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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Harbour Grace

Pages 165 - 176

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 165              
1 1 FITZGERALD Thomas Head M M 32
    FITZGERALD Lavina Wife F M 22
2 2 FITZGERALD Lawrence Head M S 30
3 3 FITZGERALD J John Head M M 37
    FITZGERALD Mary Wife F M 35
    FITZGERALD Michael Son M S 11
    FITZGERALD Annie Daughter F S 9
    FITZGERALD Ronald Son M S 7
    FITZGERALD John Son M S 5
    FITZGERALD Marie Daughter F S 3
4 4 GOSSE Elizabeth Head F W 58
5 5 VOKEY Jacob Head M M 48
    VOKEY Susanah Wife F M 45
    VOKEY John Father M M 73
    VOKEY Melina Step Mother F M 63
    VOKEY Phoebe Daughter F M 23
    CLARK Robert Son in Law M M 30
    CLARK Ruby Grand Daughter F S 2
    CLARK Arthur Grand Sson M S 9 Mos
6 6 BISHOP Noah Head M W 50
    BISHOP John Son M S 23
    BISHOP Harold Son M S 20
7 7 GALWAY George Head M M 43
    GALWAY May Wife F M 37
    GALWAY Mary Daughter F S 7
    GALWAY Denis Son M S 2
8 8 HUTCHINGS Joseph Head M M 47
    HUTCHINGS Maria Wife F M 46
    HUTCHINGS Norman Son M S 23
    HUTCHINGS Maxwell Son M S 17
    HUTCHINGS Fridrick Son M S 12
    HUTCHINGS Irene Daughter F S 10
    HUTCHINGS Harold Son M S 8
PAGE 166              
    HUTCHINGS Joyce Daughter F S 13
9 9 SINGLETON George Head M M 50
    SINGLETON Sarah Wife F M 43
    SINGLETON Edward Son M S 21
    SINGLETON David Son M S 19
    SINGLETON Annie Daughter F S 17
    SINGLETON Susanah Daughter F S 14
    SINGLETON Blanche Daughter F S 13
    SINGLETON Selby Son M S 8
10 10 GREELY Thomas Head M M 41
    GREELY Susanah Wife F M 34
    GREELY Edward Son M S 13
    GREELY Lucy Daughter F S 10
    GREELY William Son M S 8
    GREELY Muril Daughter F S 7
    GREELY Samuel Son M S 6
    GREELY Annie Daughter F S 5
    GREELY Edith Daughter F S 3
    STRICKLAND Lucy Mother in Law F W 72
    GREELY Jacob Brother M S 47
11 11 CRANE Norman Head M M 32
    CRANE Gladys Wife F M 29
    CRANE Chesley Son M S 8
    CRANE Leslie Son M S 6
    CRANE Doris Daughter F S 5
    CRANE Rita Daughter F S 3
    CRANE Charles John Son M S 10 Mos
12 12 BARRETT Abraham Head M W 60
    BARRETT Arthur Son M M 31
    BARRETT Annie Daughter in Law F M 30
    BARRETT Hubert Grand Son M S 9
    BARRETT May Grand Daughter F S 7
    BARRETT Arthur Grand Son M S 3
PAGE 167              
13 13 GOSSE Dianh Head F W 57
    GOSSE Peter Son M S 28
14 14 ROBERTS Thomas Head M M 41
    ROBERTS Isabel Wife F M 34
    ROBERTS William Son M S 13
    ROBERTS Lillian Daughter F S 4
    ROBERTS Harvey Son M S 2
15 15 CRANE John Head M M 35
    CRANE Elizabeth Wife F M 30
    CRANE Charles John Son M S 5
16 16 CRANE H. William Head M M 71
    CRANE William Son M M 30
    CRANE Mary Daughter in Law F M 24
    CRANE Winfred Grand Daughter F S 3
    CRANE Nathan Son M M 25
17 17 SMITH Douglas Head M M 44
    SMITH Susanah Wife F M 37
    SMITH Mabel Daughter F M 18
    NEAL Samuel Son in Law M M 22
    SMITH John Son M S 13
    SMITH Erick Son M S 9
    SMITH Lewis Son M S 4 Mos
    No Entry Not Named (sic) Grand Sson M S 1 Day
18 18 SMITH Lemuel Head M M 60
    SMITH Mary Wife F M 54
    SMITH James Son M S 28
    SMITH Mary Daughter F S 24
19 19 HUTCHINGS William Head M M 55
    HUTCHINGS Lillian Wife F M 52
    HUTCHINGS John Son M S 18
    HUTCHINGS Bertram Son M S 15
    HUTCHINGS Jane Daughter F S 12
20 20 PEDDLE Joseph Head M M 50
PAGE 168              
