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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census

Green Bay District

Pages 185 - 186

Community of

NOTE: The entries for both the Birth Place and the 35 residence entries have been crossed out, evidently by the enumerator.
PAGE 185                  
51 48 ANDREWS George Head M M 62    
    ANDREWS Dulcie Wife F M 52    
    ALCOCK Baxter W. Step son M S 31    
52 49 LOVEMAN Stanley W. Head M M 64    
    LOVEMAN Barbara Wife F M 54    
    LOVEMAN Winfield Son M S 20    
    LOVEMAN Rosie L.L. Daughter F S 18    
53 50 LOVEMAN George Head M M 38    
    LOVEMAN Lillian Wife F M 27    
    LOVEMAN Gilbert L. Son M S 11/12    
54 51 LOVEMAN Arthur Head M M 27    
PAGE 186                  
    LOVEMAN Victoria Wife F M 32    
    LOVEMAN Lillian S. Daugthter F S 7    
55 52 EARL George A. Head M M 56    
    EARL Rachel Wife F M 51    
    EARL Samuel G. Son M S 30    
    EARL Hordward * D. Son M S 22    
* NOTE: Hordward has been crossed out at a later date and Howard printed in above the entry. Not done by the enumerator.
    EARL Saraham (sic) (?) Daughter F S 20    
    EARL Harry Son M S 16    
    EARL Lovie (?) Daughter F S 12    
56 53 BUTLER James W. Head M M 68    
    BUTLER Mary Wife F M 61    
    BUTLER John J. Son M S 29    
    BUTLER Mike T. Son M S 22    
    BUTLER James W. Jr. Son M S 20    
    BUTLER William J. Grand Son M S 2    
57 54 BUTLER Patrick Head M S 56    
    IVANY Ann Sister F W 64    
58 55 COOK Edward F. Head M M 35    
    COOK Florence A. Wife F M 34    
    COOK Leo F. Son M S 14    
    COOK Josephine Daughter F S 13    
    COOK Edmund Son M S 12    
    COOK Threasa Daughter F S 5    
    COOK Margaret Daughter F S 4    
    COOK Angus Son M S 2    
59 56 COOK Patrick Head M M 69    
    COOK Anastana (sic) Wife F M 65    
    COOK Patrick Son M S 28    
60 57 COOK Gregory Son M M 32    
    COOK Barbara Daughter in Law F M 24    
    COOK Alphonises (sic) Son M S 4    
    COOK Joseph Son M S 2    
    COOK Fanney Servant F S 21    

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (Summer 2008)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 22, 2017 (Don Tate)

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