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1945 Census
Placentia & St. Mary's West


Section: North Harbour to Davis Cove
Pages 186 - 189

Dwelling Family Last First Relationship Sex MS Age Birth Place
27 6 BROWN Archibald Head M M 51 Pla West
    BROWN Lucy Wife F M 50 Pla West
    BROWN Frances Daughter F S 24 Pla West
    BROWN Marjorie Arleen (?) Daughter F S 15 Pla West
    BROWN Lucy Daughter F S 12 Pla West
    BROWN Aidan Daughter F S 8 Pla West
26 4 BROWN Wm Head M W 65 Pla West
    BROWN Clarence Son M M 27 Pla West
    BROWN Julia Wife F M 28 Pla West
    BROWN Dermott P. Son M S 2 Pla West
45 1 COMBIE James Head M S 60 Bar Haven
37 1 COMBIE Patrick Head M W 62 Pla West
36 4 COMBIE Walter Husband M M 44 Pla West
    COMBIE Jane Wife F M 45 Pla West
PAGE 189               Pla West
    COMBIE Esther Daughter F S 9 Pla West
    COMBIE John Son M S 8 Pla West
39 10 CULLETON Peter Head M M 50 Pla West
    CULLETON Annie Wife F M 38 Pla West
    CULLETON Thomas Son M S 19 Pla West
    CULLETON Madelaine Daughter F S 17 Pla West
    CULLETON Mike Son M S 14 Pla West
    CULLETON Kitty Daughter F S 11 Pla West
    CULLETON Mary Daughter F S 8 Pla West
    CULLETON Genevieve Daughter F S 4 Pla West
    CULLETON John Son M S 2 Pla West
    CULLETON Mike Brother M S 64 Pla West
17 5 FARRELL Thomas Head M M 33 Bar Haven
    FARRELL Rita Wife F M 30 Bar Haven
    FARRELL Bernard Son M S 3 Bar Haven
    FARRELL Joseph Son M S 1 Bar Haven
    FARRELL Bride Mother F W 69 Bar Haven
43 4 FLYNN Jas Father M W 57 Pla West
    FLYNN John Son M S 25 Pla West
    FLYNN Pat Son M S 21 Pla West
    FLYNN Ethel Daughter F S 14 Pla West
44 5 FLYNN Joseph Husband M M 61 Pla West
    FLYNN Cecilia Wife F M 58 Pla West
    FLYNN Phillip Son M S 24 Pla West
    FLYNN Stanley Son M S 22 Pla West
    FLYNN Mary Daughter F S 20 Pla West
47 2 FLYNN Patk Father M W 54 Bar Haven
    FLYNN Kitty Daughter F S 27 Bar Haven
18 7 GAULTON Leo Husband M M 30 Bar Haven
    GAULTON Lucy Wife F M 32 Bar Haven
    GAULTON Patk Son M S 7 Bar Haven
    GAULTON Celestine Son M S 4 Bar Haven
    GAULTON Leo Son M S 2 Bar Haven
    GAULTON Martin Son M S 3 / 12 Bar Haven
    GAULTON Ellen Daughter F S 9 Bar Haven
19 9 WADMAN Patk Husband M M 73 Bar Haven
    WADMAN Mary A. Wife F M 69 Bar Haven
    WADMAN Albert Son M W 45 Bar Haven
    WADMAN Teresa Daughter F S 19 Bar Haven
    WADMAN Mary Daughter F S 16 Bar Haven
    WADMAN Kevin Son M S 14 Bar Haven
    WADMAN John Son M S 12 Bar Haven
    WADMAN Will Son M S 6 Bar Haven
    WADMAN Agatha ?? Daughter F S 4 Bar Haven
35 3HANLON James Head M S 45 Pla West
   HANLON Phil Brother M S 55 Pla West
   HANLON John Brother M S 60 Pla West
46 4HANLON Mary Head F W 67 Bar Haven
   HANLON Leonard Son M M 29 Bar Haven
   HANLON Stella Wife F M 27 Bar Haven
   HANLON Jerry Son M S 1 Bar Haven
28 3 MORRIS James No Entry M M 40 Pla West
    MORRIS Rita B. Wife F M 26 Bonavista Bay
