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1945 Newfoundland Population Census
Labrador District



PAGE 113                  
11 13 MILLE Josef Family Head M M 56 Okkak Udlik
    MILLE Pauline Wife F M 75 Ramah Udlik
    TOWNLI Sarah Foster Child F S 33 Saglek Bay Udlik
    ATTSEIJOAK Sebina Foster Child F S 11 Hebron Udlik
    COLEMATES (?) John Foster Child M S 17 Hebron Udlik
    MOSES Margaret Foster Child F S 7 Nutak Udlik
12 14 TOWNLI Timeth?es Family Head M M 54 Hebron Fish Cove
    TOWNLI Tabia Wife F M 52 Okkak Fish Cove
    TOWNLI Renatus Son M S 16 Okkak Fish Cove
    TOWNLI Mac Son M M 24 Hebron Fish Cove
    TOWNLI Emily Daughter in Law F M 18 Fish Cove Fish Cove
  15 ?? Daniel Family Head M M 24 Hebron Fish Cove
    ?? Ruth Wife F M 22 Hebron Fish Cove
NOTE: Family #15 was crossed out at a later date and not by the enumerator.
  16 MOSES Mattew(sic) Family Head M M 50 Hebron Okkak Bay
    MOSES Nickulang(?) Wife F M 59 Okkak Bay Okkak Bay
    MOSES David Son M S 17 Nain Okkak Bay
    MOSES Sarah Daughter F S 14 Nain Okkak Bay
    K?TJARIAK Joshua Foster Child M S 11 Fish Cove Okkak Bay
16 17 STAR Corie Family Head M M 58 Okkak Bay Okkak Bay
    STAR Tikolang Wife F M 42 Okkak Bay Okkak Bay
    STAR Thomas Son M S 8 Udlik  
    STAR Amelia Daughter F S 4 Okkak Bay  
    MILLE Sifra H. Step Daughter F S 14 Fish Cove Okkak Bay
    STAR Abraham Foster Child M S 11 Udlik Okkak Bay
  18 ATTIUJOAK Ala?m Family Head M M 29 Nain Nutah
    ATTIUJOAK Jane Wife F M 42 Canada Hebron
    BENON Adolph none M Widow 64 Ramah Hebron
17 20 NUKATAUK William Family Head M M 46 Cutthroat Hebron
PAGE 114                  
    NUKATAUK Amelia Wife F M 49 Hebron Hebron
    NUKATAUK Marie S. Daughter F S 15 Hebron Hebron
    NUKATAUK Josef J. Son M S 12 Hebron Hebron
    NUKATAUK Elizabeth R. Daughter F S 7 Okkak Bay  
18 21 KORAH Daniel Family Head M M 66 Hebron Nutak
    KORAH Harriet Wife F M 20 Nain Nain
  22 OBED Boas Family Head M M 26 Nain Hebron
    OBED Sarah Wife F M 24 Hebron Fish Cove
19 22 (?) KAUTJASIAK Nathan Family Head M M 40 Hebron Fish Cove
    KAUTJASIAK Hilda Wife F M 50 Ramah Hebron
    KAUTJASIAK Timotheus Step Son M S 15 Fisk Cove Fish Cove
    KAUTJASIAK Conrad Son M S 12 Fisk Cove Fish Cove
    KAUTJASIAK Johannes Step Son M S 12 Hebron Hebron
20 23 ANDERSON Hans A. Family Head M M 50 Nakkaiuk Nutak
    ANDERSON Jane Wife F M 49 Nakkaiuk Nutak
    ANDERSON Andrew A. Son F(?) M 23 Makkovik Nutak
    ANDERSON Somin (sis) Son M M 22 Makkovik Nutak
    ANDERSON Blanche B. Daughter F S 14 Okkak Bay Nutak
    ANDERSON May N. Daughter F S 8 Okkak Bay  
    ANDERSON Harold A. Son M S 5 Okkak Bay  
    ANDERSON Juana (sic) Daughter in Law F M 23 Hebron Nutak
    ANDERSON John N. Grand Son M S 4 Nutak  
    ANDERSON Christina J. Daughter in Law F M 21 Hebron Nutak
21 24 LEAMAN Herman Family Head M M 34 Petty Harbour Cartwright
    LEAMAN Sarah L. Wife F M 30 Nain Nain
    LEAMAN Syli?? D. Daughter F S 5 Makkovik  
    LEAMAN James ? Son M S 3 Nain  
22 25 LYALL Samuel J. Family Head M M 40 Makkovik Nutak
    LYALL Isabella J. Wife F M 33 Narpartokh Bay Nutak
    LYALL Christina Mother F Widow 78 Nain Nutak
    LYALL Christina N. Daughter F S 15 Nutak Nutak
    LYALL Jessie B. Daughter F S 13 Nutak Nutak
    LYALL Fred W. Son M S 9 Hebron  
    LYALL Sarah J. Daughter F S 6 Nutak  
    LYALL John Son M S 3 Hebron  
    LYALL Joire(sic) Daughter F S 2 Nutak  
    LYALL James Son M S 1 Nutak  
  26 METCALFE Susie H. Family Head F S 70 Narpartokh Nutak
    LUSH Flora M. Niece F S ?9 Narpartokh Nutak

Transcribed by: Pearl Bradbury (December 2006)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2013 (Don Tate)

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