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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 94-95

Community of
(Westside of Main Road)

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 312              
1 1 FRAMPTON William Head M M 76
    FRAMPTON Beatrice Wife F M 44
    FRAMPTON Marcus Son M S 21
    FRAMPTON Charles Son M S 19
    FRAMPTON Samuel Son M S 17
    FRAMPTON Clarence Son M S 13
    FRAMPTON Kathleen Daughter F S 11
2 2 HISCOCK Edgar Head M M 35
    HISCOCK Mary Louisa Wife F M 29
    HISCOCK Joshua Son M S 9
    HISCOCK Dorothy Daughter F S 14
    HISCOCK Annie Daughter F S 6
    HISCOCK Willma (sic) Daughter F S 2
    HISCOCK Eileen Daughter F S 3 mos
3 3 CLARKE Simeon Head M M 26
    CLARKE Alice Wife F M 21
    CLARKE Bessie Daughter F S 11 mos
    DEAN Amellia (sic) Grand Mother F W 77
4 4 CLARKE George W Head M M 62
    CLARKE Sophia Wife F M 64
    CLARKE Willis James Son M S 22
5 5 CLARKE Agustus (sic) Head M M 45
    CLARKE Laura Jane Wife F M 43
    CLARKE Agustus (sic) Son M S 16
    CLARKE Lillian Daughter F S 18
    CLARKE Myrtle Daughter F S 14
    CLARKE Gladys Daughter F S 6
    CLARKE Susannah Daughter F S 5
    CLARKE Alexander Son M S 12
    CLARKE Plehmon (sic) Son M S 10
    CLARKE Nathaniel Son M S 8
    CLARKE Stanley Son M S 3
    CLARKE Donald Son M S 2
PAGE 313              
    CLARKE Bert Son M   3 mos
6 6 CLARKE Silas Head M M 56
    CLARKE Sophia Wife F M 49
    CLARKE Gilbert Son M S 23
    CLARKE Allan P. Son M S 19
    CLARKE Silas Baden Son M S 14
    CLARKE Eugene Son M S 11
    CLARKE Luella (sic) Daughter F S 6
7 7 CLARKE Arthur Head M M 51
    CLARKE Mable (sic) Jane Wife F M 44
    CLARKE Thomas Son M S 13
    CLARKE Clarence Son M   8
    CLARKE Verena (sic) Daughter F S 16
    CLARKE Zelma (sic) Daughter F S 15
    CLARKE Darlene Daughter F S 13 mos
8 8 MURRAY Absalom Head M M 52
    MURRAY Isabella Wife F M 44
    MURRAY Obidiah (sic) Son M S 26
    MURRAY William Son M S 17
    MURRAY Allan Son M S 15
    MURRAY Mollie Daughter F S 11
  9 MURRAY Silas Head M M 24
    MURRAY Evangeline Wife F M 23
9 10 CLARKE Joseph S. Head M M 24
    CLARKE Olive M. Wife F M 23
    CLARKE Victor Gracine (sic) (?) Son M S 4
    CLARKE Marjorie Daughter F S 2
10 11 PENNEY James Head M M 41
    PENNEY Jane Wife F M 39
    PENNEY Harold Son M S 19
    PENNEY Clifford Son M S 10
    PENNEY Spurgeon (sic) Son M S 7
    PENNEY Marion Daughter F S 17
PAGE 314              
    PENNEY Florence Daughter F S 15
    PENNEY Lizzie Daughter F S 12
    PENNEY Mildred Daughter F S 4
11 12 PENNEY Edward Head M M 61
    PENNEY Sarah Wife F M 56
    PENNEY George Langer (sic) Son M S 27
12 13 VATERS Leander Head M M 36
    VATERS Miriam Wife F M 36
    VATERS Julie Daughter F S 14
    VATERS Bessie Daughter F S 12
    VATERS Emmie Daughter F S 10
    VATERS George Son M   8
13 14 COLLINS William Head M M 39
    COLLINS Susannah Wife F M 32
    COLLINS Leah Daughter F   14
    COLLINS Elizabeth Daughter F   11
    COLLINS Mollie Daughter F   4
    COLLINS Hayward Son M   16 mos
14 15 CLARKE Alfred E. Head M W 55
    CLARKE Marjorie Daughter F S 16
    CLARKE Malcolm Son M S 25
