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This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages - Don Tate (May 2004)

1945 Newfoundland Population Census
Placentia & St. Marys


Section: Placentia Gulf to Argentia
Page 170, Book 3, Reel 31, Item 3

Dwelling Family First Name Surname FR Sex MS Age
PAGE 170
177 109 Patrick Canning Head M W 69
178 110 Mary Cain Head F W 68
    Stanley Cain Son M S 23
179 211 John Hartley Head M M 74
    Louise Hartley Wife F M 54
    John Hartley Son M S 33
    Richard Hartley Son M S 24
    Leonard Hartley Son M S 22
    Harold Hartley Son M S 20
PAGE 171
    William Hartley Son M S 18
    Marie Hartley Daughter F S 16
180 212 Edward Hartley Head M M 30
    Eliza Hartley Wife F M 29
    Lucy Hartley Daughter F S 2
    Margaret Hartley Daughter F S 9 / 12
180 213 James Hartley Head M M 75
    Bridget Hartley Wife F M 68
181 214 John Jr. Tobin Head M M 45
    Elizabeth Tobin Wife F M 47
182 215 Mary Power Head F W 65
    Mary Power Daughter F S 25
    Gerald Power Son M S 32
    Zeta Power Daughter F S 22
    Kevin Power Son M S 20
183 216 Emma Power Head F W 74
    Michael Murphy Son In Law M M 40
    Alicia Murphy Daughter F M 33
    Russell Murphy G-Son M S 2
    Raymond Murphy G-Son M S 1 / 12
184 217 Rebecca Power Head F W 85
    Frank Power Son M S 44
    Stephen Power Son M S 48
185 218 John McGrath Head M M 46
    Bridget McGrath Wife F M 45
    Vincent McGrath Son M S 15
    Richard McGrath Son M S 11
    Bernard McGrath Son M S 9
    Michael McGrath Son M S 7
    Adrian McGrath Son M S 5
    Ambrose McGrath Son M S 4
186 219 Ellen Barron Head F W 74
    Anthony Sparrow Son In Law M M 34
    Veronica Sparrow Daughter F M 33
    Donald Sparrow G-Son M S 5
    Elizabeth Sparrow G-Daughter F S 3
    Patricia Sparrow G-Daughter F S 2
187 220 Thomas J. Power Head M M 74
    Mary Power Wife F M 60
188 221 Hayward Newhook Head M M 31
    Cecily Newhook Wife F M 29
    Aubrey J. Newhook Son M S 7
    Shirley Newhook Daughter F S 6
    Hayward Newhook Son M S 4
    Geneva Newhook Daughter F S 2
    Dorothy Newhook Daughter F S 2 / 12
  222 William E. Hancock Head M M 38
    Sarah J. Hancock Wife F M 37
    Shirley Hancock Daughter F S 6
    William Hancock Son M S 4
PAGE 172
    Raymond Hancock Son M S 3
    John Hancock Son M S 2
    Mabel Hancock Daughter F S 1 Wk
189 223 William Hynes Head M M 61
    Selina Hynes Wife F M 50
    Paul Hynes Son M S 28
    Leonard Hynes Son M S 22
    Agnes Hynes Daughter F S 19
    Peter Hynes Son M S 20
    Mary Hynes Daughter F S 17
    William Hynes Son M S 16
    Aloysus Hynes Son M S 11
190 224 Patrick Tobin Head M M 78
    Agnes Tobin Wife F M 72
191 225 Philip Viscount Head M M 70
    Mary Viscount Wife F M 65
    Mary Hefferen gdau F S 6
    Maria Viscount Daughter F S 28
    Phil Jr. Viscount Son M S 19
    Bride Hefferen Daughter F M 38
NOTE: Dwelling and Family numbers are as they were written on the original pages. Numbers missing were also missing on the original pages.
192 227 Dorothy Griffin Head F W 83
193 230 William Elsworthy Head M M 45
    Minnie Elsworthy Wife F M 31
    Lloyd Elsworthy Son M S 13
    Lester Elsworthy Son M S 10
    Verna Elsworthy Daughter F S 7
    Raymond Elsworthy Son M S 3
    Jean Elsworthy Daughter F S 1
194 231 John Ward Head M M 88
    Mary Ward Wife F M 65
    Raymond Ward Son M S 20
    Michael B. Ward Son M S 28
195 232 Michael T. Barron Head M W 86
    Nellie Barron Daughter F S 50
