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1945 Census
District of Bonavista Bay North


From: Gander to Benton

Dwelling Family Surname First Relationship Sex MS Age Birth Place Place of Residence in 1935
PAGE 87                  
1 1 WICKS Thomas Husband M M 25 Port Blanford Port Blanford
    WICKS Margaret Wife F M 20 Gambo Benton
    WICKS Alex Son M S 3 St. John's  
    WICKS Elizabeth Daughter F S 2 Come by Chance  
  2 WICKS James Husband M M 57 Catalina Port Blanford
    WICKS Elizabeth Wife F M 54 Happy Adventure Port Blanford
    WICKS Mary Daughter F S 19 Port Blanford Port Blanford
    WICKS Madge Daughter F S 7 Port Blanford  
    WICKS Fredrick Son M S 27 Port Blanford Port Blanford
    OSMOND Evelyn Teacher F S 19 Carbonear Carbonear
2 3 MORRISEY John Husband M M 22 Gambo Gambo
    John Effie Wife F M 19 St. John's Glenwood
3 4 PARDY Aubrey Husband M M 48 Port Blanford Benton
    PARDY Agnes Wife F M 46 Catalina Benton
    PARDY Sadie Daughter F S 17 Port Blanford Benton
    PARDY Annie Daughter F S 8 Benton  
    PARDY Eileen Daughter F S 2 Bishops Falls  
    PARDY Chesley Son M S 23 Port Blanford Benton
    PARDY Edwin Son M S 19 Port Blanford Benton
    PARDY George Son M S 15 Port Blanford Benton
    PARDY James Son M S 13 Port Blanford Benton
    PARDY Clayton Son M S 11 Port Blanford Benton
    PARDY Fredrick Son M S 5 Port Blanford Benton
  5 KELLY Harry Husband F M 20 Gambo Gambo
    KELLY Effie Wife F M 21 Port Blanford Benton
    KELLY Patrick F Son M S 4Mt Gambo  
4 6 SKIFFINGTON Fred Husband M M 32 Musgrave Town Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Mary C Wife F M 27 Gull Island Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Marie J Daughter F S 9 Gull Island  
    SKIFFINGTON Mary A Daughter F S 2 Benton  
    SKIFFINGTON Michael J Son M S 8 Gull Island  
    SKIFFINGTON Thomas Son M S 7 Benton  
  7 OLIVER Agnus   F W 67 Gull Island Gull Island
    OLIVER Thomas Son M M 19 Gull Island Gull Island
5 8 SIMMONS Stanley Husband M M 55 Herring Neck St. John's
    SIMMONS Annie Wife F M 36 St. John's St. John's
    SIMMONS Joan Daughter F S 10 St. John's St. John's
    SIMMONS Rosie Daughter F S 6 Horwood  
6 9 HUSSEY Stanley Husband M M 26 Charlotte Town Port Blanford
    HUSSEY Dora Wife F M 29 Benton Port Blanford
  10 CROSS Emelina   F W 53 Musgrave Port Blanford
    KATES Fred   M S 25 Port Blanford Port Blanford
7 11 KATES Theodore Husband M M 26 Port Blanford Port Blanford
    KATES Annie Wife F M 25 Port Blanford  
    KATES Geraldine Daughter F S 4 Port Blanford  
    KATES Suley Son M S 3 Port Blanford  
    KATES Effie Daughter F S 7Mt Benton  
    PEDDLE Daniel   M S 40 Cannings Port Blanford
8 12 SKIFFINGTON Samuel Husband M M 43 Musgrave Musgrave
    SKIFFINGTON Violet Wife F M 27 Middle Brook Musgrave
PAGE 88                  
  12 SKIFFINGTON Hurbert Son M S 2 Musgrave Town  
    KALES? Claude Boarder M M 37 Musgrave Town Musgrave Town
    SKIFFINGTON Max Boarder M M 26 Musgrave Town Musgrave Town
    WAY Fred Boarder M M 36 Pinchards Is Pinchard's Is
9 13 ROWSELL Fred Head M M 30 Long Island Deer Lake
    ROWSELL Joice Wife F M 31 Jacksons Cove Newtown
    ROWSELL Kay S Daughter F S 6 Newtown  
    ROWSELL Phyillis P Daughter F S 20Mt Benton  
    BRODERICK Frank Boarder M S 18 Gambo Gambo
10 14 CROSS Wm Husband M M 41 Gambo Benton
    CROSS Annie Daughter F S 16 Gambo Benton
    CROSS James Son M S 13 Gambo Benton
    CROSS Alister Son M S 11 Gambo Benton
    CROSS Cecily Daughter F S 9 Benton  
    CROSS Austin Son M S 5 Benton  
    CROSS Eugene Son M S 3 Port Blanford  
    CROSS Winston Son M S 4Mt Gambo  
11 15 SKIFFINGTON John Husband M M 40 Musgrave Town Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Elsie M Wife F M 39 Cannings Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Robert H Daughter F S 10 Benton Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Florence Daughter F S 8 Benton  
    SKIFFINGTON Charles G Son M S 10Mt Benton  
12 16 SKIFFINGTON Albert Husband M M 37 Musgrave Town Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Ruth Wife F M 33 Gambo Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Emma T Daughter F S 14 Gambo Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Elsie M Daughter F S 12 Benton Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Viloet M Daughter F S 11 Benton Benton
    SKIFFINGTON Robt J Son M S 9 Terra Nova  
    SKIFFINGTON Edgar T Son M S 7 Terra Nova  
    SKIFFINGTON Ella R Daughter F S 1Mt Benton  
    MILLIER Robt   M M 43 Spread Eagle Spread Eagle

Transcribed by Anne Keating (Summer 2008)

Page Last Modified: Sunday November 02, 2008 (Don Tate)

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