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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 661-663, 699-701 & 670

Community of
Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 699              
1 1 PORTER Heber Head M M 40
    PORTER Ethel Wife F M 38
    PORTER Selby Son M S 7
    PORTER Joy Daughter F S 5
2 2 CHAULK Wimshi (??) Head M M 24
    CHAULK Florence Wife F M 20
    CHAULK Harvey Son M S 2
    CHAULK Clyde Son M S 7mos
3 3 FUDGE Elihu Head M M 29
    FUDGE Rachael Wife F M 24
    FUDGE Levinia Daughter F S 1
4 4 BALL Lucy Head F M (sic) 59
    CHAULK Frank Grandson M S 10
5 5 COLES Heber Head M M 28
    COLES Emma Wife F M 26
  6 DOWNTON James Head M M 68
    DOWNTON Eliza Wife M M 56
    BALL Annie Foster Child F S 20
PAGE 700              
    DOWNTON Bell Daughter F S 11
6 7 COLES Richard Head M W 58
    COLES William Son M S 22
7 8 CHAULK Robert Head M M 37
    CHAULK Olive Wife F M 27
    CHAULK Gerald Son M S 5
    CHAULK Lonzo (sic) Son M S 4
8 9 DAY Henry Head M M 53
    DAY Bertha Wife M M 44
    DAY Ural (sic) Son M S 26
    DAY Doris Daughter F S 16
    DAY Lizzie Daughter F S 13
    DAY Weavy (sic) Daughter F S 11
    DAY Harry Son M S 7
  10 DAY Frederick Head M M 21
    DAY Lenora Wife F M 19
    DAY Otto Son M S 1mon
9 11 ANSTEY Eli Head M M 34
    ANSTEY Sarah Wife F M 26
    ANSTEY Alfred Son M S 2
    ANSTEY Anne Mother F W 77
10 12 PIKE Robert Head M M 52
    PIKE Kate Wife F M 50
    PIKE Myrtle Daughter F S 26
    PIKE Rodney Son M S 25
    PIKE Nora Daughter F S 24
    PIKE Alfred Son M S 19
    PIKE Robert M Son M S 17
11 13 CHAULK Abram Head M W 78
    CLARK Walter Head M M 39
    CLARK Lily Wife F M 37
    CLARK Cecilia Daughter F S 13
    CLARK Edgar Son M S 11
PAGE 701              
    CLARK Abner Son M S 8
    CLARK Bramwell Son M S 6
    CLARK Teddy Son M S 4
    CLARK Joan Son (sic) F S 1
PAGE 661              
167 183 FUDGE Patience Head F W 57
    FUDGE Albert Son M S 31
    FUDGE Overtion Son M S 23
    FUDGE Truman Son M S 15
    FUDGE Wesley Son M S 12
    FUDGE Maxwell Son M S 10
168 184 BALL David Head M W 61
    BALL Chesley Son M M 34
    BALL Albert Son M   19
    BALL Hannah Daughter F S 18
    BALL Frederick Son M S 16
    BALL Elise Daughter F S 13
    BALL Eliza Daughter F S 11
PAGE 662              
    BALL Garland Son M S 9
    BALL Alice Domestic F W 36
169 185 BALL William Head M M 58
    BALL Maud Wife F M 42
    BALL Maggie Daughter F S 18
    BALL Sandy Son M M 13
    BALL Alma Daughter F S 9
    BALL Ella Daughter F S 4
    BALL Ural (sic) Son M S 1
170 186 BALL Stephan Head M M 48
    BALL Lucy Wife F M 47
    BALL Levi Son M S 17
    BALL Violet Daughter F S 12
    BALL Samuel Son M S 12
    BALL Amelia Daughter F S 9
    BALL Gladys Daughter F S 4
    BALL Mary Mother F W 82
171 187 DOWNTON Simeon Head M M 63
    DOWNTON Dora Wife F M 50
    DOWNTON Amilia Daughter F S 21
    DOWNTON Dorman Son M S 19
    DOWNTON Greta Daughter F S 15
    DOWNTON Verna Daughter F S 3
  188 BALL Samuel Head M M 29
    BALL Beatrice Wife F M 26
    BALL Lester Son M S 7
    BALL Lorna Daughter F S 5
    BALL Mavis Daughter F S 3
    BALL Freeman Son M S 2
172 189 CHAULK Walter Head M M 37
    CHAULK Susanna Wife F M 36
    CHAULK Hiram Son M S 15
    CHAULK Grace Daughter F S 14
PAGE 663              
    CHAULK Whyman (sic) Son M S 12
    CHAULK Cyril Son M S 8
    CHAULK Minnie Daughter F S 7
    CHAULK Jack Son M S 7
    CHAULK Katheleen Daughter F S 2
173 190 FUDGE Charley Head M M 26
    FUDGE Bessie Wife F M 26
    PERRY Jack Foster Child M S 7
174 191 CHAULK Elihu Head M M 47
    CHAULK Daisy Wife F M 32
    CHAULK Fronie (sic) Daughter F S 7
    CHAULK Harold Nephew M S 10
175 192 WELLS Walter Head M M 28
    WELLS Theresa Wife F M 22
    WELLS Gilbert Son M S 2
    WELLS Ada Daughter F S 8mos
    WELLS Gerald Nephew M S 4
PAGE 670              
No # No # PORTER Herbert No Entry M M 40

Transcribed by Kay Parsons (February 2006)

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 Don Tate

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