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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 48 - 53

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 48              
272 298 SACREY Dorman HEAD M M 36
    SACREY Hermenia (sic) Wife F M 29
    SACREY Eileen Daughter F S 9
    SACREY Viola Daughter F S 7
    SACREY Pleman (sic) Son M S 3
    SACREY Arthur Son M S 1
273 299 SACREY Henry HEAD M M 40
    SACREY Effie Wife F M 39
    SACREY Rowena Daughter F S 11
    SACREY Douglas Son M S 8
  300 SACREY Pleman (sic) HEAD M M 47
    SACREY Annie Wife F M 33
    SACREY Ralph Son M S 22
    SACREY Gideon Son M S 15
PAGE 49              
274 301 MITCHELL William HEAD M M 59
    MITCHELL Julia Wife F M 46
    MITCHELL Allan Son M S 24
    MITCHELL Dorman Son M S 17
    MITCHELL Agustus Son M S 10
    MITCHELL Clifford Son M S 5
    MITCHELL Irene Daughter F S 8
    MITCHELL Elsie Rose Daughter F S 2
275 302 MITCHELL Enos HEAD M M 54
    MITCHELL Isabella Wife F M 49
    MITCHELL James Son M S 28
    MITCHELL Edward Son M S 24
    MITCHELL Dawe Son M S 19
    MITCHELL Maud Daughter F S 17
    MITCHELL Enos Jr. Son M S 14
    MITCHELL Roland Son M S 13
    MITCHELL Harry Son M S 4
276 303 MITCHELL Peter HEAD M M 28
    MITCHELL Ida Wife F M 20
    MITCHELL Woodrow Son M S 1
277 304 MITCHELL Edward HEAD M M 35
    MITCHELL Julia Wife F M 40
    MITCHELL Sidney Son M S 10
278 305 REGULAR John Sr. HEAD M M 69
    REGULAR Elizabeth Wife F M 71
    REGULAR Eli Jr. Grand Son M S 13
279 306 REGULAR Eli Sr. HEAD M M 34
    REGULAR Georgina Wife F M 33
    REGULAR Philis (sic) M. Daughter F S 3
    REGULAR Reta Daughter F S 9
280 307 SAUNDERS Oliver HEAD M M 76
    SAUNDERS Mary Wife F M 67
    ELMS Rose Adopted Daughter F S 12
PAGE 50              
281 308 PILGRIM Kenneth HEAD M M 28
    PILGRIM Lynetta Wife F M 22
    PILGRIM Clayton Son M S 3
    PILGRIM Edgar Son M S 1
282 309 REGULAR James HEAD M M 45
    REGULAR Fanny Wife F M 43
    REGULAR Rebecca Daughter F S 18
    REGULAR Malcolm Son M S 16
    REGULAR Alma Daughter F S 13
    REGULAR Mervin Son M S 9
    REGULAR Minnie Daughter F S 2
283 310 WICKS George HEAD M S 24
    WICKS Mary Ann Mother F W 59
    WICKS Jessie Sister F S 19
    WICKS George M. Nephew M S 11
284 311 PARDY John HEAD M M 62 (?)
    PARDY Olivia Wife F M 55
    SACREY Garland Adopted Son M S 14
    DECKER Ruby A. Adopted Daughter F S 7
  312 DECKER Frederick HEAD M M 26
    DECKER Virtue Wife F M 25
    DECKER David Son M S 3
  313 SAUNDERS Garland HEAD M M 26
    SAUNDERS Alice Wife F M 21
    SAUNDERS Gordon Son M S 1
285 314 SAUNDERS Roland HEAD M M 30
    SAUNDERS Stella Wife F M 24
286 315 DECKER Pearce HEAD M M 35
    DECKER Alice Wife F M 46
    DECKER Samuel Cousin M S 13
    DECKER Beulah Cousin F S 10
    DECKER Frances Cousin F S 9
287 316 DECKER Francis HEAD M S 21
PAGE 51              
    DECKER William Brother M S 19
288 317 SAUNDERS Charles HEAD M M 46
    SAUNDERS Ethel May Wife F M 36
    SAUNDERS Gertie Daughter F S 16
    SAUNDERS Allan Son M S 9
    SAUNDERS Cecil Son M S 2
289 318 FRADSHAM Frederick HEAD M M 57
    FRADSHAM Emma Jane Wife F M 60
    FRADSHAM Malcolm Son M S 27
    FRADSHAM Myrtle Daughter F S 21
    ELMS Henry Adopted Son M S 13
290 319 FRADSHAM Harold HEAD M M 46
    FRADSHAM Jessie Wife F M 38
    FRADSHAM Stella Daughter F S 14
    FRADSHAM Dorris Daughter F S 12
    FRADSHAM Evelyn Daughter F S 6
    FRADSHAM Claude Son M S 4
291 320 DECKER George HEAD M M 41
    DECKER Esther Wife F M 41
    DECKER Carrie Daughter F S 18
    DECKER Chesley Son M S 16
    DECKER Sterling Son M S 14
    DECKER Alfreda Daughter F S 3
292 321 PACKWOOD Cambria (sic) HEAD M M 43
    PACKWOOD Bertha Wife F M 32
    PACKWOOD John Thos Son M S 18
    PACKWOOD Elizabeth Daughter F S 8
    PACKWOOD Beatrice Daughter F S 1
293 322 FUDGE Andrew HEAD M M 59
    FUDGE Minnie Wife F M 39
    FUDGE Frank Son M S 25
    FUDGE Wesley Son M S 7
    FUDGE Wilfred Son M S 5
PAGE 52              
    FUDGE Andrew Jr. Son M S 2
294 323 BOWER Claude HEAD M M 37
    BOWER Ethel May Wife F M 37
    BOWER Walter Son M S 16
    BOWER Vera May Daughter F S 14
    BOWER Woodrow Son M S 12
    BOWER Clarke Son M S 10
    BOWER Hayward Son M S 9
    BOWER Triffilla (sic) (?) Daughter F S 7
    BOWER Benjamin Son M S 4
    BOWER Steadman Son M S 3
295 324 SIMMS William HEAD M M 49
    SIMMS Elsie Wife F M 44
    SIMMS Mary Daughter F S 8
    SIMMS Maxwell Son M S 6
    JACOBS Samuel Step Son M S 13
296 325 SIMMS Ethel HEAD F W 30
    SIMMS Douglas Son M S 7
    SIMMS Sarah Jane Daughter F S 5
    SIMMS Reginald Son M S 3
297 326 PACKWOOD George HEAD M M 48
    PACKWOOD Mary Wife F M 44
    PACKWOOD Harold Son M S 15
    PACKWOOD Frederick Son M S 13
    PACKWOOD Ada Daughter F S 11
    PACKWOOD Wilton Son M S 9
    PACKWOOD Neta Daughter F S 3
298 327 RALPH George HEAD M M 61
    RALPH Eliza Wife F M 55
    DYER Aubrey Adopted Son M S 18
299 328 FOSTER James HEAD M M 75
    FOSTER Susan Wife F M 68
    GILLINGHAM Archie Adopted Son M S 14
PAGE 53              
300 329 SIMMS Patience HEAD F W 50
    SIMMS Thomas Son M S 29
    SIMMS Andrew Son M S 23
    SIMMS Dorcas Daughter F S 17
    SIMMS Frederick Son M S 11
301 330 SIMMS Henry HEAD M M 41
    SIMMS Irene Wife F M 38
    SIMMS Arthur John Adopted Son M S 14

Originally Contributed and Transcribed by Stella Regular

Updated by Gervase Cunard to reformat page (March 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (March 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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