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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 119 - 124

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 119              
350 390 BRENTON Eli HEAD M M 50
    BRENTON Annie Wife F M 49
    BRENTON George Son M S 23
    BRENTON Julia Daughter F S 20
    BRENTON Elias Brother M W 33
351 391 RANDELL Robert HEAD M M 57
    RANDELL Harriott Wife F M 56
PAGE 120              
    RANDELL Samuel Son M S 23
    RANDELL Reginald Son M S 17
    RANDELL Chesley Son M S 15
  392 LODER Frederick HEAD M M 40
    LODER Elizabeth Wife F M 31
    LODER Richard Son M S 7
    LODER Gorden Son M S 5
    LODER Herbert Son M S 3
    LODER Edith Daughter F S 6 Mos
  393 RANDELL Leander HEAD M M 25
    RANDELL Annie Wife F M 17
    RANDELL Phyllis Daughter F S 10 Mos
352 394 BRENTON Samuel HEAD M W 35
    BRENTON Job Son M S 10
    BRENTON Albert Son M S 8
    BRENTON Daisy Servant F S 24
353 395 RANDELL Leander HEAD M M 28
    RANDELL Virtue Wife F M 24
    RANDELL Beatrice Adopted F S 10
354 396 RANDELL Samuel HEAD M M 45
    RANDELL Gertie Wife F M 32
    RANDELL Leslie Son M S 12
    RANDELL Raymond Son M S 5
355 397 RANDELL Rhoda HEAD F W 64
    RANDELL Absalom Son M S 28
356 398 RANDELL Harry HEAD M M 37 (?)
    RANDELL Faith Wife F M 27
    RANDELL Peter Son M S 8
    BRENTON Arthur Lodger M S 42
    RANDELL Emma Daughter F S 2
    RANDELL Rhoda Daughter F S 5
    RANDELL Cinderella Servant F S 17
357 399 RANDELL Sophia HEAD F W 40
PAGE 121              
    RANDELL Chesley Son M S 15
    RANDELL Hezakiah Son M S 12
    RANDELL Stewart Son M S 9
    RANDELL Cecil Son M S 2
358 400 RANDELL Herbert HEAD M M 41
    RANDELL Jane Wife F M 37
    RANDELL Sidney Son M S 14
    ROPSON Racheal Servant F S 19
359 401 RANDELL Samuel HEAD M M 63
    RANDELL Jane Wife F M 58
    RANDELL Isaac Son M S 20
    RANDELL Kate Daughter F S 22
360 402 RANDELL William HEAD M W 32
    RANDELL Elsie Daughter F S 8
    RANDELL Jeremiah Son M S 7
    RANDELL Charlotte Daughter F S 3
    RANDELL Ida Daughter F S 1
  403 RANDELL Esau HEAD M M 30
    RANDELL Esher Wife F M 25
    RANDELL Wesley Son M S 7
361 404 RANDELL Eli HEAD M M 45
    RANDELL Tryphenia Wife F M 38
    RANDELL Roland Son M S 17
    RANDELL Bessie Daughter F S 15
    RANDELL Fred Son M S 13
    RANDELL Dulcie Daughter F S 9
    RANDELL Elizabeth Daughter F S 6
362 405 RANDELL Dorman HEAD M M 27
    RANDELL Bertha Wife F M 21
    RANDELL Jessie Daughter F S 1
363 406 HINDS Ben HEAD M M 61
    HINDS Rosannah Wife F M 65
364 407 HINDS Simon HEAD M M 35
PAGE 122              
    HINDS Isabella Wife F M 26
    CASSELL Maude Servant F S 19
365 408 CASSELL Annie HEAD F W 54
    CASSELL Thomas Son M S 23
    CASSELL Willis Son M S 14
    CASSELL Simon Son M S 10
366 409 BRENTON William HEAD M M 53
    BRENTON Sarah Wife F M 43
    BRENTON Mary Daughter F S 5
    BRENTON Jim Son M S 16
    BRENTON Alexander Son M S 12
367 410 RANDELL William HEAD M M 53
    RANDELL Lydia Wife F M 55
    RANDELL William Son M S 22
    RANDELL Naomi Daughter F S 12
368 411 RANDELL Mark HEAD M M 33
    RANDELL Lucy Wife F M 29
    RANDELL Darius Son M S 8
    RANDELL Janet Daughter F S 6
    RANDELL Norman Son M S 1
369 412 RANDELL Joseph HEAD M M 41
    RANDELL Mary Wife F M 38
    RANDELL Timothy Son M S 17
    RANDELL Emily Daughter F S 15
    RANDELL Minnie Daughter F S 13
    RANDELL Charlie Son M S 11
370 413 RANDELL James HEAD M M 47
    RANDELL Emily Wife F M 37
    RANDELL Sadie Daughter F S 4
    RANDELL Pearl Daughter F S 8
    RANDELL Frederick Son M S 10
    RANDELL Enos Son M S 17
PAGE 123              
371 414 RANDELL William Son M S 42
    RANDELL Susannah HEAD F W 66
    CANNINGS Hattie Grand Child F S 10
372 415 RANDELL Uriah HEAD M M 36
    RANDELL Nellie Wife F M 27
    RANDELL Effie Daughter F S 8
    RANDELL Heber Son M S 5
    RANDELL Joshua Son M S 2
373 416 RANDELL John HEAD M M 40
    RANDELL Susannah Wife F M 36
    RANDELL Genevive Daughter F S 12
    RANDELL Voilet (sic) Daughter F S 10
    RANDELL Andrew Son M S 8
    RANDELL Leborn (sic) (?) Son M S 5
    RANDELL Myrtle Daughter F S 2
374 417 POLLARD Sylvester HEAD M M 63
    POLLARD Eliza Wife F M 57
  418 POLLARD Josiah HEAD M M 31
    POLLARD Patience Wife F M 25
    POLLARD Millie Daughter F S 5
    POLLARD Winnie Daughter F S 7
    POLLARD Samuel Son M S 4 Mos
  419 POLLARD John HEAD M M 36
    POLLARD Mable Wife F M 29
    POLLARD Stanley Son M S 9
    POLLARD Delphina Daughter F S 5
375 420 CANNINGS Ambrose HEAD M M 31
    CANNINGS Isabella Wife F M 27
    CANNINGS Harvey Son M S 9
    CANNINGS Laura Daughter F S 7
    CANNINGS Maxwell Son M S 5
376 421 CANNINGS Nathaniel HEAD M M 58
    CANNINGS Fannie Wife F M 56
PAGE 124              
    CANNINGS Theophiles Son M W 29
    CANNINGS Edward Son M S 27
    CANNINGS Simon Grand Child M S 7

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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