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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census

Grand Falls District

Pages 19 - 23

Community of

Lumber Camp #1

PAGE 159                  
    WOODWORTH Noah A. No Entries M S 19 Green Bay Green Bay
    ROBERTS Kenneth G. This Column M S 22 Green Bay Green Bay
    WHALEN Allan   M M 47 Trinity North Trinity North
    FREAK George M.   M M 46 Green Bay Green Bay
    VATERS John   M S 22 Trinity South Trinity South
    STACEY George C.   M M 23 Placentia Central Placentia Central
    FIZZARD James G.   M S 30 Burin Burin
    STRINGER Eric   M S 28 Trinity North Trinity North
    MARTIN Azariah   M S 19 Trinity North Trinity North
    STRINGER William T.   M S 21 Trinity North Trinity North
    DRODGE Bramwell K.   M S 22 Trinity North Trinity North
    EASTMAN Alfred   M M 40 Placentia Central Placentia Central
    PYNN Eric   M S 27 Green Bay Green Bay
    HOWLETT Henry C.   M S 29 Twillingate Twillingate
    EASTMAN James F.   M M 35 Placentia Central Placentia Central
    WATKINS Walter   M M 44 Twillingate Twillingate
    HARVEY Charlie W.   M M 31 Fogo St. Georges
    HARVEY Lindsey G.   M M 24 Fogo Fogo
    HARDING Wesley   M M 26 Burin Burin
    CUFF Roland G.   M M 32 Fogo Fogo
    CHURCHILL John W.   M M 26 Trinity North Humber
    CHURCHILL Walter F.   M S 28 Trinity North Humber
    POWELL Clyde P.   M M 27 Bonavista Central Bonavista Central
    DYKE Harry G.   M S 18 Bonavista Central Bonavista Central
    FREAK Nelson   M S 18 Green Bay Green Bay
    SHAW John   M M 36 Trinity North Trinity North
    MATTHEWS Hedley M.   M S 32 Bonavista South Bonavista South
    WHALEN William T.   M S 20 Trinity North Trinity South
    LEGGE Gordon   M S 27 Burin Burin
    HODDER Edward J.   M M 28 Fogo Fogo
    NOBLE Willis G.   M S 30 Green Bay Green Bay
    BUTT Henry U.   M S 18 Trinity North Trinity North
    BARNES Wilfred J.   M S 17 Lewisporte Lewisporte
    POWER John   M S 30 Green Bay Green Bay
    FROUD Willis G.   M M 40 Twillingate Twillingate
    MERCER Eric W.G.   M S 18 Grand Falls Fogo
    GINN Ralph H.   M S 20 Fogo Fogo
    BURGE Adolphus   M M 48 Twillingate Twillingate
    RODWAY Walter F.   M S 23 Placentia Central Placentia Central
    SAUNDERS Alonzo P.   M M 49 Fogo Fogo
    JENKINS Cyril G.   M S 17 Twillingate Twillingate
    SAUNDERS Edward M.   M S 20 Fogo Fogo
    BARNES Pleman   M S 20 Fogo Fogo
    GINN Frank E.   M S 17 Fogo Fogo
    NIPPARD Roger   M M 32 Fogo Fogo
    NICHOL Lemuel   M M 26 Fogo Fogo
    REID Henry G.   M M 59 Fogo Fogo
    BLACKMORE John J.   M M 43 Lewisporte Grand Falls

Transcribed by: Pearl Bradbury (January 2007)

Posted January 2007)

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