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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. George's Bay

Pages 64 - 71

Community of
(Maidstone Valley)

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
NOTE: Pages 64 thru 69 are only titled as St. David's. On page 70, someone has later added "Maidstone Valley to the name of the comunity.
PAGE 64              
57 63 MORRIS John E. HEAD M M 59
    MORRIS Catherine R. Wife F M 58
    MORRIS Chesley Son M S 16
    HULAN Rosena * Niece ** F S 7
* NOTE: Rosena was lined out on the page. Included here for reference.
** She was originally entered as Niece but someone had written in above the original entry that she was a Grand Daughter.
58 64 McFATRIDGE James HEAD M M 39
    McFATRIDGE Rosena Wife F M 35
    McFATRIDGE Rodney Son M S 12
    McFATRIDGE Doreen Daughter F S 1
    RENOUF Claude Brother in Law M S 23
    RENOUF Llewellyn Brother in Law M S 17
    RENOUF Roland Brother in Law M S 14
    RENOUF Vera Sister in Law F S 18
    RENOUF Verna Sister in Law F S 9
59 65 RENOUF Mildred HEAD F W 40
    RENOUF Gerald Son M S 14
    RENOUF Hollis Son M S 11
    RENOUF Wallace Son M S 10
60 66 RENOUF Clement HEAD M M 65
    RENOUF Ann Mariah Wife F M 63
    RENOUF Alfred Son M S 23
    HULAN Jean Grand Daughter F S 11
    RENOUF Vida Adopted F S 11
    BILLIARD Minnie Domestic F S 17
  67 RENOUF Roy Son M M 25
    RENOUF Myrtle Wife F M 20
    RENOUF Laurella (sic) Daughter F S 1 Mo
61 68 SHEARS Robert HEAD M M 66
    SHEARS Mary Ann Wife F M 60
    SHEARS Cecil Son M S 15
62 69 GILLAM Wilson HEAD M M 72
    GILLAM L. Mariah Wife F M 69
    GILLAM Gilbert Son M S 26
63 70 HULAN Simon HEAD M M 56
PAGE 65              
    HULAN Mary Ellen Wife F M 53
    HULAN Percival Son M S 26
    HULAN Marjorie Daughter F S 19
    HULAN Lyra (sic) Daughter F S 14
  71 HULAN Silas Son M M 24
    HULAN Belle Wife F M 23
    HULAN Rex Son M S 2
    HULAN Chesley Son M S 1
64 72 PIKE Alphonso HEAD M S 47
65 73 SHEARS Edmund HEAD M W 76
  74 SHEARS Richard Nephew * M M 34
* NOTE: Richard also has "Head" written.
    SHEARS Olive Wife F M 36
    SHEARS Lela (sic) Daughter F S 8
    SHEARS Evelyn Daughter F S 7
    SHEARS Roderick Son M S 4
    SHEARS Austin Son M S 2
66 75 FRENCH Edward HEAD M M 34
    FRENCH Norah Wife F M 28
    FRENCH Mary Daughter F S 8
    FRENCH Charles Son M S 5
    FRENCH Elva (sic) Daughter F S 3
    FRENCH Pearl Daughter F S 1
67 76 ALLEY Elias HEAD M M 63
    ALLEY Helen Wife F M 58
  77 ALLEY Gordon Son M M 23
    ALLEY Mildred Wife F M 18
    ALLEY Israel Brother M S 54
68 78 PIEROWAY Alfred HEAD M M 46
    PIEROWAY Matilda F. Wife F M 40
69 79 HULAN Joseph Sr. HEAD M W 75
  80 HULAN John R. Son * M M 33
* NOTE: John has "Head" also written in.
    HULAN Maisie Wife F M 25
    HULAN Richard Son M S 6
    HULAN Robert Son M S 4
PAGE 66              
    HULAN Roland Son M S 1
70 81 GILLAM Richard L. HEAD M M 54
    GILLAM Emma Wife F M 50
    GILLAM Albert Son M S 24
    GILLAM Vincent Son M S 16
    GILLAM Metabelle (sic) Daughter F S 14
    GILLAM Lena Daughter F S 11
    GILLAM Godden Son M S 9
71 82 PIKE Willoughby HEAD M S 44
    PIKE Elizabeth Martha Mother F W 73
72 83 ALLEY Elijah S. HEAD M M 57 (?)
