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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. George's Bay

Pages 302 - 305

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 302              
288 289 YOUNG William Head M M 28
    YOUNG Patricia Wife F M 27
    YOUNG Mary I. Daughter F S 4
    YOUNG Edna Daughter F S 3
    YOUNG Roy Son M S 3
    YOUNG Edward G. Son M S 1
PAGE 303              
    YOUNG Oswald Son M S 6 Days
289 290 BENNOIT Charles Head M M 76
    BENNOIT Salina Wife F M 75
    BENNOIT William H. Son M M 35
    BENNOIT Geraldine Daughter-in-Law F M 29
    BENNOIT John Lodger M S 27
290 291 RETEIF Philip Head M M 25
    RETEIF Sarah Wife F M 22
    RETEIF Catherine A Daughter F S 3
    RETEIF Raymond Son M S 1
    RETEIF Laura Daughter F S 5 Days
291 292 TARGET Peter Head M M 53
    TARGET Sarah Wife F M 53
    TARGET James Son M S 22
    TARGET Peter Son M S 20
    TARGET Michael Son M S 17
    TARGET Mary Daughter F S 16
    TARGET Bertha Daughter F S 13
    TARGET Fredrick Son M S 12
    TARGET Veronica Daughter F S 8
292 293 AU COIN George Head M M 41
    AU COIN Margarit Wife F M 38
    AU COIN John Son M S 17
    AU COIN Rita * Daughter F S 16
* NOTE: Rita was lined out on the page. Included here for reference
    AU COIN Vincent Son M S 14
    AU COIN Samuel Son M S 12
    AU COIN Bernard Son M S 11
    AU COIN Georgina Daughter F S 9
    AU COIN Odel Daughter F S 8
    AU COIN Bertram Son M S 7
    AU COIN Kenneth Son M S 6
    AU COIN Cyril Son M S 4
    AU COIN Michael Son M S 9 Mos.
PAGE 304              
293 294 EDDY Herbert Head M M 53
    EDDY Eliza Wife F M 53
    EDDY Ivy Daughter F S 12
    EDDY Clarence Grand Son M S 10
294 295 BENNOIT Narcise (?) Head M M 49
    BENNOIT Clementine Wife F M 35
    BENNOIT Benedict Son M S 17
    BENNOIT Bertina (sic) Daughter F S 15
    BENNOIT Ralph Son M S 13
    BENNOIT Monica Daughter F S 11
    BENNOIT Francis Son M S 21
  296 BENNOIT Harold Head M M 20
    BENNOIT Sadis (sic) Wife F M 18
295 297 GADON Arcin (sic) Head M M 52
    GADON Mary Wife F M 47
296   GADON Matthias (sic) Son M S 26
    GADON Dorothy Daughter F S 20
    GADON Edward Son M S 17
    GADON Mercedes Daughter F S 15
    GADON Augustine Son M S 13
    GADON Arcin (sic) Son M S 8
    GADON Lavina Daughter F S 4
297 298 AU COIN Arthur Head M M 51
    AU COIN Nancy Wife F M 45
    AU COIN Charles Son M S 19
    AU COIN Arthur Son M S 18
    AU COIN Selina Daughter F S 16
    AU COIN Daniel Son M S 14
    AU COIN Patricia Daughter F S 12 
    AU COIN William Son M S 10
    AU COIN Lillian Daughter F S 8
    AU COIN Raymond Son M S 6
298 299 RETEIF Robert Head M M 51
PAGE 305              
    RETEIF Alice Wife F M 44
    RETEIF Murdick (sic) Son M S 16
    RETEIF Walter Son M S 14
    RETEIF Maurice Son M S 12
    RETEIF Clayton Son M S 9
    RETEIF Madonna Daughter F S 7
    RETEIF Lenard (sic) Son M S 4
    RETEIF Denoto (sic) (?) Daughter F S 1
    COLLIER Lucy Adopted Daughter F S 12
299 300 FLYNN Matthew Head M M 46
    FLYNN Clara Wife F M 49
    FLYNN Martin Son M S 22
    FLYNN Hugh Son M S 20
    FLYNN Joseph Son M S 14
    FLYNN Alfreda Daughter F S 8
300 301 FLYNN Michael Head M M 37
    FLYNN Christy Wife F M 34
    FLYNN Nicholas Son M S 15
    FLYNN Ignatius Son M S 11
    FLYNN Ellis Son M S 8
    FLYNN Ida Daughter F S 4
    FLYNN Gervase Son M S 7 Mos
    FLYNN Mariah Mother F W 78
301 302 DUPHENAIS Joseph Head M M 58
    DUPHENAIS Lena Wife F M 44
    DUPHENAIS Mark Son M S 6
    DUPHENAIS Leo Son M S 24
    DUPHENAIS Henry Son M S 21
    DUPHENAIS William Son M S 17
    DUPHENAIS Cecil Son M S 15
    WHITE Genevieve Step Daughter F S 14

Transcribed by Dallas Greeley (July 2006)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday August 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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