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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Bonavista

Pages 125 - 129

Community of
(Badger's Quay)

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12 Col 19
PAGE 125                
210 271 HOWELL Ernest Head M M 49 UC
    HOWELL Feadore (sic) Wife F M 40 UC
    HOWELL Wm James Son M S 18 UC
    HOWELL Gordon Son M S 10 UC
PAGE 126                
    HOWELL Edgar W Son M S 4 UC
    HOWELL Francis M Daughter F S 13 UC
    HOWELL Bertha Daughter F S 6 UC
211 272 HOWELL Isaiah Head M M 55 UC
    HOWELL Phoebe Wife F M 56 UC
    HOWELL Laura Daughter F S 12 UC
  273 HOWELL Henry Head M M 21 UC
    HOWELL Maisie Wife F M 17 UC
212 274 HOWELL John Charles Head M M 57 UC
    HOWELL Fannie Theresa Wife F M 51 UC
    HOWELL Leander Son M S 18 UC
    HOWELL Melina Daughter F S 24 UC
    HOWELL Laura Jane Daughter F S 20 UC
    HOWELL Clara Maria Daughter F S 15 UC
213 275 HOWELL Esau Head M M 36 UC
    HOWELL Edith Lillian Wife F M 35 UC
    HOWELL Claude Wilfred Son M S 6 UC
    HOWELL Ella Gertrude Daughter F S 10 UC
    HOWELL Theresa Jane Mother F W 56 UC
214 276 HOWELL Nathan Head M M 33 UC
    HOWELL Gertrude Wife F M 32 UC
    HOWELL Edward James Son M S 10 UC
    HOWELL Samuel Robert Son M S 7 UC
    HOWELL Randolph Wilson Son M S 5 UC
    HOWELL Esau Son M S 2 UC
    HOWELL Lucy Mildred Daughter F S 12 UC
215 277 SHEPPARD Walter Head M M 49 CE
    SHEPPARD Louisa Wife F M 47 CE
    SHEPPARD Frank W Son M S 21 CE
    SHEPPARD Walter W Son M S 8 CE
    SHEPPARD Jean Amelia Daughter F S 14 CE
    SHEPPARD Alfreda Daughter F S 11 CE
    SHEPPARD Reginald Cousin M S 20 CE
PAGE 127                
216 278 WINTER Eric B Head M M 34 CE
    WINTER June Wife F M 33 CE
    WINTER Eric B (Jr) Son M S 4 CE
    WINTER Jolene (sic) A Daughter F S 6 CE
217 279 WINTER George Head M M 67 CE
    WINTER Leah Wife F M 56 CE
    WINTER Kenneth G Son M S 22 CE
    WHITE Daisy Pearl Grand Daughter F S 11 CE
218 280 WINTER Job Sr. Head M M 53 CE
    WINTER Sarah E Wife F M 51 CE
    WINTER Albert E Son M S 19 CE
    WINTER Ronald H Son M S 14 CE
219 281 HUNT Abram Isaac Head M M 53 UC
    HUNT Virtue Ann Wife F M 52 UC
    HUNT Jacob Adopted Son M S 11 UC
220 282 HUNT Roland Thomas Head M M 26 UC
    HUNT Nellie V Wife F M 23 UC
221 283 HUNT Ernest Edgar Head M M 50 UC
    HUNT Beatrice Lillian Wife F M 48 UC
    HUNT Cecil Son M S 19 UC
    HUNT Herbert Son M S 14 UC
    HUNT Harry Edward Son M S 12 UC
    HUNT Arthur Willie Son M S 9 UC
222 284 BOWN Gideon Head M M 52 CE
    BOWN Delilah Wife F M 56 CE
    SPURRELL Netta Olive Domestic F S 17 CE
  285 BOWN Herbert Head M M 19 CE
    BOWN Gwendolyne (sic) Wife F M 17 CE
223 286 BOWN Wm Wilfred Head M M 23 CE
    BOWN Grace Darling Wife F M 22 CE
    BOWN Nina Marguerite Daughter F S 1 CE
  287 BOWN Meshack (sic) Head M M 83 CE
    BOWN Lucinda Wife F M 79 CE
PAGE 128                
224 288 WINTER George Thomas Head M M 40 CE
    WINTER Caroline Wife F M 28 CE
    WINTER David Son M S 3 CE
    WINTER Annie Jane Daughter F S 13 CE
    WINTER Florence May Daughter F S 11 CE
    WINTER Alma Pearl Daughter F S 6 CE
    WINTER Olive Amelia Daughter F S 1 CE
    WINTER Anna Maria Mother F W 61 CE
225 289 WINTER Wm Percy Head M M 37 CE
    WINTER Hettie Wife F M 34 CE
    WINTER George Edward Son M S 8 CE
    WINTER Stella Blanche Daughter F S 10 CE
226 290 WINTER Mark Head M M 51 CE
    WINTER Mary Lenora Wife F M 48 CE
    WINTER Stanley Son M S 16 CE
    WINTER Effie Blanche Daughter F S 19 CE
    WINTER Irene Daughter F S 11 CE
227 291 WINTER James Head M M 29 CE
    WINTER Hannah Wife F M 26 CE
    WINTER Ida Grace Daughter F S 1 CE
228 292 WINTER Josiah Head M M 39 CE
    WINTER Gordie (sic) Wife F M 31 CE
    WINTER Jesse W Son M S 8 CE
    WINTER Walter James Son M S 6 CE
    WINTER Baby Son M S 2 Wks CE
    WINTER Mary Ann Daughter F S 11 CE
229 293 WINTER Jesse Head M M 35 CE
    WINTER Eliza Wife F M 26 CE
    WINTER Gaston D Son M S 5 CE
    WINTER Phoebe Jane Daughter F S 8 CE
230 294 WINTER Job (Jr) Head M M 34 C of E
    WINTER Francis Wife F M 37 C of E
    WINTER Loretta Daughter F S 12 C of E
PAGE 129                
    WINTER Hilda May Daughter F S 4 CE
    WINTER Amelia Jane Mother in Law F W 63 CE
    KELLOWAY Leah Dyke Step Sister in Law F S 23 CE
231 295 JANES William Head M M 33 CE
    JANES Francis Wife F M 30 CE
    JANES Walter W Son M S 7 CE
    JANES Eric W Son M S 4 CE
    JANES Sadie M Daughter F S 10 Mos CE
  296 HUNT Walter Head M S 24 UC

Contributed and Transcribed by Mabel Macyshen nee Brennan (February 2004)

Page Last Modified: Friday June 03, 2016 (Don Tate)

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