    Michael Jr. Barron Son M S 46
196 233 Harold Moyles Head M M 28
    Dorothy Moyles Wife F M 25
    Roy Moyles Son M S 3
    William Moyles Son M S 1
    James Moyles Father M W 65
197 234 Oscar Clarke Head M M 31
    Violet Clarke Wife F M 28
    George Clarke Son M S 11
    Ruby Clarke Daughter F S 6
    Loren Clarke Son M S 5
    Winston Clarke Son M S 2
198 235 James Kerrivan Head M W 77
199 236 Michael O'Reilly Head M M 76
    Martha O'Reilly Wife F M 75
200 237 Nicholas Viscount Head M M 58
PAGE 173
200 237 (Cont) Annie Viscount Wife F M 51
201 238 William Dunphy Head M M 49
    Ethel Dunphy Wife F M 34
    Ronald Dunphy Son M S 10
    Violet Dunphy Daughter F S 7
202 239 John Dunphy Head M M 58
    Angela Dunphy Wife F M 56
    Ella Dunphy Daughter F S 14
    William Dunphy Son M S 23
203 240 Joseph O'Brien Head M M 39
    Mercedes O'Brien Wife F M 29
    Kevin O'Brien Son M S 1
204 241 Katherine Kerrivan Head F M 73
    Edward Kerrivan Son M S 24
205 242 Vincent Kerrivan Head M M 38
    Mary Kerrivan Wife F M 30
    Alice Kerrivan Daughter F S 6
    Edward Kerrivan Son M S 3
    Loretta Kerrivan Daughter F S 1
206 243 William Elliott Head M M 28
    Hazel Elliott Wife F M 26
    William A. Elliott Son M S 2
    Alma M. Elliott Daughter F S 4
    Irving Elliott Son M S 5
  244 Ronald Jones Head M M 29
    Mildred Jones Wife F M 26
    Faith E. Jones Daughter F S 3 / 12
207 245 Thomas Barron Head M M 74
    Bridget Barron Wife F M 72
    James Barron Son M S 42
    Carmel Barron Daughter F S 26
    Thomas Jr. Barron Son M S 32
208 246 Patrick Whelan Head M M 38
    Mary Whelan Wife F M 31
    Aubrey Whelan Son M S 7
    Raymond Whelan Son M S 5
    John Whelan Son M S 1
209 247 Susan Power Head F W 73
    John Ward Son In Law M M 33
    Susan Ward Daughter F M 33
    Mercedes Ward G-Daughter F S 1
210 248 Edward Power Head M M 45
    Birtha Power Wife F M 32
    Richard Power Son M S 12
    Mary Power Daughter F S 9
    Anne Power Daughter F S 7
    Nora Power Daughter F S 3
211 249 Robert Griffin Head M M 68
    Margaret Griffin Wife F M 64
    Michael Griffin Son M S 27
PAGE 174
    Patrick Griffin Son M S 24
212 250 Arch Barron Head M M 41
    Hannah Barron Wife F M 37
    Madelaine Barron Daughter F S 19
    Patrick Barron Son M S 16
    Eugenie Barron Daughter F S 14
    Mary Barron Daughter F S 11
    Thomas Barron Son M S 10
    Michael Barron Son M S 9
    Arch Barron Son M S 8
    Theresa Barron Daughter F S 6
    Peter Barron Son M S 4
    Joseph Barron Son M S 2
213 251 Rita Barron Head F S 37
NOTE: Dwelling 253 did show two separate families on the original page as 251 and 253. The other family appears in between the two on the page.
213 253 William Fitzpatrick Head M M 37
    Winnifred Fitzpatrick Wife F M 29
    Mary Fitzpatrick Daughter F S 8
    Francis Fitzpatrick Son M S 4
    Kathleen Fitzpatrick Daughter F S 3
214 252 Gerald Emberley Head M S 38
215 254 Andrew Roche Head M W 43
    Dominic Roche Son M S 11
    Dorothy Roche Daughter F S 8
    Wilbert Roche Son M S 4
    Clarence Pippy Lodger M S 7
    Theresa Pippy House Keeper F W 30
216 255 James Fitzpatrick Head M M 87
    Bridget Fitzpatrick Wife F M 74
    James Jr. Fitzpatrick Son M S 36
217 256 Michael Hunt Head M M 53
    Mary Hunt Wife F M 40
    Louise Hunt Daughter F S 15
    Dinah Hunt Daughter F S 11
    Michael Hunt Son M S 8
    Margaret Hunt Daughter F S 3
218 257 Robert Woodman Head M M 25
    Dora Woodman Wife F M 23