    PEDDLE Elizabeth Wife F M 45
    PEDDLE Lawrence Son M M 22
    PEDDLE Ellen Daughter in Law F M 20
    PEDDLE John Grand Son M S 3
    PEDDLE Raymond Grand Son M S 1
    PEDDLE Bernard Son M S 20
    PEDDLE Leo Son M S 19
    PEDDLE Veronica Daughter F S 15
    PEDDLE Gerald Son M S 13
    PEDDLE Joseph Son M S 11
    PEDDLE Madeline Daughter F S 7
21 21 MURRAY Richard Head M M 38
    MURRAY Laura Wife F M 38
    MURRAY Chester Son M S 9
    MURRAY Shirley Daughter F S 5
    MURRAY Helen Daughter F S 4
22 22 CLARK Isaac Head M W 75
    CLARK David Son M S 41
    CLARK Heber Son M M 29
    CLARK Marion Daughter in Law F M 30
    CLARK Dorothy Grand Daughter F S 8
    CLARK Harold Grand Sson M S 6
    CLARK Jean Grand Daughter F S 3
    CLARK Violet Grand Daughter F S 1
23 23 CLARK Joseph Head M M 35
    CLARK Odessa Wife F M 27
    CLARK Robert Son M S 10
    CLARK Wilson Son M S 7
    CLARK Otto Son M S 5
24 24 DROVER (?) Elizabeth Head F W 62
    DROVER (?) Thomas Son M S 26
25 25 CRANE Joseph Head M M 65
    CRANE Mary Wife F M 63
PAGE 169              
    CRANE George Son M S 26
    CRANE Robert Son M M 23
    CRANE Charlotte Daughter in Law F M 18
26 26 CRANE Selby Head M W 32
    CRANE Selina Daughter F F 6
    CRANE Joseph Son M S 1
    CRANE George Son M S 2 Mos
27 27 CLARK Anna Head F W 77
    FITZGERALD John Son in Law M M 42
    FITZGERALD Elizabeth Daughter F M 45
    FITZGERALD David Grand Sson M M 22
    FITZGERALD Gertrude Grandson's wife F M 22
    FITZGERALD John Grand Sson M S 19
    FITZGERALD Bernard Grand Sson M S 14
    FITZGERALD Isaac Grand Sson M S 13
28 28 BARRETT Mary Head F W 78
    BARRETT John Son M M 39
    BARRETT Providence Daughter in Law F M 36
    BARRETT Edward Grand Sson M S 17
    BARRETT Lenora Grandaughter F S 16
    BARRETT Leander Grand Sson M S 14
    BARRETT Archibald Grand Sson M S 12
    BARRETT Georgina Grandaughter F S 10
    BARRETT John Grand Sson M S 8
    BARRETT George Grand Sson M S 3
29 29 HUSSEY Francis Head F W 84
    HUSSEY Robert Son M M 54
    HUSSEY Ella Daughter in Law F M 35
    HUSSEY Rita Grand Daughter F S 14 Mos
30 30 HUSSEY William Head M M 52
    HUSSEY Alfreda Wife F M 43
    HUSSEY Irene Daughter F S 16
PAGE 170              
31 31 BARRETT Edward Head M M 52
    BARRETT Jane Wife F M 53
32 32 BARRETT William Head M M 53
    BARRETT Julia Wife F M 49
    BARRETT Sadie Daughter F S 24
    BARRETT John Son M S 18
  Twins BARRETT Emily Daughter F S 17
  BARRETT Annie Daughter F S 17
    BARRETT Irene Daughter F S 14
    BARRETT Albert Son M S 12
    BARRETT Edward Son M S 6
32 (a)   VACANT          
33 33 HUTCHINGS Solomon Head M M 30
    HUTCHINGS Beatrice Wife F M 31
    HUTCHINGS Marion Daughter F S 10
    HUTCHINGS Gertrude Daughter F S 6
    HUTCHINGS Kathleen Daughter F S 4
    HUTCHINGS Florence Daughter F S 1
34 34 MERCER Joseph Head M M 63
    MERCER Emily Wife F M 88
    CRANE William Step Son M S 37
34 (a)   VAVCANT          
35 35 GREELY of Wm. Thos. (sic) Head M M 63
    GREELY Sarah Wife F M 55
    GREELY William Son M S 35
    GREELY James Son M S 22
    GREELY Norman Son M S 21
    GREELY Leah Daughter F S 18
    GREELY Winfred Daughter F S 14
    GREELY Layton Grand Sson M S 6
36 36 SMITH Joseph Head M M 39
    SMITH Ellen Wife F M 38
    SMITH Jacob Son M S 19
PAGE 171              
    SMITH Joseph Son M S 18
    SMITH Susanah Daughter F S 16
    SMITH Fredrick Son M S 13
    SMITH Ellen Daughter F S 9