    ALLEY Martha B. Wife F M 47
    ALLEY Allison Son M S 23
    ALLEY Harold Son M S 22
    ALLEY Edward Son M S 21
    ALLEY Willoughby Son M S 17
    ALLEY Nada (sic) Daughter F S 16
    ALLEY Stephen Son M S 14
    ALLEY Florence Daughter F S 12
    ALLEY James Son M S 9
    ALLEY Caroline Daughter F S 3
    ALLEY Theopholus Son M S 4
73 84 GILLAM Richard HEAD M M 77
    GILLAM Sarah Wife F M 71
  85 GILLAM Kenneth Son * M M 44
* NOTE:Kenneth has "Head" also written in.
    GILLAM May Wife F M 35
    GILLAM Mabel Daughter F S 17
    GILLAM Noah Son M S 9
    GILLAM Ida Daughter F S 3
74 86 LEGGE George T. HEAD M S 50
    LEGGE Sarah Ann Mother F W 84
75 87 GOSSE Marcella HEAD F W 52
    GOSSE Pearl Daughter F S 24
PAGE 67              
    GOSSE Herbert V. Son M S 19
    GOSSE Edith Daughter F S 18
    GOSSE Grace Daughter F S 17
    GOSSE Marion Daughter F S 15
    GOSSE Ethel Daughter F S 14
    GOSSE Clair Daughter F S 12
    GOSSE Gilbert L. Jr. Son M S 9
76 88 GOSSE J. W. Godwin HEAD M M 27
    GOSSE Mabel A. Wife F M 32
77 89 GOSSE Walter L. HEAD M M 22
    GOSSE May Wife F M 19
    GOSSE Alfred H. Son M S 2
    GOSSE Annie V. Daughter F S 3 Mos
78 90 LEGGE Thomas HEAD M M 49
    LEGGE Martha Wife F M 49
    LEGGE James A. Son M S 27
    LEGGE Roy Son M S 23
    LEGGE Manuel Son M S 19
    LEGGE Frederick Son M S 15
    LEGGE Joseph Son M S 11
  91 SHEARS Alice Daughter F M 24
    SHEARS Clara Daughter F S 6
    SHEARS Edward Son M S 3
    SHEARS H. Melvin Son M S 1
79 92 CHAFFEY Stephen HEAD M M 25
    CHAFFEY Evelyn Wife F M 22
    CHAFFEY Vernon Son M S 2
80 93 CHAFFEY William HEAD M M 53
    CHAFFEY Rebecca Wife F M 45
    CHAFFEY Arthur Son M S 19
    HARVEY Elizabeth Lodger F W 77
81 94 CHAFFEY James H. HEAD M M 27
    CHAFFEY Rene Wife F M 18 (?)
PAGE 68              
    CHAFFEY Dulcie Daughter F S 4 Mos
82 95 DUFFNEY John F. HEAD M M 63
    DUFFNEY Phoebe Jane Wife F M 58
    DUFFNEY Hilliard Son M S 23
    DUFFNEY Noah Son M S 15
    DUFFNEY Ivy Daughter F S 20
    DUFFNEY Douglas Grand Son M S 3
83 96 ALLEY Edwin HEAD M M 30
    ALLEY Effie Wife F M 27
    ALLEY Godfrey Son M S 3
    ALLEY Albert A. Son M S 6 Mos
84 97 GOSSE James H. HEAD M M 79
    GOSSE Mary Ann Wife F M 76
85 98 HULAN William N. HEAD M M 61
    HULAN Marcella Wife F M 58
    HULAN George Son M S 22
    HULAN Matilda Daughter F S 19
  99 CORMIER Piercie Daughter F M 28
    CORMIER Laurella (sic) Daughter F S 8
    CORMIER Dorothy Daughter F S 7
86 100 GILLAM Stanley HEAD M M 38
    GILLAM Ellie Wife F M 28
    GILLAM Ruby Daughter F S 13
    GILLAM Lilla (sic) Daughter F S 12
    GILLAM Eileen Daughter F S 4
    GILLAM Lawrence Son M S 3
87 101 ALLEY Courtney HEAD M M 30
    ALLEY Grislia (??) Wife F M 30
    ALLEY Rosburn (sic) Son M S 10
    ALLEY Stephen Son M S 7
    ALLEY William Son M S 5
    ALLEY Basil Son M S 3
    ALLEY Beatrice Domestic F S 20
PAGE 69              
88 102 CHAFFEY Richard HEAD M M 49
    CHAFFEY Isabelle Wife F M 43
    CHAFFEY Ena Daughter F S 23
    CHAFFEY Evelyn Daughter F S 16
  Twins CHAFFEY Audrey Daughter F S 12
  CHAFFEY William Son M S 12
89 103 HULAN J. Simon Jr. HEAD M M 31
    HULAN Isabelle Wife F M 27
    HULAN James Douglas Son M S 7
90 104 HULAN Joseph E. Jr. HEAD M M 50
    HULAN Francis Wife F M 49
    HULAN Violet Daughter F S 24
    HULAN Wilfred Son M S 19
91 105 ALLEY Daniel HEAD M M 34
    ALLEY Adelaide Wife F M 35
    ALLEY Cecil Son M S 11
    ALLEY Bernard Son M S 9
    ALLEY Byron Son M S 7
    ALLEY Olive M. Daughter F S 6
    ALLEY Hughie (sic) Son M S 1
92 106 RENOUF Edgar HEAD M M 25
    RENOUF Violet Wife F M 22
    RENOUF Mona Daughter F S 3
    RENOUF J. Albert Son M S 1
93   VACANT          
94 107 MORRIS James C. HEAD M M 53
    MORRIS Emily Wife F M 52
    MORRIS Charles Son M S 30
    MORRIS Augustus Son M S 23
    MORRIS Annie Daughter F S 14
    MORRIS Wallace Son M S 12
PAGE 70 NOTE: "Maidstone Valley" has been included as part of the community name on this page and the following page.
