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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Humber

Pages 457 - 463

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 457              
60 62 HYNES Joseph Head M Married 53
    HYNES Mary Wife F Married 46
    HYNES Patrick Son M Single 13
    HYNES John Son M Single 10
    HYNES Minnie Dau F Single 19
    HYNES Dorothy Dau F Single 16
    HYNES Lizzie Dau F Single 8
    HYNES Annie Dau F Single 5
    HYNES Bernice Dau F Single 4
61 63 HYNES Leo Head M Married 36
    HYNES Sarah Wife F Married 32
    HYNES Peter Son M Single 11
    HYNES Albert Son M Single 2
    HYNES Dorothy Dau F Single 9
    HYNES Rosie Dau F Single 6
    HYNES Mary Mother F Widow 74
62 64 HYNES Patrick Head M Widower 59
    HYNES William Son M Single 25
    HYNES Joseph Son M Single 19
    HYNES Annah (sic) Dau F Single 22
63 65 HACKETT Charles Head M Married 34
    HACKETT Agnes Wife F Married 27
    HACKETT Patrick Son M Single 7
    HACKETT Joan Dau F Single 5
    HACKETT Mildred Dau F Single 3
    HACKETT Isabella Dau F Single 4 Mos
64 66 HACKETT William Head M Married 42
    HACKETT Mary Wife F Married 37
    HACKETT Raymond Son M Single 10
    HACKETT Benidict Son M Single 8
    HACKETT Patrick Son M Single 6
    HACKETT Dorothy Dau F Single 19
    HACKETT Francis Dau F Single 17
PAGE 458              
    HACKETT Bridgett Dau F Single 5 Mos
65 67 HACKETT Aloysius Head M Single 32
    HACKETT Mary Mother F Widow 57
    HACKETT Evelyn Dau F Single 15
66 68 HACKETT Mike Head M Married 26
    HACKETT Rosie Wife F Married 21
    HACKETT Mike Son M Single 3
    HACKETT Regina Dau F Single 4 Mos
67 69 MCCARTHY John Head M Married 45
    MCCARTHY Vernice Wife F Married 42
    MCCARTHY Michiel (sic) Son M Single 19
    MCCARTHY Benidict Son M Single 16
    MCCARTHY Frank Son M Single 12
    MCCARTHY Ignatius Son M Single 10
    MCCARTHY Elean (sic) Dau F Single 6
    MCCARTHY Katie Dau F Single 4
    MCCARTHY Veronica Dau F Single 2
68 70 HACKETT Thomas Head M Married 36
    HACKETT Edith Wife F Married 30
    HACKETT John Son M Single 8
    HACKETT Mary Dau F Single 7
    HACKETT Martha Dau F Single 5
    HACKETT Elizabeth Dau F Single 1
69 71 HICKEY George Head M Married 45
    HICKEY Mary Mother F Widow 70
    HICKEY Patrick Son M Single 18
70 72 HICKEY Martin Head M Married 34
    HICKEY Agatha Wife F Married 31
    HICKEY Joseph Son M Single 11
    HICKEY Elizabeth Dau F Single 4
    HICKEY Josie Dau F Single 1
71 73 HICKEY James Head M Married 38
    HICKET Mary Wife F Married 29
PAGE 459              
    HICKEY George Son M Single 6
    HICKEY Nathanel Son M Single 4
    HICKEY Gertrude Dau F Single 7
    HICKEY Monica Dau F Single 2
72 74 HICKEY Owen Head M Single 23
    HICKEY Lucy Mother F Widow 49
    HICKEY Frank Son M Single 17
    HICKEY William Son M Single 15
    HICKEY Steve Son M Single 12
    HICKEY Ella Dau F Single 4
73 75 STEWART William Head M Married 36
    STEWART Mary Wife F Married 36
    STEWART Edward Son M Single 16
    STEWART William Son M Single 9
    STEWART James Son M Single 6
    STEWART Rebecca Dau F Single 13
    STEWART Elizabeth Dau F Single 5
74 76 MCDONALD Earn (sic) (?) Head M Married 40
    MCDONALD Esther Wife F Married 38
    MCDONALD Edward Son M Single 19
    MCDONALD Cecil Son M Single 17
    MCDONALD Earnest Son M Single 9
    MCDONALD John Son M Single 3
    MCDONALD Rebecca Dau F Single 11
    MCDONALD Rosie Dau F Single 6
75 77 HYNES William Head M Married 46
    HYNES Julie Wife F Married 48
    HYNES John Son M Single 24
    HYNES William Son M Single 15
    HYNES Susie Dau F Single 11
    HYNES Angie Dau F Single 17
76 78            
    VATER William Head M Married 37
    VATER Thrifina Wife F Married 32
PAGE 460              
    VATER John Son M Single 9
    VATER Stephen Son M Single 3
    VATER Rosie Dau F Single 11
    VATER Peatricia Dau F Single 7
    VATER James Father M Widow 58
77 79 BOLAND Thomas Head M Widow 38
    BOLAND Annie Dau F Single 13
