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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census

Green Bay District

Pages 181 - 185

Community of

PAGE 181                  

NOTE: Throughout the Gull's Island file, the entries in the Birthplace and 1935 Residence columns have been rendered almost totally illegible by very poor writing. In addition, most entries have been either scratched out or have had heavy lines drawn through them and other names written above the original entry. The problem of transcribing these two columns is made even more difficult by the frequent use of ditto marks. With few exceptions, they will therefore be left blank- Transcriber

1 1 HARNUM George Head M M 50    
    HARNUM Emma Wife F M 45    
    HARNUM John Son M S 26    
    HARNUM Gordon Son M S 18    
    HARNUM Gerald Son M S 5    
2 2 ROWSELL J. Hubert Head M M 45    
    ROWSELL Elizabeth Wife F M 42    
    ROWSELL Melina Daughter F S 18    
    ROWSELL Harold Bert Son M S 16    
    ROWSELL Henry Jos Son M S 14    
    ROWSELL Baxter George Son M S 12    
    ROWSELL Jonnah (sic) Daughter F S 7    
    ROWSELL Jenneth (sic) Daughter F S 4    
3 3 ROWSELL Cylbert (??) Head M M 57    
    ROWSELL Minnie Wife F M 46    
    HANNAM (sic) Doris Step Daughter F S 22    
    HANNAM (sic) Evelyn Step Daughter F S 17    
    HANNAM (sic) Ruby Step Daughter F S 15    
    HANNAM (sic) Donald Step Son M S 14    
4 4 PARSONS George W. Head M M 41    
    PARSONS Effie Wife F M 39    
    PARSONS Wilson Son M S 17    
    PARSONS Ronald Son M S 15    
    PARSONS Cecil Son M S 13    
    ROWSELL Susanna Aunt F S 68    
5 5 ROWSELL Stuwe (??) C. Head M M 27    
    ROWSELL Mary M. Wife F M 26    
    ROWSELL Yvonne N. Daughter F S 6 Twillingate  
    ROWSELL John F. Son M S 3    
6 6 ROWSELL Archable sic) H. Head M M 52    
    ROWSELL Violet Lillian Wife F M 42    
    ROWSELL Richard T. Son M S 23    
    ROWSELL Andrew V. Son M S 18    
    ROWSELL Willis H. Son M S 12    
    ROWSELL Philiph (sic) Son M S 9    
    ROWSELL Audrey M. Daughter F S 7    
    HAGGETT Susanna Mother in Law F W 81    
7 7 ROSWELL Fredrick G. Head M M 40    
    ROSWELL Bertha Wife F M 32    
    ROSWELL Lavina Daughter F S 13    
    ROSWELL Myrtle Daughter F S 10    
    ROSWELL Ronald Son M S 8    
    ROSWELL Richard Son M S 5    
8 8 ROSWELL Archable (sic) Head M M 21    
    ROSWELL Lucy G. Wife F M 19    
    ROSWELL Nellie Daughter F S 1-7/12.    
9 9 ROWSELL Fredrick P. Husband M M 28    
    ROWSELL Stella M. Wife F M 29    
    ROWSELL Clarence Son M S 7    
PAGE 182                  
    ROWSELL Harold Son M S 4 (?)    
    ROWSELL Marjorie Daughter F S 5    
    CHIPPETT (sic) Maud Daughter in Law F W No Entry    
10 10 ROWSELL Leander Head M M 76    
    ROWSELL Prudence J. Wife F M 46    
    ROWSELL Lloyd C. Son M S 17    
    ROWSELL Dorothy Daughter F S 12    
11 11 WARD Henry (?) Head M M 60    
    WARD Elsie Wife F M 54    
    WARD Susie Daughter F S 22    
    WARD Minnie Daughter F S 13    
    WARD Ruby Adopted Daughter F S 4    
    WARD John Son M M 27    
    WARD Ada Daughter in Law F M 24    
12 12 PEDDLE Moses L. Head M M 30    
    PEDDLE Olive J. Wife F M 24    
    PEDDLE Wesley G. Son M S 9    
    PEDDLE Bernice S. Daughter F S 7    
    PEDDLE Franceses (?) F. Daughter F S 3    
13 13 WARD Archable (sic) Head M M 30    
    WARD Mary Wife F M 30    
    WARD Margaret I. Daughter F S 1    