95 108 MORRIS Philip H HEAD M M 55
    MORRIS Mary A. Wife F M 52
96 109 ALLEY Edward HEAD M M 62
    ALLEY M. Susan Wife F M 54
    ALLEY Robert Son M S 25
    ALLEY John Son M S 24
    ALLEY William Son M S 22
    ALLEY Eric Son M S 20
97 110 PIKE Willis HEAD M M 40
    PIKE Martha Jane Wife F M 35
    PIKE Octavius (sic) Son M S 18
    PIKE Lenetta Daughter F S 14
    PIKE Ronald Son M S 12
    PIKE Kelvin (sic) Son M S 3
  111 CHAFFEY James Lodger * M W 84
* NOTE: James also has "Head" Written in.
98 112 GILLAM Elwin HEAD M M 31
    GILLAM Alexina (sic) Wife F M 27
    GILLAM Elwin Son M S 6
    GILLAM Dora Daughter F S 4
    GILLAM Una Daughter F S 3
    GILLAM Vera Daughter F S 1
99 113 PIKE Charles HEAD M M 46
    PIKE Mary Margaret Wife F M 43
    PIKE Kathleen Daughter F S 19
    PIKE Adrian Son M S 15
    PIKE Herman Son M S 13
    PIKE Alvina Daughter F S 11
    PIKE Rowena Daughter F S 9
    PIKE Bernice Daughter F S 7
    PIKE Laurice (sic) (?) Daughter F S 4
100 114 HULAN Hayward HEAD M M 27
    HULAN Gladys Wife F M 24
    HULAN Edwin Son M S 4
PAGE 71              
101 115 GILLAM James A. HEAD M M 44
    GILLAM Jessie M. Wife F M 43
    GILLAM Olive P. Daughter F S 23
    GILLAM Thomas G Son M S 21
    GILLAM Sedella (sic) Daughter F S 10
    GILLAM James Son M S 7
102 116 GILLAM Thomas HEAD M M 78
    GILLAM Elizabeth Wife F M 81
103 117 SHEARS Simon HEAD M M 76
    SHEARS Susannah Wife F M 76
    SHEARS Simon A. Son M W 48
    SHEARS Joyce Daughter F S 8 (sic)
    SHEARS Edward Son M S 39
104 118 PIKE Elizabeth C HEAD M W 62
    PIKE Tolbert (sic) (?) Son M S 38
    PIKE Harry Son M S 37
    PIKE Albert Son M S 28
105 119 CHAFFEY Joseph HEAD M W 60
    CHAFFEY Walter Son M S 16
    FORTUNE Leah Grand Daughter F S 13
106 120 CHAFFEY Jeremiah HEAD M S 26
107 121 PIKE Ralph HEAD M M 44
    PIKE Annie Wife F M 42
    PIKE Edward Son M S 19
    PIKE Cecil Son M S 17
108 122 CHAFFEY Gabrael HEAD M M 28
    CHAFFEY Florence Wife F M 26 (?)
    CHAFFEY David Son M S 6
    CHAFFEY Lee Son M S 4
No Entry No Entry PIKE James No Entry M S 18

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (November 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (December 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday August 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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