    BOLAND Clara Dau F Single 10
    BOLAND Mildred Dau F Single 4
    BOLAND John Son M Single 9
    BOLAND James Son M Single 6
78 80 HICKEY Patrick Head M Married 25
    HICKEY Mary Wife F Married 23
    HICKEY Oscar Son M Single 1 Mo
    HICKEY Mary Dau F Single 3
79 81            
    HICKEY Stephen Head M Married 64
    HICKEY Francis Wife F Married 59
    HICKEY Ellen Dau F Single 23
    HICKEY Sarah Dau F Single 9 Mos
80 82 TUCKER Edward Head M Married 26
    TUCKER Elizabeth Wife F Married 22
    TUCKER Mary Dau F Single 4
    TUCKER Jinnie (sic) Dau F Single 3
81 83 TUCKER Charles Head M Married 58
    TUCKER Ella Wife F Married 45
    TUCKER John Son M Single 23
    TUCKER Susie Dau F Single 19
82 84 BARNES Samuel Head M Married 39
    BARNES Annie Wife F Married 30
    BARNES Jessie Dau F Single 12
    BARNES Levena (sic) Dau F Single 8
    BARNES Mary Dau F Single 6
    BARNES Myrtle Dau F Single 1 Mo
PAGE 461              
    BARNES Jacob Father M Widow 77
83 85 GALLANT Felix Head M Married 58
    GALLANT Dalphen (?) Wife F Married 58
    GALLANT' Felix Son M Single 24
    GALLANT Blanch Dau F Single 20
84 86 HALL Paul Head M Married 37
    HALL Annie Wife F Married 30
    HALL Mitchell Son M Single 13 Mos
85 87 PENNELL Azariah Head M Married 33
    PENNELL Alice Wife F Married 34
    PENNELL Bernard Son M Single 8
    PENNELL Elizabeth Dau F Single 6
    PENNELL Catherine Dau F Single 3
    PENNELL Peatricia Dau F Single 1
86 88 PENNELL William Head M Married 80
    PENNELL Amelia Wife F Married 67
    PENNELL James Son M Single 24
    PENNELL Leslie Son M Single 22
    PENNELL Cecil Son M Single 12
    PENNELL Elsie Adopted Dau F Single 20
87 89 HALL Frank Head M Married 32
    HALL Bride Wife F Married 27
    HALL Fredrick Son M Single 2
    HALL Noreene Dau F Single 3
    HALL Berneth (sic) Dau F Single 1
88 90 FEWER Martin Head M Married 58 (sic)
    FEWER Delphene Wife F Married 24 (sic)
    FEWER Dannel (sic) Son M Single 16
    FEWER Edward Son M Single 19
    FEWER Martin Son M Single 13
    FEWER William Son M Single 9
89 91 HALL Ben Head M Married 30
    HALL Tressa (sic) Wife F Married 24
PAGE 462              
    HALL Clumbious (sic) (?) Son M Single 3
    HALL Aloyisus Son M Single 2
    HALL Mike Brother M Single 6
90 92 HYNES John Head M Married 38
    HYNES Eleanor Wife F Married 37
    HYNES Thomas Son M Single 3
    HYNES Adeline Dau F Single 6
    HYNES Lucy Dau F Single 2
    HYNES Henry Son M Single 4 Mos
91 93 HYNES Mike Head M Single 33
    HYNES Elizabeth Mother F Widow 67
92 94 MCDONALD John Head M Married 50
    MCDONALD Alice Wife F Married 45
    MCDONALD William Son M Single 20
    MCDONALD Mary Dau F Single 16
    MCDONALD Elizabeth Dau F Single 12
    MCDONALD Olive Dau F Single 9
    MCDONALD Madeline Dau F Single 5
93 95 MACEY Charles Head M Married 42
    MACEY Annie Wife F Married 34
    MACEY John Son M Single 13
    MACEY Evelyn Dau F Single 15
    MACET Lavenina Dau F Single 12
    MACEY Jennett Dau F Single 8
94 96 HACKETT Math (sic) Head M Married 56
    HACKETT Martha Wife F Married 49
    HACKETT Joseph Son M Single 17
    HACKETT Mike Son M Single 14
    HACKETT Monica Dau F Single 20
    HACKETT John Head M Married 26
    HACKETT Margaret Wife F Married 19
95 97            
    HACKETT Azariah Head M Married 47
    HACKETT Margaret Wife F Married 46
PAGE 463              
    HACKETT John Son M Single 3
    HACKETT Mary Dau F Single 11
    HACKETT Mary Mother F Widow 93
96 98            
    MCCARTHY Patrick Head M Married 42
    MCCARTHY Martha Wife F Married 37
    MCCARTHY John Son M Single 4
    MCCARTHY Patrick Son M Single 15 Mos
    MCCARTHY Jerome Dau F Single 9
    MCCARTHY Maud Dau F Single 13
    MCCARTHY Loretta Dau F Single 7
    MCCARTHY Patricia Dau F Single 15
    MCCARTHY Bridget Dau F Single 3

Transcribed by Debbie Brake

Posted July 20, 1999

Page Last Modified: Monday July 18, 2016 (Don Tate)

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