15 16 SUMMERS William Head M M 34
    SUMMERS Julia Wife F M 29
    SUMMERS Arthur Son M   8
    SUMMERS Elliott Son M   1
    SUMMERS Annie Daughter F   11
    SUMMERS Florence Daughter F   10
    SUMMERS Louise Daughter F   9
16 17 CLARKE James B. Head M M 56
    CLARKE Eliza Ellen Wife F M 54
    CLARKE John Robert Son M S 18
    CLARKE Ada Lillian Daughter F S 31
    CLARKE Winnie Daughter F S 24
PAGE 315              
    CLARKE Elizabeth Ann Daughter F S 11
17 18 PRIDDLE George Head M M 30
    PRIDDLE Louisa Wife F M 29
    WAREHAM Chesley Step-Brother M S 29
18 19 PYE Frederick Head M M 40
    PYE Dinah Wife F M 29
    PYE Herbert Son M   7
    PYE Beulah Daughter F   21 mos
19 20 COLLINS John Head M S 32
    VATERS Laura Mother F W 69
  21 COLLINS Susie Head F W 39
    COLLINS Clarence Son M   9 mos
20 22 KELLAND Jacob Head M W 58
    KELLAND Annanies (sic) Son M S 30
    KELLAND Fred Son M S 28
    KELLAND Nelson Son M S 25
    KELLAND Mark Son M S 24
    KELLAND Charlie Son M S 16
21 23 ANTLE Charles Head M M 46
    ANTLE Mary Ann Wife F M 42
    ANTLE Louise Daughter F S 22
    ANTLE Mable (sic) Daughter F S 18
    ANTLE Elizabeth Daughter F S 16
    ANTLE Doris Daughter F S 14
    ANTLE Bertha Daughter F S 10
    ANTLE Philip Son M   2
    ANTLE Charles Son M   5
    ANTLE Hannah Daughter F   8
22 24 SUMMERS Israel Head M M 65
    SUMMERS Elizabeth Wife F M 63
    SUMMERS Israel Son M S 24
    SUMMERS Samuel Son M S 19
    SUMMERS Leslie Grand Son M   6
PAGE 316              
    SUMMERS Elizabeth Daughter F F 16
23 25 HOUSE Gilbert G. Head M M 46
    HOUSE Bessie Honor Wife F M 47
    HOUSE Emily P. Daughter F   8
    HOUSE Betty Jean  (?) Daughter F   6
    HOUSE Gilbert G. Son M   2
24 26 CLARKE Fred * Head M M 47
    CLARKE Clara Wife F M 43
    CLARKE Wallace Son M S 19
    CLARKE William Son M S 17
    CLARKE Ernest Son M S 15
    CLARKE Nathaniel Son M S 10
    CLARKE Albert Son M S 8
    CLARKE Philip Son M S 18 mos
    CLARKE Hild (sic) Daughter F S 13
    CLARKE Ada Daughter F S 8
  27 CLARKE James Head M M 21
    CLARKE Hester Wife F M 23
    CLARKE Shirley Daughter F S 2
    CLARKE Infant Daughter F S 2 hrs
  28 VATERS Mark Head M M 26
    VATERS May Wife F M 23
    VATERS Donald Son M S 2 1/2 yrs
    CLARKE Patience * Mother F W 70
* NOTE: An arrow connects Patience Clarke (above) with Fred Clarke (24, 26 above)
25 29 CLARKE Arthur N. Head M M 67
    CLARKE Mary Ann Wife F M 66
    CLARKE James B. Son M S 35
26 30 CLARKE John Head M M 38
    CLARKE Beatrice Wife F M 40
    CLARKE John William Son M S 8
27 31 CLARKE Eleazer Head M M 54
    CLARKE Bertha Wife F M 47
    CLARKE Hubert Son M S 23
PAGE 317              
    CLARKE Elliot Son M S 21
    CLARKE Elihu Son M S 18
    CLARKE Elezor (sic) Son M S 14
    CLARKE Bazil (sic) Son M S 9
    CLARKE Vera Daughter F S 12
    CLARKE Mildred Daughter F S 7
    CLARKE Lorene Daughter F S 2
28 32 BALDWIN Elizabeth Head F W 59
    BALDWIN Moody Son M S 23
    BALDWIN Mollie Daughter F S 21
  33 BALDWIN Percey Head M M 30
    BALDWIN Mable (sic) Wife F M 25
    BALDWIN Fred Son M S 5
    BALDWIN Lloyd Son M S 3
    BALDWIN Marion Daughter F S 1
29 34 ASH Mark Head M M 52