    SMITH Winfred Daughter F S 5
    SMITH Irlance (?) Daughter F S 2
37 37 SHEPPARD H. William Head M M 41
    SHEPPARD Emily Wife F M 35
    SHEPPARD Stella Daughter F S 14
    SHEPPARD Calvin Son M S 10
    SHEPPARD Isabella Daughter F S 8
    SHEPPARD Ralph Son M S 6
38 38 SMITH Moses Head M M 55
    SMITH Lucy Wife F M 55
    SMITH William John Son M S 27
    SMITH Maud Daughter F S 24
    SMITH Moses Son M S 22
    SMITH Elizabeth Daughter F S 20
39 39 BROWN William Head M W 68
    BROWN David Son M M 42
    BROWN Sarah Daughter in Law F M 34
    BROWN Edward Grand Sson M S 9
    BROWN Hazel Grand Daughter F S 6
    BROWN Angus Grand Sson M S 4
    BROWN Walace (sic) Grand Sson M S 2
    BROWN Viola Grand Daughter F S 3 Mos
39 (a)   VAVCANT          
40 40 BROWN Edward Head M M 44
    BROWN Katherine Wife F M 40
    SMITH Sadie Daughter F M 20
    SMITH Edward Son in Law M M 24
    SMITH Audrey Grand Daughter F S 1 Mo
    BROWN David Son M S 17
PAGE 172              
    BROWN Clarice Daughter F S 16
    BROWN Daphnie Daughter F S 15
    BROWN Mildred Daughter F S 12
    BROWN Edward William Son M S 11
    BROWN Irene Daughter F S 2
    CRANE Leslie William Nephew M S 5
41 41 SMITH Moses Head M M 38
    SMITH Minnie Wife F M 38
    SMITH Robert Son M S 14
42 42 BYRNE William Head M M 38
    BYRNE Amela Wife F M 27
    BYRNE Ellen Daughter F S 7
    BYRNE James Son M S 5
    BYRNE Lawrence Son M S 4
    BYRNE Leo Son M S 2
No Entry   VAVCANT          
43 43 GOSSE Moses Head M M 51
    GOSSE Elizabeth Wife F M 51
    GOSSE Pearl Daughter F S 25
    GOSSE Lillian Daughter F S 23
    GOSSE Fredrick Son M S 13
44 44 GOSSE James Head M M 44
    GOSSE Jessie Wife F M 42
    GOSSE William Son M S 21
    GOSSE James Son M S 18
    GOSSE Emma Daughter F S 16
    GOSSE Cavell Daughter F S 14
    GOSSE Gordon Son M S 12
    GOSSE Florence Daughter F S 10
    GOSSE Myrtle Daughter F S 7
    GOSSE Violet Daughter F S 5
    GOSSE Roy Son M S 2
45 45 SINGLETON Richard Head M M 54
PAGE 173              
    SINGLETON Francis Wife F M 54
    SINGLETON William Son M S 22
    SINGLETON Mary Daughter F S 14
    SINGLETON Robert Son M S 5
    SINGLETON Elisha Brother M S 48
46 46 BARRETT Harvey Head M M 36
    BARRETT Ann Mary Wife F M 33
    BARRETT Cyrus Father M W 68
    BARRETT Jeanette Daughter F S 10
    BARRETT William John Son M S 7
    BARRETT Ernest Son M S 4
47 47 CRANE John Head M W 70
    CRANE James Son M M 27
    CRANE Gladys Daughter in Law F M 23
    CRANE Gerald Grand Sson M S 11 Mos
48 48 YOUNG Williams Head M M 75
    YOUNG Ellen Wife F M 64
49 49 YOUNG Nicholas J R Head M W 78
    YOUNG Thomas Son M S 31
    YOUNG Andrew Son M S 29
    YOUNG Daniel Son M S 18
    YOUNG Matthew Son M S 16
    YOUNG Bridget Daughter F S 21
    YOUNG Susanna Daughter F S 14
50 50 YOUNG Nicholas Head M M 33
    YOUNG Violet Wife F M 30
    YOUNG Mary Daughter F S 9
    YOUNG Irene Daughter F S 7
    YOUNG Thomas Son M S 6
    YOUNG Angus Son M S 1
51 51 ROBERTS Joseph Head M M 39
    ROBERTS Alfreda Wife F M 35
    ROBERTS Laura Daughter F S 12
PAGE 174              
    ROBERTS Hazel Daughter F S 10
    ROBERTS Eliza Daughter F S 7
    ROBERTS Gordon Son M S 6
52 52 VOKEY Solomon Head M M 34
    VOKEY Ethel Wife F M 30
    VOKEY Myra Daughter F S 9
    VOKEY Nathan Son M S 6
  Twins VOKEY Jean Daughter F S 5
  VOKEY Cavell Daughter F S 5
    VOKEY Rendell Son M S 1
53 53 GREELY Herbert Head M M 55
    GREELY Julia Wife F M 52 (?)
