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Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census

Fortune Bay & Hermitage District

Pages 29 - 30

Community of

PAGE 29                  
1 1 POOLE James Father M Married 48 Belloram Corbin
    POOLE Ida Wife F Married 47 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Freeman Son M Single 20 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Amos Son M Single 17 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Elizabeth J. Daughter F Single 13 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Cecil J. Son M Single 6 Corbin  
2 1 MORRIS David Father M Married 59 Great Jervois Corbin
    MORRIS Susannah J Wife F Married 49 Corbin Corbin
3 1 POOLE George R. Father M Widower 62 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Allan Son M Single 21 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Joseph D. Adopted Son M Single 12 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Lewis Son M Married 34 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Whilimena Wife F Married 30 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Olive Grand Daughter F Single 10 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Maxwell Grand Son M Single 9 Corbin  
    POOLE Marian Grand Daughter F Single 4 Corbin  
    POOLE Lewis Jr Grand Son M Single 2 Corbin  
    POOLE Frances J. Grand Daughter F Single 1 Corbin  
4 1 POOLE William Father M Married 50 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Esther J. Wife F Married 48 Anderson's Cv Corbin
    TIZZARD Emma Adopted Daughter F Single 16 Grand Bank Corbin
5 1 POOLE Lydia Wife (sic) F Widow 51 Coombs Cove Corbin
    POOLE Lancelot Son M Single 21 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Esther J. Daughter F Single 12 Corbin Corbin
6 1 SAVOURY Martin P. Father M Married 54 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Beatrice Wife F Married 52 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Hubert Son M Single 20 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Susie J. Daughter f Single 15 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Patrick Son M Single 11 Corbin Corbin
    HICKEY Pius Brother In Law M Single 39 Corbin Corbin
7 1 TIBBO George S. Father M Married 47 Doctor's Hr. Corbin
    TIBBO Cicely (??) B. Wife F Married 44 Corbin Corbin
    TIBBO Hubert Poole Son M Single 18 Corbin Corbin
    TIBBO Gordon Son M Single 17 Corbin Corbin
    TIBBO Janet Daughter F Single 16 (?) Corbin Corbin
8 1 HICKEY Andrew F. Father M Married 36 Corbin Corbin
    HICKEY Ellen A. Wife F Married 35 Corbin Corbin
    KEEPING Philip J. Brother M Single 19 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Andrew Adopted Son M Single 7 Corbin  
9 1 SAVOURY Isaac Father M Married 34 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Elizabeth Wife F Married 33 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Allan Son M Single 6 Corbin  
    SAVOURY Jeremiah Son M Single 4 Corbin  
10 1 POOLE Randell Father M Married 32 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Frances Wife F Married 28 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Philip Son M Single 11 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Frank Son M Single 10 Corbin  
    POOLE Randell Jr Son M Single 8 Corbin  
    POOLE Angus Son M Single 9 / 12 Corbin  
11 1 POOLE Morgan Father M Married 43 Corbin Corbin
PAGE 30                  
    POOLE Madeline Wife F Married 42 Turnip Cove Corbin
    POOLE Lucy A. Daughter F Single 12 Corbin Corbin
12 1 POOLE Kenneth Father M Married 24 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Rowena Wife F Married 23 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE William J. Son M Single 7 Corbin  
    POOLE Jane Daughter F Single 2 Corbin  
    POOLE Phillis C. Daughter F Single 8/12 Corbin  
    POOLE Susie J. Mother in Law F Widow 63 Turnip Cove Corbin
13 1 HANLAN (?) Cecil Father M Married 28   Corbin
    HANLAN (?) Annie Wife F Married 24 Long Island Belloram
    HANLAN (?) Marian Daughter F Single 5 Belloram  
    HANLAN (?) Gordon Son M Single 1-10/12 Corbin  
14 1 POOLE Philip George Father M Married 33 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Emily Violet Wife F Married 31 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Hazel B.M. Daughter F Single 12 Corbin Corbin
    POOLE Sidney Son M Single 6 Corbin  
15 1 HICKEY George R. Father M Married 34 Corbin Corbin
    HICKEY Hannah M. Wife F Married 25 Corbin Corbin
    HICKEY Lenora Daughter F Single 11 Corbin Corbin
    HICKEY George Son M Single 4 Corbin  
16 1 SAVOURY Philip J. Father M Married 71 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Rachel Wife F Married 54 Doctor's Hr Corbin
    SAVOURY James J.B. Son M Single 25 Belloram Corbin
    HOUSE Charlie Step Son M Single 36 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Susannah Daughter F Single 21 Corbin Corbin
17 1 SAVOURY Jeremiah Father M Married 65 Corbin Corbin
    SAVOURY Annie Wife F Married 54 Barrow Corbin
    SAVOURY Lillian Daughter F Single 19 Corbin Corbin

Transcribed by Betty Cumby (May 2005)

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