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  The Micofilm Reels and explaination for the 1935 Census of Newfoundland as held by the National Archives of Canada.

The returns are formed into volumes, which are numbered in a single sequence from 1 to 36. The returns for a district may contain one or several volumes. The pagination within the returns for a district generally forms a single sequence, containing from the first through last volume for that district. Thus, the Burin returns form volume 4, pages 1-209 and volume 5, pages 210 - 410.

District Volume Reel No.
Bay de Verde See Carbonear  
Bell Island 28 M-8060
  Also see Harbour Main  
Bonavista 17-18 M-8055
  19 M-8056
Burgeo see Fortune Bay  
Burin 4 M-8047
  5 M-8048
Carbonear - Bay de Verde 24-25 M-8058
Ferryland 1 M-8046
Fogo 20 M-8056
Fortune, Burgeo and La Poile 6 M-8048
  7-8 M-8049
Harbour Grace 26 M-8059
Harbour Main - Bell Island 29 M-8060
Humber 10 M-8050
  11 M-8051
Labrador 36 M-8064
La Poile see Fortune Bay  
Placentia - St. Mary's 2 M-8046
  3 M-8047
Port de Grave 27 M-8060
St. Barbe 12 M-8051
St. George's 9 M-8050
St. John's East 33 M-8062
  34-35 M-8063
St. John's West 30-31 M-8061
  32 M-8062
St. Mary's see Placentia  
Trinity 21-22 M-8057
  23 M-8058
Twillingate 14 M-8052
  5-16 M-8053
  16 (duplicate) M-8054
White Bay 13 M-8052

Contributor: Bill Crant, May 2000.

Page Revised: April 2003 (Don Tate)

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