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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 177-187, 162-163 & 173

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE # 177              
24 24 WHALEN Jethro Head M M 67
    WHALEN Elizabeth Wife F M 63
    WHALEN Earle Son M S 22
25 25 KING James R. Head M M 60
    KING Lydia Wife F M 57
    KING Arthur Son M S 26
    KING Alexander Son M S 22
    KING Ida Belle Daughter F S 21
    KING Lionel Son M S 18
    KING Stanley Son M S 15
26 26 KING Levi Head M M 71
    KING Catherine Wife F M 61
    KING Ellie Daughter F S 17
    KING Melba Daughter F S 12
27 27 CROWLEY Eli Head M M 50
    CROWLEY Mary Elsie Wife F M 41
    CROWLEY James E. Clayton Son M S 17
    CROWLEY Elsie Mildred Daughter F S 11
    CROWLEY Sadie Cristy Daughter F S 9
    CROWLEY Clarence Wesley Son M S 6
    CROWLEY Robert Gordon Son M S 4
    CROWLEY Emeline Daughter F S 1
28 28 KING Ambrose Head M M 60
    KING Charlotte Wife F M 56
    KING Jessie Maud Daughter F S 26
    KING Flora Belle Daughter F S 16
29 29 CROWLEY James M. Head M M 68
    CROWLEY Emily Jane Wife F M 61
    CROWLEY Aggie (sic) Daughter F S 33
    CROWLEY Ronald Son M S 25
PAGE 178              
    CROWLEY Patricia Grand Daughter F S 1
30 30 ROSE Elizabeth Head F W 54
    ROSE Ettie Daughter F S 27
    ROSE John Fred Son M S 23
    ROSE Gladys Daughter F S 13
    ROSE Chesley Grandson M S 6
31 31 BUTT Rhoda Head F W 50
    BUTT Jessie Elizabeth * Daughter F S 26
*NOTE: A heavy line has been drawn completely through this entry (Jessie Elizabeth). Included for reference
    BUTT John Archibald Son M S 24
    BUTT Graham Son M S 22
    BUTT Henry Son M S 19
32 32 WHALEN Josiah Head M M 43
    WHALEN Minnie Maud Wife F M 39
    WHALEN Milton Son M S 21
    WHALEN Gwendolyn T. Daughter F S 16
    WHALEN Elizabeth G. Daughter F S 14
33 33 LOVEYS Wm. Head M M 70
    LOVEYS Emily Jane Wife F M 67
    LOVEYS Esau Son M M 47
    LOVEYS Annie Daughter in law F M 35
    LOVEYS Emily Jane Grand Daughter F S 10
34 34 KING Erwin Hugh Head M M 30
    KING Emily Wife F M 31
35 35 LOVEYS Myles C. Head M M 70
    LOVEYS Sarah Wife F M 64
    DALTON Thomas Step Son M M 25
    DALTON Myrtle Blanche Daughter in law F M 19
    DALTON Anthony Vincent Grand Daughter M S 8 mths
36 36 DALTON Jeremiah Head M M 63
    DALTON Dorcas Wife F M 59
    DALTON Frazer Son M S 18
    SELLARS Gladstone Step son M S 29
37 37 KING Reuben Head M M 52
PAGE 179              
    KING Adelia Wife F M 53
    KING Hilda J. Daughter F S 21
    KING Evelyn * Daughter F S 23
* NOTE: A heavy line has been drawn completely through this entry (Evelyn).Included here for reference
38 38 CRUMMEY Ed of Rich Head M M 65
    CRUMMEY Abigal Wife F M 63
    CRUMMEY Enoch W. Son M S 25
39 39 PENNELL John J. Head M M 36
    PENNELL Emily Wife F M 38
    PENNELL Mollie L. Daughter F S 13
    PENNELL Arlene Joan Daughter F S 5
    BUTT Louisa Sister in law F S 38
40 40 LOVEYS James Head M M 67
    LOVEYS Sarah Emma Wife F M 58
    LOVEYS Newton Son M S 17
    LOVEYS Gordon Son M M 31
    LOVEYS Sarah Daughter in law F M 24
    LOVEYS Leslie Grand Son M S 4
    LOVEYS Clarance W. Grand Son M S 2
    LOVEYS Elsie Grand Daughter F S 1 mth
