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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 943-947

Community of
Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age Religion
PAGE 943                
165 180 PENNY Andrew HEAD M M 30 UC
    PENNY Bessie Wife F M 36 CE
PAGE 944                
178 192 LOVELACE Lionel HEAD M M 60 SA
    LOVELACE Kate Wife F M 55 SA
179 193 PHILPOTT Alfred HEAD M M 55 CE
    PHILPOTT Annie Wife F M 52 CE
    PHILPOTT Harvey Son M S 18 CE
    LODER Bethia (sic) (?) Domestic F S 21 UC
180 194 KEARLEY Edwin HEAD M M 57 CE
    KEARLEY Hilda Wife F M 38 CE
    KEARLEY Rex Daughter F (sic) S 6 CE
    KEARLEY Oliver Son M (sic) S 25 CE
181 195 KEARLEY Miriam HEAD F W 91 CE
182 196 MEHONEY (sic) Alphaeus HEAD M M 40 UC
    MEHONEY (sic) Janet Wife F M 41 UC
    FARTHING Annie Mother in Law F W 72 UC
183 197 MEHONEY (sic) John HEAD M M 32 UC
    MEHONEY (sic) Hilda Wife F M 28 UC
PAGE 945                
    MEHONEY (sic) Levi Son M S 6 UC
    MEHONEY (sic) Alphaeus Son M S 4 UC
    MEHONEY (sic) Rosannah Mother F W 65 UC
184 198 MEHONEY (sic) Archibald HEAD M M 38 UC
    MEHONEY (sic) Gertrude Wife F M 33 UC
    MEHONEY (sic) Doris Daughter F S 5 UC
    MEHONEY (sic) Arthur Son M S 2 UC
    MEHONEY (sic) Gladys Daughter F S 8 Months UC
    MEHONEY (sic) Ivy Sister F S 18 UC
185 199 HOLWELL Eliza HEAD F W 60 CE
    HOLWELL Llewelyn Son M S 23 CE
    HOLWELL Stella Daughter F S 20 CE
    WHITE Joseph Lodger M M 48 UC
    BLACKLER Samuel Lodger M W 72 CE
  200 SMART Gilbert HEAD M M 30 CE
    SMART Hannah Wife F M 22 CE
    SMART Jean Daughter F S 19 Months CE
186   VACANT            
187   VACANT            
188 201 STUCKLESS Harry HEAD M M 50 CE
    STUCKLESS Minnie Wife F M 41 CE
    STUCKLESS Edward Son M S 25 CE
    STUCKLESS Raymond Son M S 23 CE
    STUCKLESS Garland Son M S 19 CE
189 202 ATKINSON Victor HEAD M M 21 CE
    ATKINSON Netta Wife F M 20 CE
190 203 BLANDFORD Darius HEAD M M 65 CE
    BLANDFORD Emily Wife F M 60 CE
    KING Lewis Adopted Son M S 21 CE
191 204 PARSONS Dorman HEAD M M 51 CE
    PARSONS Rosannah Wife F M 50 CE
    PARSONS Fred Son M S 22 CE
    PARSONS Lucy Daughter F S 20 CE
PAGE 946                
    PARSONS Lester Son M S 18 CE
    PARSONS Marie Daughter F S 16 CE
    PARSONS Harvey Son M S 14 CE
    PARSONS Claude Son M S 13 CE
    PARSONS Eddie Son M S 11 CE
    PARSONS Douglas Son M S 9 CE
192 205 FARTHING Chesley HEAD M S 31 UC
    FARTHING Priscilla Mother F W 65 UC
193 206 FARTHING Jedida (sic) HEAD F W 52 CE
    FARTHING Gladys Daughter F S 25 CE
194 207 GINN Charles HEAD M M 46 CE
    GINN Julia Wife F M 44 CE
    GINN Harold Son M S 19 CE
    GINN Kenzie/Kezie (sic) Son M S 17 CE
    GINN Stella Daughter F S 14 CE
    GINN Sybil Daughter F S 8 CE
    LODER Sarah Mother in Law F W 84 CE
195 208 SIMMS Malcolm HEAD M M 53 CE
    SIMMS Elizabeth Wife F M 49 CE
    SIMMS Pauline Daughter F S 17 CE
196 209 FARTHING George HEAD M M 56 SA
    FARTHING Elizabeth Wife F M 56 SA
    CRANE William Grand Son M S 14 SA
197 210 WATKINS William HEAD M M 80 CE
    WATKINS Amelia Wife F M 77 CE
  211 WATKINS Sidney HEAD M M 46 CE
    WATKINS Melinda Wife F M 39 CE
    WATKINS Lucy Daughter F S 16 CE
    KEARLEY Wesley Adopted Son M S 16 CE
198 212 MILES Isaac HEAD M M 63 UC
    MILES Catherine Wife F M 62 UC
  213 MILES George HEAD M M 30 UC
    MILES Irene Wife F M 23 UC
PAGE 947                
199 214 CROSSLEY Minnie HEAD M W 62 CE
    CROSSLEY Sylvia Daughter F S 21 CE
200 215 ELLIOTT John HEAD M M 51 UC
    ELLIOTT Daisy Wife F M 47 UC
    ELLIOTT Netta Daughter F S 20 UC
    ELLIOTT Wesley Son M S 10 UC
201 216 ELLIOTT Elijah HEAD M M 56 UC
    ELLIOTT Fannie Wife F M 56 UC
202 217 REDDICK Sarah HEAD F S 74 CE
203 218 REDDICK Dana HEAD M M 58 CE
    REDDICK Lucy Wife F M 50 CE
    REDDICK Lloyd Son M S 20 CE
    MILES Sarah Domestic F S 18 CE
204 219 REDDICK Samuel HEAD M M 58 SA
    REDDICK Lavinia Wife F M 58 SA
    HILLIER James Lodger M S 24 UC
205 220 TULK Arthur HEAD M S 23 CE
    TULK Annie Mother F W 63 CE

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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