    ASH Myra Wife F M 43
    ASH William Son M S 22
    ASH Baden Son M S 19
    ASH Angus Son M S 17
    ASH Allan Son M   12
    ASH Mark Son M   9
    ASH Wilfred Son M   3
    ASH Edna Daughter F S 16
    ASH Nelia (sic) Daughter F   6
30 35 ASH Mary Head F W 47
    THOMS George Son M S 26
    ASH John Step Son M S 24
    ASH George Step Son M S 20
31 36 HISCOCK Gilbert Head M M 64
    HISCOCK Virtue Wife F M 59
    HISCOCK Nina Daughter F S 23
    HISCOCK Gilbert B. Son M S 21
PAGE 318              
32 37 CLARKE Elihu Head M M 63
    CLARKE Susanna Wife F M 62
    CLARKE Mary Daughter F S 21
    CLARKE Jean Daughter F S 16
33 38 CLARKE Ann Head F W 62
    CLARKE Bertha Daughter F S 22
  39 CLARKE Richard Head M M 30
    CLARKE Margaret Wife F M 29
    CLARKE Annie Daughter F S 9
    CLARKE Sadie Daughter F S 4
    CLARKE June Daughter F S 16 mo
    CLARKE Harold Son M S 5
34 40 CLARKE Silas Head M M 26
    CLARKE Beatrice Wife F M 28
    CLARKE Dorothy Daughter F S 3
35 41 CLARKE Nicholas Head M M 47
    CLARKE Gertrude Wife F M 46
    CLARKE Jermenus (?) Son M S 21
    CLARKE Nicholas Son M S 20
    CLARKE Albert Son M S 16
    CLARKE Reginald Son M S 9
    CLARKE Frederick Son M S 4
    CLARKE Frances Daughter F S 14
    CLARKE Lizzie Daughter F S 11
    CLARKE Hellen (sic) Daughter F S 7
36 42 CLARKE Samuel E. Head M M 56
    CLARKE Julia Wife F M 54
    BRIGHT Edward N Step Son M M 32
    BRIGHT Arthur E Grand Son M S 11
37 43 HISCOCK Walter Head M M 36
    HISCOCK Edith Wife F M 33
    HISCOCK Irwin F? Son M S 5
    HISCOCK Walter Son M S 5 days
PAGE 319              
    CLARKE Velma C. Daughter F S 2
38 44 PENNEY Silas Head M M 43
    PENNEY Flossie Wife F M 44
    PENNEY Samuel Son M S 16
    PENNEY John Son M S 12
    PENNEY Silas Son M S 10
    PENNEY Clarence Son M S 7
    PENNEY Mary Livinia Daughter F S 5
    PENNEY Mary Jane Mother F W 76
39 45 BURKE John Edward Head M M 53
    BURKE Allice (sic) Wife F M 52
    BURKE Hedley Son M S 23
    BURKE Edward Son M S 20
    BURKE John Son M S 15
40 46 BURKE James Israel Head M W 58
    BURKE Harriet (SIC) Sister-in-Law F W 41
    BURKE William Nephew M S 21
    BURKE Hubert Nephew M S 17
41 47 BURKE Samuel Head M M 64
    BURKE Mary Ann Wife F M 63
  48 BURKE Albert Head M M 28
    BURKE Martha Wife F M 26
    BURKE Gertrude Daughter F S 6
    BURKE May Daughter F S 4
    BURKE Samuel Son M S 1
42 49 PECKHAM Ephriam Head M W 58
  50 BEST Thomas Head M M 28
    BEST Elsie Wife F M 24
    BEST Florence Daughter F S 5
    BEST Hellen (sic) Audrey Daughter F S 3
  51 PECKHAM George Head M M 54
    PECKHAM Julia Wife F M 52
    PECKHAM Alexander Son M S 23
PAGE 320              
    PECKHAM Mildred Daughter F S 14
43 52 OSMOND William Head M M 63
    OSMOND Rhoda Wife F M 54
    CLARKE Charles Bro-in-law M S 64
44 53 BURKE James Head M M 47
    BURKE Louisa Wife F M 42
    BURKE Henry Son M S 20
    BURKE Albert Son M S 11
    BURKE Harold Son M S 6
    BURKE Arthur Son M S 2
    BURKE George Son M S 6 mo
    BURKE Maud Daughter F S 15
    BURKE Louise Daughter F S 8
45 54 BURKE John Charles Head M M 32
    BURKE Mary Wife F M 32
    BURKE Eric Raymond Step Son M S 4
