 WILLIAMS Berkley ? No Entry M M 46 Pla West
    WILLIAMS Theresa Wife F M 39 Pla West
    WILLIAMS Anna M. Daughter F S 15 Pla West
    WILLIAMS Bernetta Daughter F S 13 Pla West
    WILLIAMS William B. Son M S 11 Pla West
    WILLIAMS Lorraine M. Daughter F S 9 Pla West
    WILLIAMS John F. Son M S 6 Pla West
    WILLIAMS Peter J. Son M S 3 Pla West
    WILLIAMS Carmel M. Daughter F S 1 1/2 Pla West
    RODGERS Joseph Son in Law M M 23 Pla West
    RODGERS Geraldine Daughter F M 17 Pla West
    RODGERS Theresa R Grand Daughter F S 1 1/2 Pla West
92 92 WILLIAMS Rebecca No Entry F W 85 Pla West
    DOWDEN William B. Son in Law M M 42 Pla West
    DOWDEN Harriett Daughter F M 43 Pla West
93 93 GREEN Joseph H. No Entry M M 36 Pla West
    GREEN Elsie Wife F M 32 Pla West
    GREEN Cecil Son M S 15 Pla West
    GREEN Joseph Anthony Son M S 11 Pla West
    GREEN Loretta Marie Daughter F S 9 Pla West
    GREEN Elsie J. Daughter F S 7 Pla West
    GREEN Mary Rose Daughter F S 5 Pla West
    GREEN Hannah M. Daughter F S 3 Pla West
    GREEN Rita Monica Daughter F S 1 Pla West
94 94 GREEN John Samuel No Entry M M 60 Pla West
    GREEN Elizabeth Wife F M 54 Pla West
    GREEN Katherine Daughter M S 25 Pla West
95 95 FLYNN William J. No Entry M M 48 Pla West
    FLYNN Leticia Wife F M 28 Pla West
PAGE 108                
    FLYNN Chrystina M. Daughter F S 8 Pla West
    FLYNN Francis Anthony Son M S 7 Pla West
    FLYNN Peter William Son M S 8 / 12 Pla West

Contributed and Transcribed by: Frank Fitzpatrick (October 2002)

Updated to order families as ordered on the original pages (Don Tate - June 2010)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2013 (Don Tate)

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