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1945 Census


Chinese Population Across the Island

Name Address in 1945 Age MS Rel Occupation in 1945 Birthplace Nat Year Entered Address in 1935 Occup. In 1935
Chang, George Botwood 31 M UC Merchant ChinaNf. 1937? St. John's Laundry
Fong, Harvey Botwood 29 M UC Merchant ChinaNf. 1935 St. John'sStore clerk
Chang, Charles Botwood 36 M UC Merchant ChinaNf. 1930 St. John'sLaundry
Chang, GeorgeBotwood31MUCMerchantChinaNf.1937?St. John's Laundry
Fong, HarveyBotwood29MUCMerchantChinaNf.1935St. John's Store clerk
Chang, CharlesBotwood36MUCMerchantChinaNf.1930St. John's Laundry
Ling, ThomasBotwood37MUCCaf� OperatorChinaNf.1931St. John's Laundry
Young, ThomasBotwood35SRCMerchantChinaNf.1930Grand FallsCook
Fong, WilliamBotwood34SUCCaf� prop.ChinaNf.1928St. John's Cook
Young, WongBotwood40SNo EntryCaf� OperatorChinaNf.1929Grand FallsCaf� operator
O'Gay, JohnBotwood56MUCLaundryChinaNf.1904Grand FallsFarmer
O'Gay, BerthaBotwood39MCEHousewifeGrand FallsNf.BornGrand FallsHousewife
O'Gay, Harry C.Botwood15SCEStudentGrand FallsNf.BornGrand FallsNo Entry
Chan, HarryMain St., Grand Falls35MUCCaf� prop.ChinaNf.1930Grand FallsCaf� prop.
Lee, JohnMain St., Grand Falls37SUCCaf� prop.ChinaNf.1928Grand FallsServant
Lee, CantonMain St., Grand Falls38SUCCaf� prop.ChinaNf.1925Grand FallsServant
Shang, Kem2nd. Ave. Grand Falls40SUCCaf� prop.ChinaNf.1930St. John'sCaf� prop.
Hong, HemmieRocky Pond, Windsor44Sep.RCLaundryGrand FallsNf.1914St. John'sLaundry
Hong, Rita M. dau.Rocky Pond, Windsor15SRCNo EntryGrand FallsNf.BornGrand FallsNo Entry
Hong, Nettie, dau.Rocky Pond, Windsor14SRCNo EntryGrand FallsNf.BornNo EntryNo Entry
Hong, Hemmie W., sRocky Pond, Windsor11SRCNo EntryGrand FallsNf.BornNo EntryNo Entry
Hong, Kevin, sonRocky Pond, Windsor10SRCNo EntryGrand FallsNf.BornNo EntryNo Entry
Hong, Carmen, sonRocky Pond, Windsor8SRCNo EntryGrand FallsNf.BornNo EntryNo Entry
Hong, Almmia, dau.Rocky Pond, Windsor5SRCNo EntryGrand FallsNf.BornNo EntryNo Entry
Pork, WingBishop's Falls35SUCRestaurantChinaCh.1936ChinaNone
Yen, HongBishop's Falls39SUCRestaurantChinaCh.1935St. John'sRestaurant
Lee, WahBuchans54MCELaundryChinaCh.1908Grand FallsLaundry
Hong, HemmieBuchans43SRCLaundryChinaCh.1918Grand FallsLaundry
Toms, HarryPort aux Basques31MRCRestaurant ownerCantonCh.1931St. John'sRest. Owner
Toms. Almma, wifePort aux Basques23MRCHousewifeSt. BridesNf.BornSt. BridesNo Entry
Toms, Harry J. sonPort aux Basques5SRCNo EntryGrand FallsNf.BornNo EntryNo Entry
Toms, Norah A. dau.Port aux Basques2SRCNo EntryPort aux BasquesNf.BornNo EntryNo Entry
Wingjohn, HongBell Island34SUCBusiness unspecif.ChinaCh.?Bell IslandNo Entry
Wingpong, LeeBell Island34MUCBusiness unspecif.ChinaCh.?Bell IslandNo Entry
Hong, ChongTown Sq., Bell Island35SUCRestaurant Mgr.CantonNf.1930Bell IslandRest. Mgr.
Hong, Ying, cousinTown Sq., Bell Island35SUCRestaurant clerkCantonNf.1930Bell IslandRest. Mgr.
Chu, CharlesBennett St. Bell Is.42SUCStorekeeperCantonNf.1919Bell IslandStorekeeper
Hong, Yip151 Davidson, Bell Is49SUCRestaurant Mgr.CantonNf.?St. John'sRest. Mgr.
Hong, Sam, son151 Davidson, Bell Is29SUCRestaurant helpCantonNf.?St. John'sRest. Help
Chon, PeterBell Island46MMeth.Fruit StoreChinaCh.1927St. John'sRestaurant
Chon, Gertrude J., wBell Island33MCEHousewifeHarbour GraceNf.BornSt. John'sHousewife
Chon, Eleanor, J. dauBell Island13SCEStudentHarbour GraceNf.BornSt. John'sNo Entry
Yak, JimWest Mines, Bell Is.33SUCMerchantChinaCh.1931St. John'sNo Entry
Hong, JimWater St. Carbonear25SUCwaiter & cookCantonCh.1929St. John'sLaundry
Hong, KimWater St. Carbonear30MUCwaiter & cookCantonCh.1930CarbonearWaiter/cook
Hudson, KungDeer Lake30SUCRestaurant Optr.ChinaNf.1933St. John'sNo Entry
Guy, BingDeer Lake55MCERestaurantChinaNf.1931St. John'sRestaurant
King, BenDeer Lake40SCERestaurantChinaNf.1929St. John'sRestaurant
Sam, GwenCorner Brook29SUCGrocerChinaCh.? DeceasedSt. John'sNo Entry
Hong, Tom WingCorner Brook64SUCGrocerChinaCh.1930St. John'sGrocery
Chin, TookHumbermouth30MUC?No EntryCh.1922HumberNo Entry
Chin, LoisHumbermouth25MUCMgr. ?No EntryNf.BornHumberNo Entry
Chin, HerbertHumbermouth8SUCNo EntryNo EntryNf.BornNo EntryNo Entry
Sun, Tong1 Caribou Rd. C. Bk.45MUCLaundryChinaCh.1921HumberLaundry
Chin, Charlie1 Caribou Rd. C. Bk.52MUCRest. Part ownerChinaCh.1931HumberRestaurant
Kee, Lim1 Caribou Rd. C. Bk.45MUCCookChinaCh.1920HumberRestaurant
Lee, George65 Caribou, C. Bk.53SNoneMerchantChinaCh.1937ChinaMerchant
Fong, Wing7 Burkes Rd. C. Bk.34MUCNo EntryChinaCh.1929HumberCook
Fong, Dorothy7 Burkes Rd. C. Bk.22MUCstorekeeper/housewTrinityNf.BornSt. John'sStudent
Janes, George116 Broadway, C. Bk.54MUCRestaurant prop.ChinaCh.1918HumberRest. Prop.
Janes, Frank, cousin116 Broadway, C. Bk.41SUCRestaurant prop.ChinaCh.1929HumberRest. Prop.
Ho, HongBell Island54MNo EntryLaundryChinaCh.1929St. John'sLaundry

Transcribed by Elaine (March 2012)

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