    BURKE Sarah Jane Step Daughter F S 13
    BURKE Winford May Daughter F S 8
    BURKE Julia Genestria (sic) Daughter F S 3
    BURKE William Thomas Son M S 8
    BURKE Irvine Leonard Son M S 7
    BURKE Florence Elane (sic) Daughter F S 6
    BURKE Rosley (sic) Irene Daughter F S 3
46 55 WHITE Albert Head M M 43
    WHITE Elizabeth Wife F M 42
47 56 WHITE Samuel Head M M 52
    WHITE Beatrice Wife F M 48
48 57 SUTTON Henry Head M M 51
    SUTTON Hazel Wife F M 48
    SUTTON Chesley Son M S 27
    SUTTON Silas Son M S 22
    SUTTON John Son M S 18
    SUTTON Malcolm Son M S 16
PAGE 321              
    SUTTON Samuel Son M S 10
    SUTTON Violet Daughter F S 14
NOTE: In the above entry the original name has been erased and Violet written in. Original name can not be read. Appears to have been written by a different person than the enumerator. Original Age was 20 - erased and 14 written in
    SUTTON Johannah Daughter F S 8
49 58 SUTTON William Head M M 24
    SUTTON Laure Annie Wife F M 22
50 59 NORMAN * James Head M S 28
* Note: In the above entry, Norman is the original entry. Someone else has written above Norman - Russell ?
    RUSSELL Caroline Mother F W 64
    BURSEY Walter James Brother-in-law M M 34
    BURSEY Sarah Elizabeth Sister F M 28
    BURSEY Dorothy M. Niece F S 2
    BURSEY Amellia J. Niece F S 1
51 60 VATERS Elijah Head M M 49
    VATERS Maud L. Wife F M 42
    VATERS Chester Son M S 14
    VATERS Cecil B. Son M S 10
    VATERS Elsie F. Daughter F S 11
    VATERS Bessie J. Daughter F S 8
52 61 VATERS * Mark Head M M 53
    VATERS Lenora Wife F M 50
    VATERS Robert James * Son M M 24
    VATERS Annie * Daughter-in-Law F M 26
    VATERS Terrance * Grand Son M S 6
    VATERS Rosley (sic) J.* Grand Daughter F S 2
    VATERS William Son M S 9
    VATERS Fannie Daughter F S 13
* NOTE: Above entry - Robert, Annie, Terrance & Rosley J. crossed out - Included for reference
53 62 STEPHENSON James Head M M 40
    STEPHENSON Amelia Wife F M 40
    STEPHENSON Arthur John Son M S 19
    STEPHENSON Alex George Son M S 17
    STEPHENSON William J. Son M   13
    STEPHENSON Rosley (sic) May Daughter F S 15
    STEPHENSON Annie S. Daughter F   10
    STEPHENSON Dorothy Gladys Daughter F   8
PAGE 322              
    STEPHENSON Eva H. Daughter F   7
    STEPHENSON Dina Jennie Daughter F   5
    STEPHENSON Mary Daughter F   4
54 63 BURKE William Head M M 63
    BURKE Susannah Wife F M 62
    BURKE Joseph Chesley Son M S 19
55 64 LITTLE Sarah Elizabeth Head F W 66
    LITTLE Ezekiel George Son M S 23
56 65 HOLLOWAY George Head M M 39
    HOLLOWAY Milley Wife F M 32
    HOLLOWAY Muriel Daughter F S 6
    HOLLOWAY William Father M W 77
57 66 WHITE Robert R. Head M M 53
    WHITE Lydia Wife F M 52
58 67 CLARKE David Head M M 75
    CLARKE Ara Bell (sic) Wife F M 71
    PARSONS Elisa Daughter F M 31
    PARSONS Burnece (sic) Grand Daughter F S 14
    PARSONS Marjorie L. Grand Daughter F S 11
    PARSONS Clara A. Grand Daughter F S 2
    PARSONS Robina Y. (sic) Grand Daughter F S 3 mo
    PARSONS Reginald Grand Son M S 12
    PARSONS Robert G. Grand Son M S 9
    PARSONS Leonard G. Grand Son M S 4