41 41 LOVEYS George Head M M 73
    LOVEYS Edna Wife F M 58
    LOVEYS Gertrude Daughter F S 26
    LOVEYS Nellie Daughter F S 23
    LOVEYS Elaine Grand Daughter F   4
42 42 BUTT Edmund Head M M 74
    BUTT Jane Wife F M 72
    BUTT Mary Victoria Daughter F S 40
    CRUMMEY Albion P. Grand Son M S 21
43 43 BUTT Alfreda Head F W 66
44 44 CROWLEY William Head F M 77
    CROWLEY Jane L. Wife F M 70
    CROWLEY Florence E. Daughter F S 29
  45 CROWLEY Kitchner Head M M 34
PAGE 180              
    CROWLEY Mabel Wife F M 36
    CROWLEY Grace B. Daughter F S 6
    CROWLEY William L. Son M S 1
45 46 BISHOP Abigal Head F W 76
    BISHOP Barbara E. Daughter F S 49
    BISHOP Elizabeth P. Daughter F S 46
46 47 BISHOP Albert E. Head M M 47
    BISHOP Lillian Wife F M 44
    BISHOP John F. Brother M S 49
47 48 KENNEDY Solomon Head M W 62
    KENNEDY Wilson Son F S 26
    KENNEDY Ellie Daughter F S 24
    KENNEDY Roy Son M S 22
48 49 MILLEY John T. Head M M 59
    MILLEY Emma B. Wife F M 54
    MILLEY Everet J. Son M S 25
    MILLEY Thomas M. Son M S 18
    MILLEY George Son M S 16
    MILLEY Mariah Mother F W 87
49 50 MILLEY Eugene Head M M 50
    MILLEY Lydia S. Wife F M 47
    MILLEY Harvey Son M S 20
    MILLEY Rose Daughter F S 19
    MILLEY Raymond Son M S 16
    MILLEY Jean Daughter F S 12
50 51 BUTT Levi Head M M 72
    BUTT Barbara Wife F M 59
51 52 MILLEY Willis Head M M 49
    MILLEY Effie May Wife F M 38
    MILLEY Bernice Daughter F S 12
    MILLEY Marie Daughter F S 8
    KENNEDY Ethel Neice (sic) F S 19
52 53 MILLEY Joseph Head M M 51
PAGE 181              
    MILLEY Emily J. Wife F M 46
    MILLEY Edward Son M S 18
    MILLEY Malcolm Son M S 13
    MILLEY Douglas Son M S 9
53 54 COOPER Herbert Head M M 43
    COOPER Olive L. Wife F M 35
    COOPER Herbert W. E. Son M S 9
    COOPER Leone D. Daughter F S 4
54 55 COOPER Samuel Head M M 54
    COOPER Delphene Wife F M 47
    COOPER Samuel W.W. Son M S 19
    COOPER Janet D. Daughter F S 14
    COOPER Florence Daughter F S 6
55 56 COOPER Eli Head M W 54
    COOPER Muriel * Daughter F S 25
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through this entry (Muriel). Included here for reference
    COOPER William Son M S 23
    COOPER May Daughter F S 14
    COOPER Blanche Daughter F S 17
    COOPER Cicily Daughter F S 10
56 57 MILLEY Josiah Head M W 48
    MILLEY Chesley Son M S 12
    MILLEY Marjorie Daughter F S 6
    MILLEY Audrey Daughter F S 4
    MILLEY Samuel Brother M S 46
    PENNY Mabel Sister in law F S 26
57 58 McLEAN W.C. Head M M 61
    McLEAN Willina Wife F M 57
    WHALEN Angus Not (sic) adopted son M S 15
58 59 KENNEDY Jordan Head M M 47
    KENNEDY Rhoda J. Wife F M 48
    KENNEDY Mary Elizabeth Mother F W 73
59 60 KENNELL Eugene Head M M 51
    KENNELL Prudence Wife F M 45
PAGE 182              
60 61 KENNEDY Levi Head M M 49
    KENNEDY Bessie Wife F M 47
    KENNEDY William Son M S 21
    KENNEDY Cora Daughter F S 18
    KENNEDY Angus Son M S 15
    KENNEDY Malcholm (sic) Son M S 7
    KENNEDY Bessie Daughter F S 5
61 62 CROWLEY George Head M M 53
    CROWLEY Cora E. Wife F M 54
    CROWLEY Fredrick W. Son M S 27
    CROWLEY Maud Nellie Daughter F S 26
    CROWLEY George E. Son M M 24
    CROWLEY Mildred Daughter in law F M 22
