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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Bonavista

Pages 543 - 546

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12 Col 19
PAGE 543                
190 203 MUGGRIDGE Eli Head M M 54 CE
    MUGGRIDGE Julia Wife F M 42 CE
    MUGGRIDGE Charles Son M S 22 CE
    MUGGRIDGE James Son M S 15 CE
    MUGGRIDGE Frederick Son M S 10 CE
    MUGGRIDGE Jessie Daughter F S 13 CE
    HOLLOWAY Elizabeth Mother in Law F W 85 CE
191 204 ELLIOTT Charles Henry Head M M 41 CE
    ELLIOTT Melleta (sic) Wife F M 38 CE
    ELLIOTT George Son M S 15 CE
    ELLIOTT Harvey Richard Son M S 13 CE
    ELLIOTT Florence Rebecca Daughter F S 9 CE
    ELLIOTT Elma Elizabeth Daughter F S 6 CE
    ELLIOTT Wallace Gordon Son M S 3 CE
192 205 ELLIOTT John Head M M 38 CE
    ELLIOTT Florence Wife F M 32 CE
    ELLIOTT Llewellyn Son M S 5 CE
    ELLIOTT Elsie Daughter F S 2 CE
193 206 ELLIOTT Alexander Head M M 71 CE
    ELLIOTT Elizabeth Wife F M 66 CE
    ELLIOTT Arthur Son M S 25 CE
194 207 BUTT Eli Head M M 53 UC
    BUTT Beatrice Wife F M 50 UC
    BUTT Manuel Son M S 23 UC
    BUTT Trixie Daughter F S 14 UC
PAGE 544                
    BUTT May Daughter F S 11 UC
195 208 BUTT George Head M S 23 UC
    BUTT Vera Alma Sister F S 15 UC
    BUTT William Moses Brother M S 13 UC
    BUTT Sarah Mother F W 48 UC
196 209 PIKE Frederick Head M M 32 CE
    PIKE Mary Wife F M 30 CE
    PIKE Hilda Daughter F S 1 CE
    PIKE Pheobe Sister F S 24 CE
    PIKE Elizabeth Mother F W 62 CE
197 210 RALPH Job Head M M 65 CE
    RALPH Susanna Wife F M 60 CE
    RALPH Frank Pleaman Son M S 23 CE
198 211 RALPH Heber Head M M 35 CE
    RALPH Annie Wife F M 33 CE
    RALPH Nellie Maud Daughter F S 6 CE
    RALPH Madeline Daughter F S 4 CE
    RALPH Stella Daughter F S 10 Mos CE
199 212 REID John Head M M 60 UC
    REID Mary Wife F M 60 UC
    REID Herman George Son M S 32 UC
    REID Edward James Son M S 28 UC
    REID Elsie May Daughter F S 22 UC
200 213 REID William Robert Head M M 30 UC
    REID Rachel Wife F M 31 UC
    REID John James Son M S 9 Mos UC
201 214 BUTT Mark Head M M 51 UC
    BUTT Jane Wife F M 48 UC
    BUTT Dorman Theodore Son M S 25 UC
    BUTT Rita Maud Daughter F S 20 UC
    BUTT Avalon Lewis Son M S 18 UC
    BUTT Edna Dorothy Daughter F S 15 UC
    BUTT Elizabeth Mary Daughter F S 11 UC
PAGE 545                
202 215 BUTT Moses Head M M 56 UC
    BUTT Pheobe Wife F M 55 UC
    BUTT James Son M M 23 UC
    BUTT Heber Son M S 19 UC
    BUTT Willmima (sic) Daughter F S 15 UC
    BUTT Dinnah Daughter in Law F M 18 UC
    BUTT Clayton Maxwell Grand Son M S 1 UC
203 216 MUGGRIDGE Andrew Head M M 48 CE
    MUGGRIDGE Victoria Wife F M 45 CE
    MUGGRIDGE William James Son M S 17 CE
    MUGGRIDGE William Father M W 77 CE
204 217 ELLIOTT Edward Head M S 40 CE
    ELLIOTT Katherine Mother F W 78 CE
205 218 FITZGERALD Leslie Head M M 28 CE
    FITZGERALD Hannah Wife F M 25 CE
206 219 RUSSELL William Kenneth Head M S 29 CE
    RUSSELL Felix Brother M S 27 CE
    RUSSELL Uriah Brother M S 24 CE
    RUSSELL Gordon Brother M S 22 CE
    RUSSELL Violet Sister F S 18 CE
    RUSSELL Maxwell Brother M S 15 CE
    RUSSELL Sarah Mother F W 59 CE
207 220 HOBBS Charles Head M M 40 CE
    HOBBS Gertrude Wife F M 35 CE
    HOBBS Marion May Daughter F S 2 Mos CE
    HOBBS Amelia Mother F W 72 CE
208 221 SQUIRES Malcolm Augustus Head M M 36 CE
    SQUIRES Annie Emily Wife F M 33 CE
    SQUIRES Herbert Harris Son M S 11 CE
    SQUIRES Elizabeth Mary Daughter F S 9 CE
    SQUIRES Minnie Rita Daughter F S 7 CE
    SQUIRES Violet Daughter F S 1 CE
    HARRIS Elizabeth Mother in Law F W 69 CE
PAGE 546                
209 222 RUSSELL John Head M M 55 CE
    RUSSELL Adelaide Wife F M 47 CE
    RUSSELL Elizabeth Jane Daughter F M 21 CE
    RUSSELL George Son M S 13 CE
    RUSSELL Ralph Son in Law M M 24 CE
    RUSSELL Frederick John Grand Son M S 1 CE
210 223 BOWEN Lionel Head M M 32 CE
    BOWEN Rebecca Wife F M 33 CE
    BOWEN Albert Lionel Son M S 6 CE
    BOWEN Lora May Daughter F S 4 CE
    BOWEN Sarah Anetta (sic) Daughter F S 3 CE
211 224 BOWEN Eli Head M W 62 CE
    BOWEN Walter Frederick Son M S 21 CE
    BOWEN Bessie Daughter F S 18 CE
212 225 GOULD Frederick Head M M 32 CE
    GOULD Annie Wife F M 28 CE
    GOULD Robert Son M S 2 CE
    GOULD David Son M S 1 CE
    GOULD Mary Anna Mother F W 62 CE
213 226 RUSSELL James Head M M 43 CE
    RUSSELL Jane Wife F M 38 CE
    RUSSELL John Cyril Son M S 21 CE
    RUSSELL William James Son M S 17 CE
    RUSSELL Nora Daughter F S 15 CE
    RUSSELL Evelyn Jane Daughter F S 13 CE
    RUSSELL Theodore George Son M S 9 CE
    RUSSELL Sarah Nellie Daughter F S 5 CE

Contributed and Transcribed by Mabel Macyshen nee Brennan (February 2004)

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