    PARSONS Lionel Grand Son M S 3
    PARSONS Richard Son-in-Law M M 37
59 65 PECKHAM John Head M M 63
    PECKHAM Julia Wife F M 54
    PECKHAM Walter J. Son M S 14
60 69 PECKHAM George E Head M M 28
    PECKHAM Hazel Grace Wife F M 26
    PECKHAM John H. Son M S 7
    PECKHAM Winnie B. Daughter F S 5
PAGE 323              
    PECKHAM Esther Daughter F S 3
61 70 BALDWIN Sarah Head F W 56
    BALDWIN Stephen Son M S 21
    BALDWIN Myriah Daughter F S 37
    BALDWIN Myrtle Daughter F S 16
    BALDWIN Raymond Grand Son M S 7
    BALDWIN Ezekial George Grand Son M S 2
62 71 BALDWIN Edward Head M M 54
    BALDWIN Leah Wife F M 53
    BALDWIN Clarence J. Son M S 15
    BALDWIN Dorothy Edwina Daughter F S 11
  72 BALDWIN Lodwick Stephen Son M M 29
    BALDWIN Dorothy Pearl Daughter-in-law F M 22
    BALDWIN George Grand Son M S 15 mo
63 73 LARKHAM William Head M S 27
    HISCOCK Mary Ellen Mother F M (sic) 48
    COLE Mabis (sic) Step Sister F S 16
  74 COLE * Lina Step Sister F M 23
    COLE Lloyd Nephew M S 4
    COLE William Ray Nephew M S 9 mo
    COLE Gladys Ella Niece F S 2
    COLE James Step Brother-in-law M M 24
    STEPHENSON Susanah Mother of person page 10 line 26 ** F W 80
* NOTE: OLE Family - Above entry: Cole: Lina, LLoyd, William, Gladys & James crossed out. Included for reference.
** Page 10 line 26 refers to Page 321 - Dwelling 53 Family 62 - Mother of James Stephenson
64 75 VATERS James Head M W 65
    VATERS Reuben Son M S 23
    VATERS Frederick W. Son M S 16
    VATERS Albert J. Son M   10
65 76 PENNEY Valentine Head M M 38
    PENNEY Alda L. Wife F M 32
    PENNEY Ernest Son M S 14
66 77 PREDDLE Lionel Head M M 39
    PREDDLE Margaret Wife F M 37
    PREDDLE Viola Daughter F S 16
PAGE 324              
    PREDDLE Gwendolyn Daughter F S 5
    PREDDLE Lloyd Son M S 14
    PREDDLE Norman Son M S 12
    PREDDLE Abel Son M S 10
    PREDDLE John Son M S 13 mos
67 78 PENNEY Samuel Head M M 74
    PENNEY Margaret J. Wife F M 67
    PENNEY William Thomas Son M S 44
    PENNEY John Stewart Son M M 35
    PENNEY Emma Bertha Daughter-in-law F M 28
    PENNEY Dorothy Grand daughter F S 11
    PENNEY Margaret Jane Grand daughter F S 10
    PENNEY Burdges (sic) Grand Son M S 9
    PENNEY Trelhom (sic) Grand Son M S 8
    PENNEY Hilda Grand daughter F S 6
    PENNEY Mabis (sic) Grand daughter F S 20 mos
    PENNEY Gertrude Yvonne Grand daughter F S 3 dys
68 79 PREDDLE Reuben Head M S 34
    PREDDLE Eliza Mother F W 67
69 80 BALDWIN Stephen Head M M 52
    BALDWIN Susannah Wife F M 46
    BALDWIN Harry Son M S 28
    BALDWIN Joseph E. Son M S 16
    BALDWIN Clayton Son M S 11
    BALDWIN Stanley W. Son M S 8
    BALDWIN Evelyn M. Daughter F S 13
    BALDWIN Marjorie Daughter F S 6
    BALDWIN Georgie (?) M. Daughter F S 4
70 81 CURNEW Eli Head M W 58
    CURNEW Mary Elizabeth Daughter F M 26
    CROCKER James Son-in-law M M 24
    CROCKER Wildon (sic) Grand Son M S 6
    CROCKER Martha Grand Daughter F S 2
PAGE 325              
    CROCKER Mabel Grand Daughter F S 1
71 82 CURNEW Jabez Head M M 33
    CURNEW Emelia Wife F M 27
    CURNEW William Hayward Son M S 7
    CURNEW Annie Florence Daughter F S 5
    CURNEW Nina (?) Daughter F S 3