    CROWLEY Phyllis Louise Grand Daughter F S 2
62 63 ROSE Charles Head M M 42
    ROSE Bessie Wife F M 36
    ROSE Allan Son M S 14
    KENNELL Lillian Sister in law F S 23
    KENNELL Leslie Nephew M S 3
63 64 FOLLETT Alonzo Head M M 54
    FOLLETT Beatrice Wife F M 49
    FOLLETT John Fred Son M S 26
    FOLLETT Wallace Son M S 21
    FOLLETT William Son M S 18
    FOLLETT Marie Daughter F S 16
    FOLLETT Mary A. Daughter F S 13
64 65 CRUMMEY Jeremiah Head M M 43
    CRUMMEY Dickson Nellie Wife F M 40
    CRUMMEY Delphine K. Daughter F S 21
    CRUMMEY Oscar M. Son F S 17
    CRUMMEY Elizabeth Daughter F S 11
    CRUMMEY Muriel Daughter F S 6
    CRUMMEY Harold Munn (?) Son M S 1
PAGE 183              
65 66 BUTT Jesse Head M M 43
    BUTT Minnie H. Wife F M 38
    BUTT Alexander M. Son M S 12
    BUTT Thelma C. Daughter F S 9
    KING Myrtle A. Servant F S 23
    MILLEY Alexander No Entry M W 82
66 67 BISHOP Joseph Head M M 44
    BISHOP Martha T. Wife F M 42
    BISHOP Olga R. Daughter F S 12
    BISHOP Verna A. Daughter F S 10
    BISHOP Walter E.A. Son M S 7
    BISHOP Joyce C. Daughter F S 2
67 68 FOLLETT Fredrick Head M M 68
    FOLLETT Melina Wife F M 63
    FOLLETT Alma Francis Grand Daughter F S 18
    FOLLETT Edison Adopted Son M S 13
68 69 CRUMMEY Richard T. Head M M 42
    CRUMMEY Elizabeth Jane Wife F M 32
    CRUMMEY Gladys Valma Neice F S 24
    CRUMMEY Zula (sic) Winnifred Neice F S 13
69 70 CRUMMEY Eli Head M M 80
    CRUMMEY Emma Wife F M 79
    CRUMMEY Daisy M. Daughter F S 40
    CRUMMEY P. Wellington Son M M 44
    CRUMMEY Florence B. Daughter in law F M 40
    CRUMMEY Jay R. Grand Son M S 9
    CRUMMEY Gerald S.K. Grand Son M S 4
70 71 CRUMMEY L.G.T. Head M M 68
    CRUMMEY Hannah Wife F M 61
71 72 ROSE Solomon Head M M 44
    ROSE Mary Jane Wife F M 40
    KENNEDY Owen A. Boarder M S 49
72 73 CRUMMEY Joseph of Fred (?) Head M M 56
PAGE 184              
    CRUMMEY Laura Wife F M 55
    KENNEDY Audrey Grand Daughter F S 14
    WHEADON Maxwell Son in law M M 21
    WHEADON Lillian Daughter F M 20
    WHEADON Selby Erwin Grand Son M S 5 mths
73 74 CRUMMEY Willis Head M M 54
    CRUMMEY Elsie H. Wife F M 45
    CRUMMEY Elizabeth J. Mother F W 82
74 75 KENNELL Maggie Head F W 54
    KENNELL George M. Son M S 18
75 76 CRUMMEY Sarah Head F W 77
    CRUMMEY Sadie C. Daughter F S 34
76 77 CRUMMEY Joseph of Edward Head M M 71
    CRUMMEY Emma Wife F M 62
    CRUMMEY James Son M S 19
    CRUMMEY Donald W. Son M M 28
    CRUMMEY Jessie Daughter in Law F M 26
    CRUMMEY Stanley Gladstone Grand Son M S 3
    CRUMMEY Wilson Guy Grand Son M S 1
77 78 EDGECOMBE Walter G. Head M M 37
    EDGECOMBE Ethel Maud Wife F M 36
    EDGECOMBE Florence Pearl Daughter F S 10
    EDGECOMBE Arthur Wilson Son M S 5
    EDGECOMBE Alma Janet Daughter F S 6 mths
78 79 FITZGERALD Thomas Head M M 43
    FITZGERALD Gertrude Wife F M 32
    FITZGERALD Mary M. Daughter F S 9
    FITZGERALD Patrick J. Son M S 4
    FITZGERALD John Son M S 1
79 80 FAHEY Maurice Head M S 30
80 81 CRUMMEY John T. Head M M 63
    CRUMMEY Mahala Wife F M 63
    CRUMMEY Clarice * Daughter F S 22
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through this entry (Clarice) Included for reference.
