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This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages - Mary Rawlinson(February 2006)

Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 853-856

Community of
Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 853              
52 57 ELLIOTT Jonas C Head M M 69
    ELLIOTT Fannie Wife F M 69
53 58 ROBERTS George Head M M 73
    ROBERTS Gertie Wife F M 45
54 59 ROBERTS Fredrick G Head M M 54
    ROBERTS Kate Wife F M 55
  60 ROBERTS William H Head M M 31
    ROBERTS Elizabeth M Wife F M 29
    ROBERTS Harry B Son M S 8
    ROBERTS Bernice L Daughter F S 7
    ROBERTS Owen E Son M S 5
    ROBERTS Eleanor J Daughter F S 7 mons
55 61 SMITH George Head M M 68
    SMITH Elizabeth Wife F M 59
56 62 SMITH Robert Head M M 65
    SMITH Sarah Wife F M 47
    SMITH John Son M S 21
    SMITH Francis W Son M S 19
    SMITH Arthur G Son M S 16
    SMITH Charles W Son M S 12
    SMITH Ruby J Daughter F S 3
57 63 BRETT Lillian Head F W 61
    DOVE Vera Companion (sic) F S 13
58 64 ELLIOTT Alfred O Head M M 35
    ELLIOTT Eva J Wife F M 34
59 65 ROBERTS Obediah Head M M 52
    ROBERTS Louie (sic) Wife F M 45
    HUSSEY Mabel Domestic F S 22
60 66 ROBERTS Joseph Head M M 61
    ROBERTS Elizabeth Wife F M 40
    ROBERTS Mildred Daughter F S 17
    ROBERTS Ashley Son M S 16
PAGE 854              
    ROBERTS Wilson Son M S 6
61 67 ROBERTS Josiah Head M M 81
    ROBERTS Mary Ann Wife F M 77
62 68 ROBERTS Isaac George Head M M 40
    ROBERTS Annie B Wife F M 39
    ROBERTS Millicent J Daughter F S 15
    ROBERTS Lester Son M S 12
    ROBERTS Gladys Daughter F S 12
    ROBERTS Douglas A Son M S 10
    ROBERTS Stella Daughter F S 7
63 69 ROBERTS Thomas Head M M 73
    ROBERTS Elizabeth T Wife F M 65
    ROBERTS Augustus Son (sic) M W 42
64 70 ROBERTS Frank M Head M S 24
    ROBERTS Mary Mother F W 65
65 71 ROBERTS W. Walter Head M M 40
    ROBERTS Victoria Wife F M 36
    ROBERTS Bessie Daughter F S 18
    ROBERTS Hazel Daughter F S 16
    ROBERTS Allan Son M S 12
    ROBERTS Frederick Son M S 7
    ROBERTS Jessie Daughter F S 4
    ROBERTS Olive Daughter F S 1
66 72 SHEPPARD John Head M M 66
    SHEPPARD Mary Wife F M 61
    SHEPPARD Albert Son M S 23
    SHEPPARD Edward Son M S 20
67 73 ELLIOTT John Head M M 71
    ELLIOTT Lucy Wife F M 79
    MARSHALL Margaret B Adpted F S 20
68 74 ROBERTS Louis Head M M 49
    ROBERTS Emily Wife F M 51
PAGE 855              
    ROBERTS Harvey Son M S 22
    ROBERTS Gloria Daughter F S 13
  75 ROBERTS Aaron Head M M 20
    ROBERTS Daisy Wife F M 24
    ROBERTS Ruth Daughter F S 1
    ROBERTS Phillys (sic) Daughter F S 2 mons
69 76 GUY Elizabeth M Head F W 70
  77 FIFIELD Adolphus Head M M 34
    FIFIELD Minetta (sic) Wife F M 30
    FIFIELD Ruth E Daughter F S 9
    FIFIELD Grace M Daughter F S 7
    FIFIELD Hedley H Son M S 5
    FIFIELD Sadie P Daughter F S 1
70 78 GUY Bennett Head M M 40
    GUY Mabel Wife F M 33
    GUY Winnie M Daughter F S 14
    GUY Meta Lulu Daughter F S 12
    GUY Ettie Daughter F S 9
    GUY Chesley R Son M S 5
    GUY Frank Mc Son M S 3
    GUY Flossie J Daughter F S 3
71 79 PRIDE William J Head M M 40
    PRIDE Maude Wife F M 39
    PRIDE Cecil Son M S 25
    PRIDE Ralph Son M S 23
    PRIDE Mary Daughter F S 20
    PRIDE Carl Son M S 16
    PRIDE Frank Son M S 14
    PRIDE George Grand Son M S 1
72 80 GUY John J Head M M 60
    GUY Mary E Wife F M 59
    GUY J Maxwell Son M S 22
PAGE 856              
    GUY Wilson Son M S 20
    GUY Ernest Son M S 18
    GUY Frank Son M S 16
73 81 GUY George Head M M 32
    GUY Jessie M Wife F M 30
    GUY Allan R Son M S 1

Transcribed by Floyd Letto (February 2006)

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 Don Tate

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