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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Harbour Main

Pages 192 - 199

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE # 192              
1 1 CLARK Mark Head M M 69
    CLARK Elizabeth Wife F M 64
    CLARK Linton Son M M 43
    CLARK William Son M S 32
    CLARK Roland Son M S 29
    CLARK Ethel Daughter F S 40
    CLARK Lillian Daughter F S 19
2 2 CLARK Linton Head M M 43
    CLARK Blanche Wife F M 38
    CLARK Shirley Son M S 16
    CLARK Olga Daughter F S 6
3 3 CLARK John F Head M M 74
    CLARK Clara Wife F M 75
    CLARK John Son M M 35
    CLARK Selina Daughter in Law F M 28
4 4 CLARK Arthur Head M W 83
    CLARK Israel Son M M 45
    CLARK Florence Daughter in Law F M 39
    CLARK Hubert Son M S 20
    CLARK Earnest Son M S 17
    CLARK Vincent Son M S 13
    CLARK James Son M S 7
    CLARK Hazel Daughter F S 16
    CLARK Eliza Daughter F S 14
  5 STAPLETON Edmund Head M M 65
    STAPLETON Amelia Wife F M 46
    STAPLETON Edmund Jr Son M S 28
    STAPLETON Sylvester Son M S 23
    STAPLETON John Son M S 20
  6 STAPLETON Michael J Head M M 57
    STAPLETON Julia Wife F M 50
    STAPLETON Mary Daughter F S 24
    STAPLETON Agnus (sic) Son F S 23
PAGE 193              
    STAPLETON Leo Son M S 21
    STAPLETON Mercedes Daughter F S 18
    STAPLETON Francis Daughter F S 17
    STAPLETON Thomas Son M S 15
    STAPLETON Winnifred Daughter F S 13
    STAPLETON Joseph Son M S 11
    STAPLETON Ellen Daughter F S 9
    STAPLETON Vincent Son M S 8
7 7 STAPLETON Terrence Head M S 70
8 8 STAPLETON Thomas Head M M 29
    STAPLETON Winnifred Wife F M 27
    STAPLETON Elizabeth Daughter F S 2 mos
9 9 STAPLETON Richard Head M M 64
    STAPLETON Elizabeth Sr Wife F M 54
    STAPLETON James Son M S 31
    STAPLETON Michael Son M S 27
    STAPLETON William Son M S 21
    STAPLETON Herbert Son M S 20
    STAPLETON Edward Son M S 17
    STAPLETON Gerald Son M S 14
    STAPLETON Madeline Daughter F S 23
    STAPLETON Doris Daughter F S 11
10 10 TRAVERS Ellen Head F W 74
    TRAVERS Sarah Daughter F S 37
    TRAVERS Thomas Son M S 35
11 11 LAWLOR Andrew Head M M 36
    LAWLOR Hannah Wife F M 30
    LAWLOR Reta (sic) Daughter F S 8
    LAWLOR Mildrid (sic) Daughter F S 5
    LAWLOR Raymond Son M S 4 mos
12 12 LAWLOR Richard Head M M 59
    LAWLOR Margaret Wife F M 55
    LAWLOR Bernard Son M S 28
PAGE 194              
    LAWLOR Robert Son M M 25
    LAWLOR Elsie Daughter in Law F M 21
    LAWLOR Rose Mary Daughter F S 14 mos
    LAWLOR Thomas Son M S 24
    LAWLOR Leo Son M S 18
13 13 TRAVERS John Head M M 56
    TRAVERS Mary Wife F M 48
    TRAVERS Mary Ellen Daughter F S 25
14 14 LAWLOR John Head M M 65
    LAWLOR Elizabeth Wife F M 65
    LAWLOR Ellen Daughter F S 35
    LAWLOR Martin Son M S 31
15 15 LAURIE James Head M M 36
    LAURIE Bridget Wife F M 23
    LAURIE Ellen Mother F W 73