    Edna Woodman Daughter F S 1
    Albert Woodman Son M S 3 / 12
  258 Llyewelyn Thorne Head M M 26
    Elizabeth Thorne Wife F M 21
219 259 Henry Patterson Head M M 43
    Bridget Patterson Wife F M 41
    Charles Patterson Son M S 18
    Mary Patterson Daughter F S 16
    Catherine Patterson Daughter F S 16
    Thomas Patterson Son M S 14
    George Patterson Son M S 12
    Henry Patterson Son M S 10
    Hilda Patterson Daughter F S 9
PAGE 175
    Bridget Patterson Daughter F S 7
    David Patterson Son M S 3
    Barbara Patterson Daughter F S 2
NOTE: Again the numbering follows the original page.
230 260 Michael Patterson Head M M 84
    Mary Patterson Wife F M 83
231 261 John Tobin Head M M 64
    Julia Tobin Wife F M 57
    James Tobin Son M S 31
    Thresa Tobin Daughter F S 27
    Carmel Tobin Daughter F S 25
    Rita Tobin Daughter F S 22
    Maude Tobin Daughter F S 21
    John Jr. Tobin Son M S 18
    Anthony Tobin Son M S 15
NOTE: The following two names were in the original transcription but were not found on the original page in the census.
    Carmel Tobin gdau F S 2
    Margaret Tobin gdau F S 2
232 262 Thomas Murphy Head M M 37
    Agnes Murphy Wife F M 27
    Patrick Murphy Son M S 4
    Genevieve Murphy Daughter F S 3
    Lillian Murphy Daughter F S 1
    Thomas Jr. Murphy Son M S 3 / 12
233 263 Peter Murphy Head M M 65
    Anne Murphy Wife F M 62
    Robert Power Sil M M 23
    Agatha Power Daughter F M 25
234 264 Caroline Foran Head F W 63
    Grace Foran Daughter F S 33
235 265 William Smith Head M M 42
    Mary Smith Wife F M 39
    Columbus Smith Son M S 14
    Anne Smith Daughter F S 13
    Delia Smith Daughter F S 12
    Gertrude Smith Daughter F S 10
    John Smith Son M S 9
    Dorothy Smith Daughter F S 3
236 266 Gregory Power Head M M 36
    Mary Power Wife F M 26
    Rosemary Power Daughter F S 6
    Gertrude Power Daughter F S 5
    Ethel Power Daughter F S 1
    Roberta Power Daughter F S 4 / 12
237 267 Thomas Collins Head M M 69
    Mary Collins Wife F M 65
    Patrick A. Bishop Son In Law M M 32
    Cecilia Bishop Daughter F M 26
    Patrick Bishop Grand Son M S 5
    James Bishop Grand Son M S 1
238 268 Margaret Collins Head F W 70
    Andrew Collins Son M S 34
239 269 Aloysius Bishop Head M M 34
    Anne Bishop Wife F M 39
    Rose O'Reilly Step Daughter F S 12
    Thomas F. Bishop Son M S 3
PAGE 176
240 270 Henry Hunt Head M W 46
    Bride Hunt Daughter F S 17
    Eileen Hunt Daughter F S 15
    Angela Hunt Daughter F S 14
    Henry Jr. Hunt Son M S 9
    Josephine Hunt Daughter F S 7
    James Hunt Son M S 5
241 271 Bridget Hunt Head F W 45
    Carmel Hunt Daughter F S 19
    Anne Hunt Daughter F S 17
    Jerome Hunt Son M S 14
  272 Patrick Hunt Head M S 56
242 273 Anne Hanlon Head F W 48
    Richard Hanlon Son M S 32
    Alphonsus Hanlon Son M S 17
    Walter Hanlon Son M S 11
    Coletta Hanlon Daughter F S 19
    Kevin Hanlon Son M S 27
243 274 James Viscount Head M M 35
    Caroline Viscount Wife F M 39
    Raymond Young Step Son M S 14
    James Young Step Son M S 10
    Reginald Young Step Son M S 8
    Herbert F. Viscount Son M S 2
    Marie Anne Viscount Daughter F S 6 / 12

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Contributed and Transcribed by: Frank Fitzpatrick (October 2002)

Verified to Original Pages and Corrected as necessary (May 2004 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2013

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