    GREELY William Son M M 32
    GREELY Laura Daughter in Law F M 32
    GREELY Eva Grandaughter F S 6
    GREELY Maxwell Grand Sson M S 3
    GREELY Maxwell Son M S 26
54 54 DROVER George Head M M 42
    DROVER Frances Wife F M 39
    DROVER Nathaniel Son M S 15
    DROVER John Son M S 13
    DROVER Melvin Son M S 10
    DROVER Susannah Daughter F S 6
55 55 GOSSE Rueben Head M M 38
    GOSSE Ethel Wife F M 35
    GOSSE Flora Daughter F S 17
    GOSSE John Son M S 12
    GOSSE Mary Daughter F S 10
    GOSSE Gertrude Daughter F S 8
    GOSSE Ethel Daughter F S 6
    GOSSE Thedore (??) Son M S 3
56 56 SMITH Fredrick Head M M 23
    SMITH Bertha Wife F M 22
PAGE 175              
    SMITH Shirley Daughter F S 1
57 57 JEWER John Head M M 71
    JEWER Sarah Wife F M 57
    JEWER George Son M S 50
    JEWER William Grand Son M S 18
    BARRETT Abraham Step Son M S 36
    BARRETT Elizabeth Step daughter F S 19
58 58 CHIPMAN Leonard Head M M 50
    CHIPMAN Daisy Wife F M 50
    CHIPMAN Azariah Son M S 22
    CHIPMAN Hazel Daughter F S 20
    CHIPMAN Gladys Daughter F S 15
    CHIPMAN Erik Son M S 14
    CHIPMAN Viola Daughter F S 12
59 59 GOSSE Valentine Head M M 33
    GOSSE Phrone (??) Wife S M 28
    GOSSE Charles John Son M S 8
    GOSSE William Son M S 3
    GOSSE Sidney Son M S 1 Mo
60 60 DROVER Leander Head M M 63
    DROVER Rachel Wife F M 65
    DROVER Archibald Son M S 38
    DROVER Julia Daughter in Law F S 39
61 70? DROVER S. John Head M M 39
    DROVER Elsie Wife F M 39
    DROVER George Son M S 17
    DROVER Lewis Son M S 15
    DROVER Donald Son M S 12
    DROVER John Son M S 10
    DROVER Annie Step daughter F S 14
    DROVER George Stepson M S 11
    DROVER Isaac Stepson M S 10
PAGE 176              
62 71 BRAZIL William Head M M 47
    BRAZIL Ellen Wife F M 48
    BRAZIL Vincent Son M S 20
    BRAZIL Angella (sic) Daughter F S 13
    BRAZIL Bernard Son M S 4
63 72 WHELAN Thos. John Head M M 63
    WHELAN Agnes Wife F M 52
    WHELAN Ronald Son M S 22
    WHELAN Mary Daughter F S 19
    WHELAN Ann Daughter F S 19 (?)
    WHELAN Margret Daughter F S 17
    WHELAN Alice Daughter F S 12
64 73 JEWER William Head M M 31
    JEWER Sadie Wife F M 33
    JEWER Joyce Daughter F S 9
    JEWER Erick Son M S 7
    JEWER John Son M S 6
    JEWER Helen Daughter F S 4
    JEWER Walace (sic) Son M S 2
    JEWER Phylis (sic) Daughter F S 8 Mos
65 74 CHIPMAN Simon Head M M 60
    CHIPMAN Joanna Wife F M 58
    CHIPMAN Chesley Son M S 15
66 75 CHIPMAN Simon of John Head M M 70
    CHIPMAN Mary Wife F M 68
67 76 BARRETT Susanna Head F W 89
    BARRETT Hezbert? Son M M 48
    BARRETT Emily Daughter in Law F M 47
    BARRETT Florence Grand Daughter F S 12

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (February 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (February 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday April 17, 2016 (Don Tate)

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