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These transcriptions may contain human errors.
As always, confirm these, as you would any other source material.

It should be noted that on the original pages the Initial preceeded the First Name.
It is not known for sure if the names were this way or the enumerator was referring
to "middle" Initials. They were included on the page
as they were written on the original pages.

1945 Newfoundland Population Census
Placentia & St. Marys
Arnold's Cove
Section: Fox Harbour to Come by Chance
Page 182 - 186, 189 - Book 3, Reel 31, Item 3

Dwelling Family First Last FR Sex MS Age
PAGE 182
1 7 Thomas WARREN Head M M 38
    Ethel WARREN Wife F M 36
    Emm WARREN Child F S 13
    F Joy WARREN Child F S 11
    Samuel WARREN Child M S 8
    Frank WARREN Child M S 3 / 12
    Rachel UPOHEL ? Mother In Law F W 77
2 6 Gideon BENSON Head M M 60
    G. Sadie BENSON Wife F M 54
    C. Melvi BENSON Child F S 21
    R. Reginald BENSON Child M S 19
    A. Harvey BENSON Child M S 16
    Ruby BENSON Child F S 14
NOTE: Dwelling 3-3 was crossed out as not a valid entry.
4 8 G. Walter ROSE Head M M 37
    E. Annie ROSE Wife F M 38
    E. George ROSE Child M S 17
    G. Francis ROSE Child M S 14
    M. Perry ROSE Child M S 13
    Eric ROSE Child M S 6
    Marie ROSE Child F S 10
    Gerald ROSE Child M S 2 / 12
5 4 Mike ROSE Head M M 38
    Jelene ROSE Wife F M 24
    Madonna ROSE Child F S 3
    Gary ROSE Child M S 11 / 12
6 2 Leo McDONALD Head M M 25
    Ada McDONALD Wife F M 35
6 2 Piercy ROSE Head M W 80
    Annie ROSE Child F S 25
7 1 Malena QUINTON Head F W 68
8 1 A. Mary BEST Head F W 79
9 4 Sandy GUY Head M M 29
    Margaret GUY Wife F M 33
    J. Mary GUY Child F S 3
    Ambrose GUY Child M S 4
10 1 Flona BRENTON Head F W 64
PAGE 183
11 7 P. Leo ROSE Head M M 40
    G. Priscilla ROSE Wife F M 34
    J. Patricia ROSE Child F S 5
    S. Claude ROSE Child M S 4
    J. Elizabeth ROSE Child F S 2
    E. Franklin ROSE Child M S 5 /12
    Agnes KERIVAN None (sic) F W 46
12 4 H. William WAREHAM Head M M 32
    G. Hilda WAREHAM Wife F M 25
    William WAREHAM Father M M 74
    Malinda WAREHAM Mother F M 60
13 4 W. John HOLLETT Head M M 51
    E. Jessie HOLLETT Wife F M 48
    Beulah HOLLETT Child F S 25
    Emily HOLLETT Child F S 21
    M. Emily BUTLER Grand Daughter ? F S 12
13 2 A. George HOLLETT Head M M 23
    Flora HOLLETT Wife F M 24
14 2 C. Leonard QUINTON Head M M 35
    G. Amy QUINTON Wife F M 36
15 4 Edgar HOLLETT Head M M 33
    Stella HOLLETT Wife F M 30
    W. Phillis (sic) HOLLETT Child F S 4
    C. Edmund HOLLETT Child M S 1
16 1 A. Henry HOLLETT Head M W 63
17 3 Earnest HOLLETT Head M M 33
    N. Mabel HOLLETT Wife F M 27
    L. Betty HOLLETT Child F S 2
18 3 Willis HOLLETT Head M M 66
    Annie HOLLETT Wife F M 64
    Victor HOLLETT Child M S 38
19 5 M. Earnest GUY Head M M 32
    Viola GUY Wife F M 24
    Gordon GUY Child M S 3
    Elwood GUY Child M S 2
    Sara GUY Step Mother F W 42
20 3 Frank BRINSON ? Head M M 37
    Triffie BRINSON ? Wife F M 33
    John BRINSON ? Father M W 62
PAGE 184
21 5 A. Benjamin BRINSTON Head M M 43
    L. Alice BRINSTON Wife F M 42
    N. William BRINSTON Child M S 17
    M. Ethel BRINSTON Child F S 14
    W. Walter BRINSTON Child M S 7
22 5 Eli BRINSTON Head M M 45
    Elizabeth BRINSTON Wife F M 46
    E. Clayton BRINSTON Child M S 17
    E. Leonard BRINSTON Child M S 14
    A. Cliford BRINSTON Child M S 12
23 8 L. Manuel HOLLETT Head M M 53
    M. Jessy HOLLETT Wife F M 43
    Daphne HOLLETT Child F S 5
    Jim HOLLETT Child M S 24
    Freeman HOLLETT Child M S 23
    Janette HOLLETT Child F S 19
    L. Frank BECK Step Son M S 18
    L. Oliver HOLLETT Child M S 17
24 7 G. Wm HYNES Head M M 39