    MORRIS Rita Daughter F S 3 / 12 P. B.
24 5b MULROONEY Wilson Father M W 62 Pla West
    MULROONEY Patk Son M S 26 Pla West
    MULROONEY Peter Son M S 21 Pla West
    MULROONEY Rita ? Daughter F S 18 Pla West
    MULROONEY John Son M S 16 Pla West
21 2 MURPHY Bernard Husband M M 61 Bar Haven
    MURPHY Ann Wife F M 37 Bar Haven
41 2 MURPHY Patk Husband M M 71 Pla West
    MURPHY Minnie Wife F M 63 Pla West
40 5 MURRAY Bernard Father M W 63 Pla West
    MURRAY William Son F M 33 Pla West
    MURRAY Catherine Wife F M 30 Pla West
    MURRAY Marie Daughter F S 2 Pla West
    MURRAY Agnes Daughter F S 3 / 12 Pla West
20 2 PENDERGAST Ann Mother F W 80 Bar Haven
    PENDERGAST Bernard Son M S 36 Bar Haven
22 2 PENDERGAST Evin (?) Husband M M 24 Bar Haven
    PENDERGAST Mary Wife F M 23 Bar Haven
42 3 PENDERGAST Phillip Head M S 26 Pla West
    PENDERGAST Cecil Brother M S 22 Pla West
    PENDERGAST Mary Sister F S 22 Pla West
49 3 PERHAM Mike Husband M M 36 Bar Haven
    PERHAM Selina Wife F M 25 Bar Haven
    PERHAM Anita Daughter F S 7 Bar Haven
37 3 PITTMAN Aloysius Husband M M 33 Pla West
    PITTMAN Rose Wife F M 35 Pla West
    PITTMAN Alphonsus Son M S 6 / 12 Pla West
38 2 PITTMAN Richard Head M M 70 Pla West
    PITTMAN Kate Wife F M 70 Pla West
24 4 SHEA David Father M M 52 Pla West
    SHEA Mary E. Wife F M 55 Pla West
    SHEA Mary Daughter F S 22 Pla West
    SHEA William Son M S 20 Pla West
34 2 SHEA Elizabeth Mother F W 54 Pla West
    SHEA Gladys Daughter F S 20 Pla West
32 4 SHEA Frank Husband M M 30 Pla West
    SHEA Mary Wife F M 27 Pla West
    SHEA Bride Daughter F S 2 Pla West
    SHEA Ellen Daughter F S 1 Pla West
31 3 SHEA Martin Head M M 51 Pla West
    SHEA Catherine Wife F M 55 Pla West
    SHEA Gordon Son M S 25 Pla West
48 3 SHEA Mary Head F W 68 Bar Haven
    MORRIS Ernest Nephew M M 40 Bar Haven
    MORRIS Mary A. Wife (sic) F M 31 Bar Haven
33 2 SHEA Michael Husband M M 54 Pla West
    SHEA Ellen Wife F M 64 Pla West
23 5SMITH Catherine Mother F W 71 Bar Haven
   SMITH Mary Daughter F S 48 Bar Haven
   SMITH Thomas Son M S 45 Bar Haven
   SMITH John W. Son M S 42 Bar Haven
   SMITH Frank A. Son M S 36 Bar Haven
29 2 SULLIVAN Bridget Mother F W 62 Pla West
    SULLIVAN Wm Son M S 40 Pla West
30 4 SULLIVAN Mike Husband M M 39 Pla West
    SULLIVAN Nellie Wife F M 25 Renews
    SULLIVAN Peter Son M S 2 Pla West
    SULLIVAN Patk Son M S 1 Pla West
25 6 WHIFFIN John Head M M 44 Pla West
    WHIFFIN Rose Wife F M 33 Pla West
    WHIFFIN Catherine Daughter F S 10 Pla West
    WHIFFIN Bridget Daughter F S 2 / 12 Pla West
    WHIFFIN William Husband M M 41 Pla West
    WHIFFIN Laura Wife F M 40 Isle Valen

Contributed and Transcribed by: Frank Fitzpatrick (October 2002)

Updated to order families as ordered on the original pages (Don Tate - June 2010)

Page Last Modified: Friday March 18, 2016 (Don Tate)

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