    LAURIE Michael Son M S 8 mos
16 16 PICCO Thomas Head M W 79
    LAWLOR Peter Son in Law M M 24
    LAWLOR Alice Daughter F M 25
    LAWLOR Thomas Grand Son M S 2 mos
17 17 WHELAN James Head M M 68
    WHELAN Mary Wife F M 57
    WHELAN James Jr. Son M S 21
    WHELAN Paul Son M S 17
    WHELAN Eileen Daughter F S 19
18 18 LAWLOR Peter Head M W 43
    LAWLOR William * Son M M 20
* NOITE: The above entry has a line drawn through it. Included here for reference
    LAWLOR Kathleen Daughter F S 18
    LAWLOR Elizabeth Daughter F S 9
    LAWLOR Vincent Son M S 4
19 19 LAWLOR Benard Head M S 28
20 20 WHELAN William Head M M 62
    WHELAN Frannie Wife F M 59
PAGE 195              
    WHELAN Elizabeth Adopted Daughter F S 17
21 21 QUIGLEY*1 John Sr Head M W 84
    QUIGLEY*1 John Jr Son M M 38
    QUIGLEY*1 Bridget Daughter in Law F M 37
    QUIGLEY*1 Violet Grand Daughter F S 14
    QUIGLEY*1 Camella Grand Daughter F S 10
    QUIGLEY*1 John Charles Grand Son M S 11
    QUIGLEY*1 James Grand Son M S 9
    QUIGLEY*1 Mary Daughter F S 3
22 22 NEARY William Head M M 89
    NEARY Lucy Sr Wife F M 78
    NEARY Josephine Daughter F S 53
    NEARY Lucy Jr Daughter F S 34
    HICKEY Norita Adopted Daughter F S 18
23 23 LAWLOR Peter Head M M 34
    LAWLOR Ellen Wife F M 39
    LAWLOR Leo Son M S 16
    LAWLOR Agnus (sic) Daughter F S 14
    LAWLOR Ellen Daughter F S 12
    LAWLOR Teresa Daughter F S 10
    LAWLOR Veronica Daughter F S 8
    LAWLOR James Son M S 7
24 24 LAWLOR Patrick Head M M 43
    LAWLOR Mary Josephine Wife F M 38
    LAWLOR Margarite Daughter F S 17
    LAWLOR Mary Ellen Daughter F S 15
    LAWLOR Felix Son M S 13
    LAWLOR Ambrose Son M S 11
    LAWLOR Eileen Daughter F S 8
    LAWLOR Edward Thomas Son M S 6
    LAWLOR Francis Daughter F S 5
    LAWLOR Marie Daughter F S 3
PAGE 196              
25 25 LAWLOR Felix Head M M 38
    LAWLOR Isabel Wife F M 31
    LAWLOR Muriel Daughter F S 11
    LAWLOR Mary Daughter F S 9
    LAWLOR Patick Son M S 8
    LAWLOR Mercedes Daughter F S 6
    LAWLOR Geniveve Daughter F S 5
    LAWLOR Madeline Daughter F S 3
    LAWLOR Angela Daughter F S 1
26 26 LAWLOR John Head M M 37
    LAWLOR Mary Wife F M 31
    LAWLOR Cyril Son M S 14
    LAWLOR Victor Son M S 11
    LAWLOR Hugh Son M S 11
27 27 DUNPHY Mildred Head F M 28
    DUNPHY Grace Daughter F S 9
    DUNPHY William Son M S 8
    DUNPHY Alva Son M S 6
    DUNPHY Gladys Daughter F S 3
28 28 QUILTY Matthew Head M M 31
    QUILTY Teresa Wife F M 26
    QUILTY William Son M S 6
    QUILTY Mary Daughter F S 3
    QUILTY Wallace Son M S 6 mos
    QUILTY Thomas Bachelor Brother (sic) M S 35
    PARRELL Margaret Sister in Law F S 20
29 29 QUILTY Michael Head M M 41
    QUILTY Laura Wife F M 31
    QUILTY Gerald Son M S 14
    QUILTY Regina Daughter F S 12
    QUILTY Mary Daughter F S 9
    QUILTY Lucy Daughter F S 6
    QUILTY Agnus (sic) Daughter F S 4
