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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 29 & 31 - 32

Community of

PAGE 31                  
491 566 SNOW Norman Head M Married 48 Burin Burin
    SNOW Annie Wife F Married 41 Burin St. John's
492 567 SNOW Charles Head M Single 58 Burin Burin
493 568 HOLLETT Lydia No Entry F Widowed 55 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Charles Son M Married 27 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Edna Daughter In Law F Married 25 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Margaret Grandaughter F   7 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Paul Son M Single 6 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Ethel Daughter F Single 4 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Florence Daughter F Single 1 Burin Burin
    WAGG Martha P. Sister F Single 60 Burin St. John's
494 569 HOLLETT Stephen No Entry M Married 60 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Rosie Wife F Married 53 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Austin R Son M Single 26 Burin Burin
495 570 HOLLETT Gabriel No Entry M Married 69 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Louise Wife F Married 39 Burin Burin
    EMBERLEY Phoebie Mother In Law F Widowed 68 Burin Burin
    BILLARD Roy None (sic) M Single 17 Grand Bruit Grand Bruit
496 571 EMBERLEY George No Entry M Married 69 Burin Burin
    EMBERLEY Mary Wife F Married 66 Bonavista North Burin
    EMBERLEY Doris Daughter F Single 25 Burin Burin
PAGE 32                  
497 572 ADAMS Ronald Head M Married 37 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Daisy Wife F Married 34 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Ethel B Daughter F Single 8 Burin  
    ADAMS Robert Son M Single 5 Burin  
498 573 ADAMS Frank Head M Married 36 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Margaret Wife F Married 36 Greenspond Burin
    ADAMS Marjorie Daughter F Single 14 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Byron Son M Single 13 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Hazel Daughter F Single 11 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Arch Son M Single 8 Burin  
    ADAMS John Son M Single 7 Burin  
    ADAMS Harvey Son M Single 4 Burin  
    ADAMS Bryce Son M Single 2 Burin  
    ADAMS Gerald Son M Single 4/12 Burin  
499 574 HOLLETT Oliver Head M Married 56 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Bertha Wife F Married 53 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Nelson Son M Single 31 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Lewis Son M Single 21 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Voilet (sic) Daughter F Single 19 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Guy Son M Single 16 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Arch Son M Single 10 Burin Burin
500 575 HOLLETT Harold P Head M Married 59 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Elsie Wife F Married 59 Burin Burin
    HOLLETT Fred Son M Single 22 Burin Burin
501 576 ADAMS Ethel Head F Widow 44 Loon's Cove Burin
    ADAMS Helen Daughter F Single 22 Burin Burin
    ADAMS William H Son M Single 19 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Thelma M Daughter F Single 16 Burin Burin
502 577 DARBY William F Head M Single 76 Burin Burin
    DARBY Lewis Son M Married 42 Burin Burin
    DARBY Helen Daughter in Law F Married 41 Burin Burin
    DARBY Barry R Grand Son M Single 4 Burin Burin
    DARBY Jessie B Grand Daughter F Single 2 Burin Burin
    DARBY Merrel (sic) F Grand Son M Single 1 Burin Burin
    FOOTE Emma Sister in Law F Single 67 Burin Burin
503 578 DARBY Enos Head M Single 26 Burin Burin
    DARBY Hannah Sister F Single 24 Burin Burin
    DARBY Emma Sister F Single 19 Burin Burin
    DARBY Morgan Brother M Single 17 Burin Burin
    DARBY Beatrice Sister F Single 13 Burin Burin
504 579 ADAMS Joseph Head M Married 77 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Ruth Wife F Married 63 Burin Burin
  580 ADAMS Victor No Entry M Married 32 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Martha Wife F Married 33 Marystown Marystown
    ADAMS Shirley Daughter F Single 4 Burin  
    ADAMS Maxwell Son M Single 3 Burin  
    ADAMS Muriel Daughter F Single 3 Burin  
    ADAMS Cora Daughter F Single 1 Burin  
505 581 ADAMS John Head M Married 66 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Lillian B Wife F Married 57 Burin Burin
PAGE 29                  
    ADAMS Herbert Son M Single 29 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Patricia Daughter F Single 22 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Cordelia (sic) Daughter F Single 15 Burin Burin
506 582 ADAMS George Head M Widowed 74 Burin Burin
    ADAMS William Son M Single 31(?) Burin Burin
    ADAMS Cyril Grandson M Single 15 Burin Burin
507 583 ADAMS Berkley Head M Married 39 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Lilly Wife F Married 40 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Thomas Son M Single 13 Burin Burin
    ADAMS Ada Daughter F Single 11 Burin Burin

Transcribed by Julie Bennett (January 2008)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday November 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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