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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Harbour Main

Pages 200 - 204

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12

Lines have been scribbled across the pages Dwelling 44, Family 45 through Dwelling 63, Family 65. It is not know if these were to be omitted or not so they should be used with caution as they may not be valid entries. From other notes on the following pages, these individuals may show up individually within the St. John's city census.

PAGE 200              
44 45 DOOLEY John Head M M 68
    DOOLEY Sarah Wife F M 60
    DOOLEY Douglas Son M S 35
    DOOLEY Ronald F. Son M M 31
    DOOLEY Frank Son M M 29
    DOOLEY Raymond Son M M 24
    DOOLEY Cyril Son M S 21
    DOOLEY Clarence Son M S 19
    DOOLEY Allan Son M S 18
    DOOLEY Flora Dau.? in law F M 26
    DOOLEY Florence Grand daughter F S 5
    DOOLEY Gerald Grand Son M S 3
    DOOLEY Lenard (sic) Grand Son M S 2
    DOOLEY Gordon Grand Son M S 8 mos.
    DOOLEY Alice Daughter in law F M 23
    STACEY Minnie Servant F S 21
45 46 KANE Thomas Sr. Head M S 72
46 47 KANE Thomas Jr. Head M M 59
    KANE Catherine Wife F M 55
    O'NEIL John Son in law M M 22
    O'NEIL Catherine Daughter F M 21
    O'NEIL Teresa Grand daughter F S 4
    NEVILLE George Grand Son M S 12
    COLLINS Mary Daughter F M 19
47 48 CLUNEY Susannah Head F W 57
    CLUNEY Bridget Margaret Daughter F S 16
  49 CLUNEY Doris Head F S 29
    CLUNEY Lillian Daughter F S 11
    CLUNEY Valda Daughter F S 9
    CLUNEY June Daughter F S 7
    CLUNEY Catherine Daughter F S 6
    CLUNEY Samuel Son M S 4
    CLUNEY Ronald Son M S 2
PAGE 201              
    CLUNEY Joseph Cousin M S 35
48 50 CLOUSTON Ernest * Head      
49 51 RYAN Michael *        
50 52 DAVEY John S. *        
Lines have been drawn through the above three entries. Entered here for reference
Note on page "Summer resorts information will be given in St., John's
51 53 TURNER Thomas Head M M 74
    TURNER Hannah Sister F S 60
52 54 BRENNAN Martin Head M S 28
    BRENNAN Edward Brother M S 32
53 55 WHITAKER Cyril Head M M 35
    WHITAKER Ethel Wife F M 28
    WHITAKER Ruby Daughter F S 9
    WHITAKER Gerald Son M S 7
    WHITAKER Muriel Daughter F S 1
54 56 SOMERTON Ernest Head M M 38
    SOMERTON Gladys Wife F M 25
55 57 STAMP John Head M M 51
    STAMP Nora Wife F M 50
    STAMP Thomas Son M S 27
    STAMP James Son M S 18
    STAMP Leo Son M S 16
    STAMP John Son M S 11
    STAMP Cyril Son M S 9
    STAMP Harold Son M S 2
    STAMP Helen Daughter F S 20
    STAMP Margaret Daughter F S 15
    STAMP Reta Daughter F S 13
    STAMP Bernice Daughter F S 7
    STAMP William Brother F S 41
56 58 JOYCE William Head M S 32
57 59 GRANGEL Patrick Head M M 54
    GRANGEL Elizabeth Wife F M 55
    GRANGEL Annie Daughter F S 23
    GRANGEL Mary Daughter F S 21
PAGE 202              
    GRANGEL Ella Daughter F S 19
    GRANGEL Margarite Daughter F S 17
58 60 NASH Mary Head F W 73
    NASH James Son M W 50
    NASH Mary Grand Daughter F S 16
    NASH Robert Grand Son M S 14
    NASH Nora Grand Daughter F S 9
59 61 EVANS Samuel Head M M 53
    EVANS Marian Wife F M 52
    EVANS Bridget Daughter F S 31
    EVANS Francis Joseph Son M S 25
    EVANS James Son M S 23
    EVANS Matthew Son M S 21
    EVANS Philip Son M S 19
    EVANS Edward Son M S 17
    EVANS Annie Daughter F S 16
    EVANS Leo (?) Son M S 15
    EVANS John Son M S 13
    EVANS Sidney Son M S 10
    HAMMOND Mary E. Daughter F M 25
    HAMMOND John Joseph Grand Son M S 4 mos.
60 62 O'KEEFE John Head Summer Resort Informastion given in St. John's
A line has been drawn through the above entry.
61 63 FAHEY? Ronald Head M M 30
    FAHEY? Kathleen Wife F M 28
    FAHEY? Kevin Son M S 9
    FAHEY? Philip Son M S 6
62 64 KEAN James Head M M 48
    KEAN Mary Wife F M 57
    KEAN John Son M S 24
    KEAN Elizabeth Daughter F S 23
    KEAN Thomas Son M S 19
    KEAN Edmund Son M S 14
PAGE 203              
63 65 O'BRIEN Alice Head F M 41
64 VACANT BRANSON Gil        
65 66 RIDEOUT James Head M M 53
    RIDEOUT Selina M. Wife F M 47
    RIDEOUT Hilda Daughter F S 19
    RIDEOUT Susan Daughter F S 15
    RIDEOUT Ida Daughter F S 11
    RIDEOUT Albert Edward Son M S 1
66 No Entry DUNN Lillian Head F S 35
67 67 DUNN James Head M M 35
    DUNN Margaret Wife F M 23
    DUNN Michael Son M S 8 mos.
68 68 TURNER John Head M M 51
    TURNER Mary Wife F M 48
    TURNER Patrick Son M S 24
    TURNER Andrew Son M S 22
69 69 CARROL Margaret Head F M 45
    CARROL William F. Husband M M 57
    CARROL Mary Joan Daughter F S 5
70 70 IVEY No entry Head M S 47
71 71 BRYNE (?) William Head M M 59
    BRYNE (?) Helen Wife F M 47
    BRYNE (?) Robert Son M S 23
    BRYNE (?) Thomas Son M S 20
    BRYNE (?) Catherine Daughter F S 14
    BRYNE (?) James Son M S 12
    BRYNE (?) William Son M S 6
72 72 POWER Michael Head M S 50
    POWER Mary Sister F S 56
    POWER Josephine Sister F S 48
73 73 POWER William Head M M 51
    POWER Josephine Wife F M 46
    POWER David Son M S 23
PAGE 204              
    POWER James Son M M 21
    POWER Irene Daughter in law F M 21
    POWER Dermot Son M S 19
    POWER Bridget Daughter F S 13
    POWER Kevin Son M S 7
74 ERECTING SPURRELL William No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 29, 2016 (Don Tate)

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