PAGE 197              
30 30 DUNN William Head M M 57
    DUNN Bridget Wife F M 60
31 31 QUILTY Michael L Head M W 65
  32 QUILTY James Head M M 32
    QUILTY Esther Wife F M 22
    QUILTY James Jr Son M S 7
32 33 LAWLOR Martin Sr Head M M 54
    LAWLOR Bridget Wife F M 55
    LAWLOR Mary Daughter F S 27
    LAWLOR William Son M S 23
    LAWLOR Martin Son M S 20
    LAWLOR Edward Son M S 18
    LAWLOR Pauline Daughter F S 15
    LAWLOR Bernedine Daughter F S 13
    LAWLOR Georgina Daughter F S 11
    LAWLOR Madonna Daughter F S 9
33 34 LAWLOR Bridget Sr Head F W 82
34 35 JENNINGS William Head M M 48
    JENNINGS Mary Wife F M 48
    JENNINGS Wallace Son M S 12
35 36 McCARTHY Michael Head M M 54
    McCARTHY Teresa Wife F M 31
    McCARTHY William Son M S 11
    McCARTHY Mary Daughter F S 10
    McCARTHY Margaret Daughter F S 8
  0 McCARTHY Peter Son M S 6
    McCARTHY Helen Daughter F S 4
36 37 WHELAN James Jr Head M M 26
    WHELAN Gertrude Wife F M 22
    WHELAN James Son M S 4
    WHELAN William Son M S 3
    WHELAN Mary Daughter F S 21 Days
    McCARTHY John Bachelor (sic) M S 35
PAGE 198              
37 38 WHELAN John Sr Head M M 53
    WHELAN Martha Wife F M 52
    WHELAN Henry Son M S 22
    WHELAN Alice Daughter F S 20
    WHELAN Violet Daughter F S 19
    WHELAN John Son M S 16
    WHELAN George Son M S 14
    WHELAN David Son M S 11
    WHELAN Martha Jr Daughter F S 9
38 39 DRUKEN Michael Head M M 46
    DRUKEN Helen Wife F M 44
    DRUKEN James Son M S 23
    DRUKEN Valentine Son M S 22
    DRUKEN Patrick Son M S 21
    DRUKEN Michael Son M S 20
    DRUKEN Leo Son M S 18
    DRUKEN Sylvester Son M S 15
39 40 JENNINGS James Head M M 32
    JENNINGS Maud Wife F M 29
    JENNINGS Mary Daughter F S 6
    JENNINGS Jane Mother F W 75
    QUIGLEY*1 Mary Aunt F W 68
40 41 O'BRIEN Lawrence Head M M 42
    O'BRIEN Gertrude Wife F M 35
    O'BRIEN Albert Son M S 14
    O'BRIEN Clarence Son M S 12
    O'BRIEN Andrew Son M S 9
    O'BRIEN Edmund Son M S 7
    O'BRIEN Anastatia Daughter F S 4
41 42 DRUKEN John Sr Head M M 63
    DRUKEN Alice Wife F M 63
    DRUKEN Richard Son M S 31
    DRUKEN John Son M S 27
PAGE 199              
    DRUKEN William Son M M 25
    DRUKEN Fred Son M M 20
42 43 RICHARDS Bridget Head F W 52
    RICHARDS Annie Adopted Daughter F S 15
43 44 RICHARDS John Head M W 40
    RICHARDS Michael Son M S 7
    RICHARDS Bessie Daughter F S 10
  ? (sic) DUNPHY Fredrick No Entry M M 42

Transcribed by Susan Lawrence (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 29, 2016 (Don Tate)
QUIGLEY *1 THAT the John Quilty family is incorrectly shown as "Quigley" and I knew each of them personally and the widow and children of James Quilty, WW II Veteran, deceased, still live on a portion of the Quilty lands at St Thomas' Line, now Paradise, as aforesaid; Michael J. Laurie, B.A., LL.B.

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