    CURNEW Annie Mother F W 68
72 83 PYE William Head M   64
    PYE Fannie Wife F M 54
    PYE Walter George Son M M 20
    PYE Jean Daughter F S 10
    PYE Mable (sic) Daughter F S 24
    PYE Helen Daughter F S 15 mos
73 84 CLARKE Mark Head M M 32
    CLARKE Alfreda Jane Wife F M 32
    CLARKE Warren Chesley Son M S 4
    CLARKE Elihu Boyd Son M S 2
    CLARKE Margaret Pauline Daughter F S 9
    CLARKE Dorothy Jean Daughter F S 6
74 85 CLARKE Edward James Head M M 61
    CLARKE Livinia Wife F M 58
    CLARKE John Edward Son M S 21
    CLARKE Elizah (sic) Boyd Son M S 18
    CLARKE Louise Daughter F S 20
    CLARKE Edith Daughter F S 15
75 86 PENNEY Richard E. Head M M 55
    PENNEY Minnie Wife F M 57
    PENNEY Frederick Son M S 24
    PENNEY John Wm. Son M S 21
76 87 CLARKE John C. Head M W 69
    CLARKE Agustus (sic) Son M M 36
    CLARKE Livinia Daughter-in-Law F M 31
    CLARKE Eric Vivian Grand Son M S 7
    CLARKE Herbert Roy Grand Son M S 3
PAGE 326              
    CLARKE Walter M. G Son M S 9
77 88 LAMBARD John C. Head M M 53
    LAMBARD Harriet Wife F M 53
    LAMBARD John Charles Son M S 16
78 89 COLE Moses Head M M 34
    COLE Cicily Wife F M 25
    COLE Gertrude Daughter F S 9
    COLE Phyllis Lenora Daughter F S 6
    COLE Mary Grace Daughter F S 3
79 90 BRIGHT Edward Head M M 74
    BRIGHT Delphine Wife F M 62
    BRIGHT Edward George * Son M M 31
    BRIGHT Emmie Jane * Daughter-in-law F M 31
    BRIGHT Doris Elizabeth * Grand Dau F S 5
    BRIGHT Winnie Patricia * Grand Dau F S 2
    BRIGHT Jean * Grand Daughter F S 1
    BRIGHT Edward James * Grand Son M S 3
    ROSSITER Garry William Step Son M M 19
    BRIGHT Mary Jane Grand Daughter F S 19
* NOTE: Above entry: Bright Edward G. to Edward J. crossed out - some ages unreadable  No Explanation shown
80 91 SUTTON James Head M M 54
    SUTTON Emma Jane Wife F M 50
    SUTTON Manuel Son M M 20
    SUTTON Laura Daughter-in-law F M 20
    SUTTON William James Son M S 18
    SUTTON John Charles Son M S 16
    SUTTON Albert Son M S 11
    SUTTON Herbert Son M S 7
    SUTTON Mina Daughter M S 14
81 92 PARSONS * James Head M M 36
    PARSONS Julia Wife F M 31
    PARSONS James Henry Son M S 8
    PARSONS Eugene Irwin Son M S 6
    PARSONS Ruda (?) Son M S 14 mos
PAGE 327              
    PARSONS Stella May Daughter F S 14
    PARSONS Mary Gladys Daughter F S 12
    PARSONS Valerie Murley Daughter F S 7
* note: The above family entry has been crossed out on the original census - No explanation shown
82 93 PARSONS John Head M M 71
    PARSONS Annie Wife F M 60
    PARSONS Albert Roland Son-in-Law M S (sic) 17
    CLARKE Audrey Daughter F M 21
    CLARKE Ronald Son-in-Law M M 23
    CLARKE Alma Grand Daughter F   14 days
83 94 PARSONS Samuel Head M M 69
    PARSONS Elizabeth Wife F M 63
    PARSONS Henry * Son M S 38
    PARSONS Louisa * Daughter-in-law F M (sic) 26
    PARSONS Roland * Grand Son M S 5
    PARSONS George Wm. * Grand Son M S 3
    PARSONS Silas B. * Grand Son M S 14 mos
    PARSONS Phyllis Jean * Grand Daughter F S 2
    PARSONS Elizabeth Daughter F W 37
    PARSONS Rohena Grand Daughter F S 7
    PARSONS Samuel Son M S 26