    Margaret HYNES Wife F M 36
    C. Mabel HYNES Child F S 13
    M. Shirley HYNES Child F S 11
    L. Pearl HYNES Child F S 8
    E. Scott HYNES Child M S 6
    A. Wilbert HYNES Child M S 1
25 2 Max HOLLETT Head M M 32
    Elsie HOLLETT Wife F M 25
26 5 Samuel BRACE Head M M 31
    Lavinia BRACE Wife F M 24
    G. Betty BRACE Child F S 2
    A. Samuel BRACE Child M S 1
    Dulcie BRACE Maid F S 14
27 4 Alex HYNES Head M M 61
    Amita HYNES Wife F M 64
    Nelson HYNES Son M M 31
    Ada HYNES Daughter In Law F M 25
28 4 L. Charles BRINSTON Head M M 58
    M. Elsie BRINSTON Wife F M 51
    E. Vida BRINSTON Child F S 23
    Ralph BRINSTON Child M S 19
29 2 Wilson BRINSTON Head M M 68
    Libby ? BRINSTON Wife F M 72
PAGE 185
30 6 M. George GUY Head M M 37
    L. Alice GUY Wife F M 42
    Rae GUY Child M S 6
    Iris GUY Child F S 4
    Clyde GUY Nephew M S 9
    Rachel GUY Mother F W 78
31 4 Chesley GUY Head M S 38
    Emily GUY Mother F W 65
    J. Hannah GUY Sister F S 36
    Edith GUY Aunt F S 46
32 2 Uriah GUY Head M M 58
    Alice GUY Wife F M 49
33 7 H. William GUY Head M M 44
    A. Amelia GUY Wife F M 34
    Adella GUY Child F S 9
    A. George GUY Child M S 6
    Rita GUY Child F S 2
    H. Emily GUY Child F S 10 / 12
    J. Agnes GUY Mother F W 70
34 5 Llewelyn GUY Head M M 25
    Mildred GUY Wife F M 25
    H. William GUY Grand Father M M 70
    A. Eliza GUY Grand Mother F M 68
    Frederick GUY First Cousin M S 14
35 5 W. Hedley PEACH Head M M 48
    T. Jenny PEACH Wife F M 44
    G. Fletcher PEACH Child M S 12
    F. Lilly PEACH Child F S 9
    Charles PEACH Father M W 73
36 10 John GUY Head M M 48
    A. Mary GUY Wife F M 40
    E. Hilda GUY Child F S 18
    E. Norman GUY Child M S 16
    C. Irene GUY Child F S 14
    C. William GUY Child M S 12
    L. Calvin GUY Child M S 9
    S. Lizzie GUY Child F S 6
    C. Winson GUY Child M S 4
    L. Martin GUY Child M S 2
36 3 W. Wilfred BRYANT Head M M 64
    Blanche BRYANT Wife F M 24
    Gloria BRYANT Child F S 4
37 2 Mary COLETON ? Head F W 81
    Bridget SEWARD Child F W 46
PAGE 186
38 5 J. John LYNCH Head M M 62
    Julia LYNCH Wife F M 68
    Rosanna LYNCH Child F S 32
    F. Dominic LYNCH Child M S 27
    J. John HYNES Cousin In Law M S 40
39 2 Thomas SULEY Head M M 33
    Alice SULEY Wife F M 30
40 3 Sandy PEACH Head M M 33
    F. Bessie PEACH Wife F M 28
    Bessie Sr. PEACH Step Mother F W 60
41 4 C. James ROSE Head M M 32
    Greta ROSE Wife F M 25
    Margaret ROSE Child F S 1
    Thelma ROSE Child F S 4
42 4 Harold BEST Head M M 21
    Sadie BEST Wife F M 18
    Kevin BEST Child M S 4
    Teddy BEST Child M S 1
43 4 John PEACH Head M M 47
    Minnie PEACH Wife F M 45
    Wilfred PEACH Son M M 23
    Jessie PEACH Daughter In Law F M 20
43 4 Henry TROWBRIDGE Head M M 69
    Elfrida TROWBRIDGE Wife F M 58
    H. Railton TROWBRIDGE Child M S 23
    S. Frederick TROWBRIDGE Child M S 21
44 3 M. Stanley PEACH Head M M 40
    Edith PEACH Wife F M 33
    Alice GUY No Entry F S 7
45 3 Mark GUY Head M W 44
    Hubert GUY Son M S 19
    Sarah GUY Mother F W 89
46 4 Benjamin GUY Head M M 61
    Martha GUY Wife F M 57
    Harvey GUY Child M M 23
    Maud GUY Daughter In Law F M 20
47 8 H. Aubrey ANDERSON Head M W 55
    C. Eric ANDERSON Child M S 18
    H. Aubrey Jr. ANDERSON Child M S 13
    P. Lizzie ANDERSON Child F S 11
PAGE 189
---- ---- Bertha GUY Head F W 36
    Shirley GUY Child F S 11
    Melva GUY Child F S 9
    Miriam GUY Child F S 7

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Contributed and Transcribed by: Frank Fitzpatrick (October 2002)

Verified to Original Pages and Corrected as necessary (May 2004 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2013

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