14 14 HAGGETT Eili (?) Head M M 71    
    HAGGETT Amelia Wife F M 71    
    HAGGETT Daisy Daughter F S 34    
    HAGGETT Harvey (?) Grand Son M S 11    
    HAGGETT Willis Son M S 43    
    HAGGETT Maxwell G. Grand Son M S 7    
15 15 PEDDLE John Head M M 57    
    PEDDLE May I Wife F M 39    
    PEDDLE Gerald R. Son M S 10    
    PEDDLE Annie E.M. Daughter F S 6    
16 16 SIMMS Thomas Head M M 63    
    SIMMS Alfrida Wife F M 61    
    MITCHELL Jessie Adopted Daughter F S 16 (?)    
    CASE John W. lodger M M 43    
17 17 CHESLEY Chippett (sic) Head M M 41    
    CHESLEY Geneva (sic) M. Wife F M 42    
    CHESLEY Gwendolyn H. Daughter F S 16    
    CHESLEY Edna H. Daughter F S 13    
    CHESLEY Ralph G. Son M S 8    
    CHESLEY Lila (sic) Jean Daughter F S 4    
    FIFIELD Mark Lodger M S 21    
18 18 ROWSELL Kenneth Head M M 33    
    ROWSELL Mary J. Wife F M 27    
    ROWSELL Frances Daughter F S 7    
    ROWSELL Samuel Son M S 5    
    ROWSELL Threesa Daughter F S 3    
19 19 ROWSELL Isreal (?) Head M W 76    
    ROWSELL Mark G. Son M S 46    
PAGE 183                  
    ROWSELL Olive T. Grand Daughter F S 20    
20 20 GUY Fredrick Head M M 49    
    GUY Shilia (sic) Wife F M 36 (?)    
    GUY Hilda Daughter F S 24    
    GUY Sidney J. Son M S 17    
    GUY Bengamin A. Son M S 16    
    GUY Clarance Son M S 12    
    GUY Raymond Son M S 4    
    GUY Wilfred Son M S 2    
21 21 ROWSELL Eli Head M M 63    
    ROWSELL Edith Wife F M 48    
    ROWSELL Margaret F. Daughter F S 12    
22 22 HAGGETT Standly (sic) Head M W 51    
    HAGGETT Winson G. Son M S 16    
    HAGGETT Willis P. Son M S 14    
23 23 CHIPPETT Cecel Head M M 34    
    CHIPPETT Alma M. Wife F M 23    
    CHIPPETT Mable M. Daughter F S 12    
    CHIPPETT Perry R. Son M S 10    
    CHIPPETT Allan N. Son M S 9    
24 24 CHIPPETT Mark Head M M 64    
    CHIPPETT Melina Wife F M 66 (?)    
    CHIPPETT Alice E. Adopted Daughter F S 21    
25 25 CHIPPETT Roland Head M M 36    
    CHIPPETT Jane Wife F M 34    
    PAINE (?) Ruth (??) No Entry F S 12    
26 26 CHIPPETT Benneth (sic) Head M M 55    
    CHIPPETT Jonna (sic) Wife F M 54    
    CHIPPETT Alfred Son M S 19    
    CHIPPETT Hazel M. Grand Daughter F S 11    
27 27 CHIPPETT Noah Head M M 21    
    CHIPPETT Ruth H. Wife F M 23    
    CHIPPETT Lillian Daughter F S 2    
28 28 CHIPPETT Arch Oake Head M M 24    
    CHIPPETT Maud L. Wife F M 29    
    CHIPPETT Golda Daughter F S 2    
    LOVEMAN Minnie Servant F S 15    
29 29 CHIPPETT Fredrick Head M M 30    
    CHIPPETT Rosana R Wife F M 32    
    CHIPPETT Chattie (?) L. Daughter F S 6    
    CHIPPETT Benneth (sic) F. Son M S 2    
30 30 ROWSELL George Head M W 63    
    ROWSELL Emma Daughter F S 14    
    ROWSELL Cyril Son M S 9    
    ROWSELL Howard Son M S 7    
31 31 HAGGETT George Henry Head M W 75    
    HAGGETT Theodore G. Son M M 38    
    HAGGETT Melina S. Wife F M 28    
    HAGGETT Lucretia J. Daughter F S 10    
    HAGGETT Robert M. Son M S 8    
PAGE 184                  
    HAGGETT Viola P. Daughter F S 6    
    HAGGETT Rosevelt (?) G. Son M S 4    
    HAGGETT Marie H. Daughter F S 2    
32 32 NOSEWORTHY P?ergolis (??) Head M M 43    
    NOSEWORTHY Prescilla M. Wife F M 37    
    NOSEWORTHY Gordon Son M S 18    
    NOSEWORTHY Vera Daughter F S 16    
    NOSEWORTHY Claud Son M S 14    
    NOSEWORTHY Ford Son M S 11    
    NOSEWORTHY Myrtle Daughter F S 8    
