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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 217 - 222

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 217              
1 1 BURDEN Thomas HEAD M M 52
    BURDEN Laura Wife F M 50
    BURDEN Hayward Son M S 29
    BURDEN Pearl Daughter F S 20
    BURDEN Mable (sic) Daughter F S 19
    BURDEN Ernest Son M S 15
    BURDEN Raymond Son M S 13
  2 BURDEN George HEAD M M 24
    BURDEN Victoria Wife F M 19
2 3 EARLE William HEAD M M 40
    EARLE Alice Wife F M 39
    EARLE Agnes Daughter F S 18
    EARLE Charles Son M S 16
    EARLE Augustus Jr. Son M S 14
    EARLE Harvey Son M S 11
    EARLE Blanche Daughter F S 9
    EARLE Marchal (sic) Daughter F S 7
    EARLE Rita Daughter F S 3
    EARLE Joyce Daughter F S 8
3 4 EARLE Joseph HEAD M M 71
    EARLE Elizabeth Wife F M 65
    EARLE Ambrose Son M M 30
    EARLE Susanna Wife F M 25
    EARLE Edna Daughter F S 5
    EARLE Norman Son M S 1
4 5 EARLE Augustus Sr. HEAD M M 35
    EARLE Mary Anne Wife F M 30
    EARLE Evelyn Daughter F S 12
    EARLE Daisy Daughter F S 10
    EARLE Thomas Son M S 8
    EARLE John Son M S 6
    EARLE Viola Daughter F S 3
    EARLE Mareyln (sic) Daughter F S 11 Mos
PAGE 218              
5 6 EARLE Heman (sic) HEAD M M 38
    EARLE Edith Wife F M 35
    EARLE George Son M S 14
    EARLE Thomas Son M S 12
    EARLE Annie Daughter F S 10
    EARLE Stella Daughter F S 8
    EARLE Everett Son M S 6
    EARLE Cecil Son M S 4
    EARLE Duglas (sic) Son M S 1
6 7 PATEY Eliel HEAD M S 75
    PATEY John Nephew M S 40
7 8 PATEY George HEAD M M 54
    PATEY Myrtle Wife F M 46
    PATEY Effie Daughter F S 18
    PATEY Garland Son M S 15
    PATEY Hayward Son M S 11
8 9 COMPTON Mark HEAD M M 41
    COMPTON Evangeline Wife F M 31
    COMPTON Caroline Daughter F S 13
    COMPTON Jabez Son M S 11
    COMPTON Lucy Daughter F S 3
    COMPTON Harvey Son M S 1
9 10 BURDEN Joseph HEAD M M 60
    BURDEN Eliza Wife F M 50
    BURDEN Harrison Son M S 18
    BURDEN Heman (sic) Son M S 16
    BURDEN Gordon Son M S 13
    BURDEN Jessie Daughter F S 9
  11 BURDEN Thomas HEAD M M 29
    BURDEN Dora Wife F M 24
    BURDEN Albert Son M S 4
    BURDEN Francis Son M S 2 Mos
10 12 COMPTON John HEAD M M 54
PAGE 219              
    COMPTON Elizabeth Wife F M 57
    COMPTON John Son M S 17
  13 COMPTON Thomas HEAD M M 27
    COMPTON Ethel Wife F M 18
    COMPTON Marie Niece F S 4
11 14 COMPTON William HEAD M M 28
    COMPTON Sebbina (sic) Wife F M 20
    COMPTON Elizabeth Mother F W 66
12 15 CURLEW George HEAD M M 51
    CURLEW Charlotte Wife F M 48
    CURLEW Albert Son M S 16
    CURLEW Ester Daughter F S 14
    CURLEW Lettie Daughter F S 12
    CURLEW George Jr. Son M S 9
13 16 GREEN Freeman HEAD M W 32
    GREEN Edna Daughter F S 13
    GREEN Emily Daughter F S 11
14 17 PATEY Samuel HEAD M M 32
    PATEY Beulah Wife F M 32
    PATEY Violet Daughter F S 4
    PATEY Norah Daughter F S 2
    PATEY Ivy Daughter F S 1 Mo