Page 185              
81 82 FITZGERALD Patrick Head M M 78
    FITZGERALD Eliza Wife F M 76
    FITZGERALD Edward Son M M 49
    FITZGERALD Allice May Daughter in law F M 42
    TOBIN Nellie Grand Daughter F S 18
    TOBIN Genevieve Grand Daughter F S 14
82 83 CRUMMEY William of Sim Head M M 72
    CRUMMEY Emily Jane Wife F M 68
    CRUMMEY Sussie Daughter F S 30
83 84 FOLLETT Elijah Head M M 72
    FOLLETT Miriam Wife F M 66
    FOLLETT Reuben Son M S 30
    FOLLETT Mary Abigal Daughter F S 24
    FOLLETT Blanche V. Grand Daughter F S 12
84 85 FOLLETT Silas Head M W 62
    FOLLETT Almira Daughter F S 33
    FOLLETT Mildred Daughter F S 20
    MOORES Henry G. Son in law M M 25
    MOORES Sarah E. Daughter F M 25
    MOORES Wellington G. Grand Son M S 2
85 86 SLADE William J. Head M M 46
    SLADE Elsie May Wife F M 45
    SLADE Fredrick Son M S 20
    SLADE George Son M S 16
    SLADE Jethro Son M S 14
    SLADE Tobias Son M S 9
    SLADE Ruby Daughter F S 3
    CRUMMEY Susannah Mother F W 67
86 87 CRUMMEY Allan Head M M 51
    CRUMMEY Fannie P. Wife F M 49
    CRUMMEY Algernon (?) Son M S 23
    CRUMMEY Flora M. * Daughter F S 21*
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through this entry. (Flora M) Included for reference
    CRUMMEY Lillian E. Daughter F S 18
PAGE 186              
    CRUMMEY Edwin W. Son M S 17
87 88 CRUMMEY Samuel Head M M 56
    CRUMMEY Mariah Wife F M 50
    CRUMMEY James A. Son M S 21
    CRUMMEY George E. Son M S 19
    CRUMMEY Emily Flora Daughter F S 17
    CRUMMEY Aubrey Son M S 14
    CRUMMEY Henry Son M S 12
88 89 GARLAND Malcolm Head M M 33
    GARLAND Mildred P. Wife F M 32
    GARLAND Richard J.A Son M S 1
    GARLAND Hunter M.N. Son M S 1
89 90 KENNELL Samuel Head M M 69
    KENNELL Jessie L. Wife F M 46
    KENNELL Charles Son M S 22
    KENNELL Minnie M. Daughter F S 14
  91 KENNELL Freeman Son M M 27
    KENNELL Effie Blanche Daughter in Law F M 21
90 92 KENNEDY Owan S. Head M W 77
91 93 CROWLEY Samuel Head M M 53
    CROWLEY Sicily (sic) Wife F M 46
    CROWLEY Murdock S. Son M S 25
    CROWLEY Hazel Violet Daughter F S 15
    CROWLEY Joseph C. Son M S 10
    CROWLEY Jane May Daughter F S 8
    CROWLEY Hecker? G. Son M S 5
92 94 CRUMMEY Enoch Head M M 52
    CRUMMEY Minnie Wife F M 45
    CRUMMEY James Son M S 21
    CRUMMEY John Son M S 19
    CRUMMEY Florence Daughter F S 15
    CRUMMEY Frank Son M S 5
    CRUMMEY Elizabeth Mother F W 82
PAGE 187              
93 95 ROSE Jessie Head F W 33
    ROSE Clayton Son M S 16
    ROSE George Son M S 15
94 96 CRUMMEY Arthur Head M M 52
    CRUMMEY Minnie Wife F M 35
    CRUMMEY Hollis M. Son M S 9
    CRUMMEY Arthur C. Son M S 5
    CRUMMEY Clyde R. Son M S 2
    ROSE William T. Father in Law M W 75
95 97 CRUMMEY James S. Head M M 37
    CRUMMEY Ina May Wife F M 33
    CRUMMEY Vera I. Daughter F S 15
    CRUMMEY Hazel May Daughter F S 13
    CRUMMEY Angus F. Son M S 12
    CRUMMEY Agnes L. Daughter F S 10
    CRUMMEY Eva B. Daughter F S 8
    CRUMMEY Doris P. Daughter F S 6
    CRUMMEY Hilda L. Daughter F S 4
    CRUMMEY Serena A. Daughter F S 3
    CRUMMEY June S. Daughter F S 1

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (August 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (August 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

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