* NOTE: The above entry: Parsons, Henry to Phyllis Jean crossed out on the original census No Explanation shown
84 95 PARSONS Robert Head M M 64
    PARSONS Julia Wife F M 56
    PARSONS George Edgar * Son M M 22
    PARSONS Elizabeth * Daughter-in-Law F M 23
    PARSONS Eric Clarence * Grand Son M S 8 days
* NOTE: The above entry: Parsons, George to Eric crossed out on original census No Explanation shown
85 96 PARSONS Arthur Head M M 30
    PARSONS Lillian Wife F M 27
    PARSONS Ralph Son M S 2
    PARSONS Julia Florence Daughter F S 5
    PARSONS Annie Joyce Daughter F S 4 mos
86 97 LAMBARD (sic) Minnie Head F M (sic) 37
    LAMBARD Sadie Daughter F S 9
87 98 PYE Susannah Head F W 73
PAGE 328              
88 99 ROSE Martin Step Son M W 49
    ROSE William George Grand son M S 18
    ROSE John Charles Grand son M S 14
89 100 PYE Benjamin Head M S 22
    COLE Martha Sister F M 25
    COLE Charles Brother-in-law M M 21
    PYE Mary Jane Mother F W 53
90 101 MAHANEY Valentine Head M M 62
    MAHANEY Phoebe Jane Wife F M 59
91 102 MAHANEY James E. Head M M 25
    MAHANEY Gwendolyn Wife F M 25
    MAHANEY Yvonne Daughter F S 3 mos
92 103 SUTTON Ernest Head M M 43
    SUTTON Sarah E. Wife F M 43
    SUTTON Nathaniel Son M S 18
    SUTTON Harold Son M S 14
    SUTTON James R. Son M S 12
    SUTTON Melvin F Son M S 4
    SUTTON Melina Daughter F S 19
    SUTTON Mary Daughter F S 8
    SUTTON Media J. (sic) Daughter F S 6
    SUTTON Marion P. Daughter F S 2
93 104 CLARKE William Head M M 48
    CLARKE Mary Jane Wife F M 44
    CLARKE Roland V. Son M S 19
    CLARKE Alan W. Son M S 17
    CLARKE George W. Son M S 15
    CLARKE Herbert R. Son M S 13
    CLARKE Gorden M. (sic) Son M S 9
    CLARKE Lima M. (sic) Daughter F S 21
    CLARKE Marion E. Daughter F S 11
    CLARKE Jessie F Daughter F S 7
    CLARKE Joyce A. Daughter F S 5
PAGE 329              
No Entry No Entry CLARKE Mary J. Daughter F S 2
No Entry No Entry KELLOWAY Marjorie * Domestic F S 19
* Note written on original page: Kelloway, Marjorie "omited from Household #25"
The following is a list of unoccupied houses listed on the census by owner.
94   PARSONS George        
95   CLARKE George        
96   CLARKE George        
97   MULLEY John Wm.        
98   PYE Herbert        
99   ANTLE John R.        
100   KING George        
101   BALDWIN Joseph        
102   CLARKE Charles        
103   ASH William        
104   STEPHENSON Richard        
105   WHITE Emily Jane        
106   SNOOK Joseph        
107   CLARKE Isaac        
108   PARSONS Richard        
109   FRENCH George        
110   STEPHENSON Mary        
111   STEPHENSON Jennet        
112   COLE William        
113   COLE William        
114   LAMBART George        
115   PARSONS William        
Now Living              
Victoria   YOUNG Annie   F M 22
Victoria   YOUNG Ewart   M S 22
No Entry   BALDWIN Laura   F S 17
No Entry   BALDWIN Louise   F S 19
Chelsea, Victoria   BALDWIN Gladys   F M 28
Glace Bay, Victoria   CLARKE Luoisa   F W 70

Transcribed by Laurie Lockhart (October 2004)

Verified to Original Pages(October 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

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