15 18 HUMBY Edward Sr. HEAD M M 73
    HUMBY Mary Jane Wife F M 68
16 19 HUMBY William HEAD M M 40
    HUMBY Diana Wife F M 38
    HUMBY Annie Daughter F S 21
    HUMBY James Son M S 16
    HUMBY Pearle Daughter F S 13
    HUMBY Laveina (sic) Daughter F S 11
    HUMBY John Son M S 6
17 20 HUMBY Eli HEAD M M 40
    HUMBY Agnes Wife F M 39
PAGE 220              
    HUMBY Joseph Son M S 19
    HUMBY Chesley Son M S 13
    HUMBY Cyril Son M S 10
    HUMBY Jessie Daughter F S 6
    HUMBY Henry Son M S 3
18 21 SAUNDERS William HEAD M M 50
    SAUNDERS Isabella Wife F M 43
    SAUNDERS Fredrick Son M S 19
    SAUNDERS Mary Daughter F S 15
    SAUNDERS Maud Daughter F S 12
    SAUNDERS George Son M S 9
    SAUNDERS Eric Son M S 6
19 22 COMPTON Mary HEAD F W 51
    COMPTON James Son M S 21
    COMPTON Laveina (sic) Daughter F S 28
20 23 HUMBY Edward Jr. HEAD M M 38
    HUMBY Jessie Wife F M 33
    HUMBY Edward Son M S 14
    HUMBY Herbert Son M S 12
    HUMBY Susanna Daughter F S 10
    HUMBY Ella Daughter F S 8
    HUMBY Olive Daughter F S 6
    HUMBY George Son M S 4
    HUMBY Maxwell Son M S 1
21 24 BURSEY Jacob HEAD M M 36
    BURSEY Blanche Wife F M 28
    BURSEY George Son M S 7
    BURSEY Netta Daughter F S 5
    BURSEY Ruby Daughter F S 3
    BURSEY Valma (sic) Daughter F S 1
  25 BURSEY Garland HEAD M M 44
    BURSEY Sadie Wife F M 21
    BURSEY Vera Daughter F S 1
PAGE 221              
22 26 BURSEY Hayward HEAD M M 44
    BURSEY Jessie Wife F M 42
    BURSEY Ralph Son M S 9
    BURSEY Edna Daughter F S 5
23 27 BURSEY Albert HEAD M M 65
    BURSEY Mary Wife F M 55
    BURSEY Abraham Son M S 25
    BURSEY Gordon Son M S 18
24 28 BURSEY Samuel HEAD M M 40
    BURSEY Susie Wife F M 40
25 29 BURSEY Solmon HEAD M M 30
    BURSEY Elsie Wife F M 23
    BURSEY Albert Son M S 5
    BURSEY Duglas (sic) Son M S 2
26 30 BURSEY Thomas HEAD M M 35
    BURSEY Deborah Wife F M 29
    BURSEY Charles Son M S 11
    BURSEY Donald Son M S 8
    BURSEY Nina Daughter F S 6
    BURSEY Mable (sic) Daughter F S 4
    BURSEY Ada Daughter F S 2
    BURSEY Jane Daughter F S 2 Mos
27 31 BURSEY Eric HEAD M M 32
    BURSEY Stella Wife F M 31
    BURSEY Gerald Son M S 6
    BURSEY Shirley Daughter F S 2
    BURSEY Bruce Son M S 1
28 32 BURSEY William Jr. HEAD M M 56
    BURSEY Agnes Wife F M 62
    BURSEY Violet Daughter F S 28
    BURSEY Fredrick Son M S 25
    BURSEY Florrie Daughter F S 22
29 33 BURDEN Allan HEAD M M 21
PAGE 222              
    BURDEN Abigald (sic) Wife F M 18
29 34 HUSSEY Spurgeon HEAD M M 40
    HUSSEY Annie Wife F M 34
    HUSSEY William Son M S 17
    HUSSEY Cisily (sic) Daughter F S 14
    HUSSEY Sydney Son M S 10
    HUSSEY Mary Daughter F S 6
    HUSSEY Verna Daughter F S 4
30 35 CURLEW Thomas HEAD M M 26
    CURLEW Martha Wife F M 21
    CURLEW Cecil Son M S 3
    CURLEW Edward Son M S 1 Mo

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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