    NOSEWORTHY Violet Daughter F S 6    
    NOSEWORTHY Raymond Son M S 3    
    NOSEWORTHY Mildred L. Daughter F S 2/12 (?)    
    NOSEWORTHY Eldred (??) Father M W 83    
33 33 HARMON (?) Arthur Head M M 30    
    HARMON (?) Leah P. Wife F M 24    
    HARMON (?) Garland W. Son M S 3    
    HARMON (?) Hilda Daughter F S 2    
    HARMON (?) Calvin Son M S 4/12    
34 34 SNOW Herbert (??) Head M M 43    
    SNOW Tryphina Wife F M 42    
    SNOW Ruby Daughter F S 17    
    SNOW Charity Pearl Daughter F S 16    
    SNOW Harry E. Son M S 12    
    SNOW Kevin Son M S 6    
35 35 NOSEWORTHY George Head M M 65    
    NOSEWORTHY Jane Wife F M 50    
    NOSEWORTHY Norman Son M S 22    
    NOSEWORTHY Sophie Daughter F S 17    
36 36 PEDDLE Dudlas * Head M M 34 (?)    
* NOTE: Original entry is Dudlas. Later this was crossed out ands Douglas was printed in above the entry. Not done by the enumerator.
    PEDDLE Annie Wife F M 33    
    PEDDLE Lovis (?) Son ab (???) M S 9    
37 37 ALCOCK Earnest W. Head M S 48    
    ALCOCK Sarah S. Sister in Law F W 44    
38 38 ALCOCK Edward Head M M 59    
    ALCOCK Grace Wife F M 49    
    ALCOCK Otto Son M S 20    
39 39 HAGGETT Joseph Head M M 77    
    HAGGETT Matilda Wife F M 76    
    HAGGETT David John Son M S 36    
    LOVEMAN Percie (sic) Grand Son M S 24    
40 40 NOSEWORTHY Edgar Head M M 26    
    NOSEWORTHY Lavina B. Wife F M 18    
    NOSEWORTHY Reginald G Son M S 5 Twillingate  
41 41 ALCOCK Wallace I Head M M 36    
    ALCOCK Gertie Wife F M 36    
    ALCOCK Bessie M. Daughter F S 9    
    HAGGETT Shirley Step Daughter F S 9    
    HAGGETT Cynthia? Daughter F S 3    
    HAGGETT William Pearce Son M S 4/12 (?)    
PAGE 185                  
42 No Entry ALCOCK Lavina Mother F W 71    
43 42 CHIPPETT Nathaniel Head M M 70    
    CHIPPETT Emma Wife F M 69    
    CHIPPETT Oswald Son M S 35    
44 43 PARSONS Archable (sic) Head M M 45    
    PARSONS Stella Wife F M 40    
    PARSONS Melvin Son M S 14    
    PARSONS Mildred Daughter F S 12    
    PARSONS Nancy G Daughter F S 3    
    PARSONS Dorman Son M S 2    
    PARSONS Allan Son M M 17    
    PARSONS A???? Daughter in Law F M 19    
    PARSONS Clifford Grand Son M S 10/12.    
    PARSONS Oswald Son M S 5/12.    
45 44 PARSONS Hennry (sic) W. Head M M 47    
    PARSONS Phoebe B. Wife F M 45    
    PARSONS John F. Son M M 21    
    PARSONS Joyce M. Daughter in Law F M 21    
    PARSONS William F. Grand Son M S 8/12    
    PARSONS George Son M S 18    
    PARSONS Lavina Daughter F S 15    
    PARSONS Lorretta Daughter F S 8    
46 No Entry LOVEMAN Selina Head F W 77    
47 45 PARSONS Arthur A. Head M M 25    
    PARSONS Gladys E. Wife F M 20    
    PARSONS Betty V. Daughter F S 3    
    PARSONS Mary B. Daughter F S 1    
48 46 HODDER Clarence B. Head M M 38    
    HODDER Lucy Wife F M 47    
    HODDER Verna T. Daughter F S 10    
    HODDER Thelma C. Daughter F S 8    
    HODDER Brett H. Son M S 5    
49 47 ROSWELL Frede (sic) P. Head M M 49    
    ROSWELL Lilly L. Wife F M 35    
    ROSWELL Arthur W. Son M S 18    
    ROSWELL Eliza L. Daughter F S 12    
    ROSWELL Madeline M. Daughter F S 7    
    ROSWELL Bruce N. Adopted Son M S 4    

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (Summer 2008)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 22, 2017 (Don Tate)

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