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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 184 - 187

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 184              
1 1 PILGRIM Elihu HEAD M M 52
    PILGRIM Rachel Wife F M 54
    PILGRIM Fred Son M S 26
    PILGRIM William Son M S 18
    PILGRIM Albert S. Son M S 12
    PILGRIM Emma E. Daughter F S 16
  2 PILGRIM Harvey Son M M 28
    PILGRIM Chatfield Daughter in Law F M 23
2 3 CULL Henry HEAD M M 30
    CULL Ernestine Wife F M 24
    CULL Hilda Daughter F S 8
    CULL Muriel Daughter F S 3
    PILGRIM Annie Wife F M 43
    PILGRIM Dorman Son M S 15
    PILGRIM Ernest Son M S 11
    PILGRIM Bride Daughter     8
4 5 PILGRIM Wilson HEAD M M 42
    PILGRIM Florence Wife F M 36
    PILGRIM Jonathan Son M S 17
    PILGRIM Tobias Son M S 7
    PILGRIM Garfield Son M S 4
    PILGRIM Gertrude Daughter F S 14
    PILGRIM Louisa Daughter F S 11
    PILGRIM Miriam C Daughter F S 3 Mos
5 6 HILLIER John HEAD M M 72
    HILLIER Mary Louise Wife F M 63
6 7 PATEY Richard HEAD M M 41
    PATEY Buelah (sic) Wife F M 38
No Entry No Entry PILGRIM John HEAD M M 25
No Entry No Entry PILGRIM Beatrice Wife F M 22
PAGE 185              
6 7 PATEY Vaze (sic) Adopted Son M S 14
    PATEY Clyde Son M S 2
    PATEY Stella Daughter F S 15
    PATEY Leah Daughter F S 13
    PATEY Greta Daughter F S 8
7 8 PILGRIM Albert HEAD M W 83
    PILGRIM Thomas Son M S 61
    PILGRIM Muriel Servant F S 25
  9 PILGRIM Howard Son M M 39
    PILGRIM Clara Daughter in Law F M 40
    RICE Thomas Adopted Grandson M S 7
8 10 PILGRIM Albert E HEAD M M 50
    PILGRIM Minnie Wife F M 47
    PILGRIM Reginald W Son M S 15
9 11 PILGRIM Richard H HEAD M M 31
    PILGRIM Mary Ann Wife F M 30
    PILGRIM Edward N Son M S 5
    PILGRIM Helen Verge Daughter F S 7
    PILGRIM Jeannette Daughter F S 3
10 12 PILGRIM Ann Elizabeth HEAD F W 69
    PILGRIM Charles A Son M M 35
    PILGRIM Sarah J Daughter in Law F M 30
    PILGRIM Gordon S Grandson M S 4
  13 PILGRIM George M Son M M 33
    PILGRIM Victoria M Daughter in Law F M 26
    PILGRIM Allan S Grandson M S 5
    PILGRIM Clarence A Grandson M S 3
11 14 PATEY Cleopas (sic) HEAD M M 45
    PATEY Julia Wife F M 44
    PATEY William W Son M S 17
    PATEY Herbert Adopted Son M S 16
    PATEY Sarah B Daughter F S 20
    PATEY Phyllis B Daughter F S 11
PAGE 186              
12 15 SIMMS Elias HEAD M M 64
    SIMMS Mary Wife F M 57
    SIMMS George Son M S 27
    SIMMS Raymond Son M S 23
    SIMMS Chatfield Daughter F S 16
    SIMMS Deffie (?) Daughter F S 15
13 16 SIMMS Thomas HEAD M M 63
    SIMMS Jane F. Wife F M 53
    SIMMS Jacob W. Son M S 26
    SIMMS Rueben Son M S 25
    SIMMS Sandy Son M S 21
    SIMMS Alesander Son M S 19
    SIMMS Maud Daughter F S 33
    SIMMS Edna Daughter F S 16
    SIMMS Victor Son M S 22
14 17 PILGRIM Adam HEAD M M 47
    PILGRIM Senith (sic) Wife F M 45
    PILGRIM Gilbert B. Son M S 7
15 18 PILGRIM Elihu F. HEAD M M 52
    PILGRIM Emmeline Wife F M 45
    PILGRIM Louis G. Son M S 16
    PILGRIM Roland M. Son M S 3
    PILGRIM Una Daughter F S 14
    PILGRIM Lucretia Daughter F S 12
    PILGRIM Ethel Daughter F S 7
16 19 SIMMS Harrison HEAD M M 32
    SIMMS Annie Wife F M 28
    SIMMS Clement G. Son M S 4
    SIMMS Dulcie L. Daughter F S 1
17 20 PILGRIM Henry HEAD M M 58
    PILGRIM Lucy Wife F M 57
    PILGRIM Gideon Son M S 24
    PILGRIM Pierce (?) Son M S 21
    PILGRIM Florence Daughter F S 10
PAGE 187              
    PILGRIM Jessie Daughter F S 7
18 21 PILGRIM Stewart Son M M 26
    PILGRIM Buelah Daughter in Law F M 21
    PILGRIM Rita M. Grand Daughter F S 11 Mos
19 22 LODER Arthur HEAD M M 25
    LODER Olive Wife F M 20
20 23 SIMMS Gilbert HEAD M M 29
    SIMMS Beatrice Wife F M 24
    SIMMS Valance R. Son M S 10 Mos
21 24 PILGRIM John HEAD M M 57
    PILGRIM Sophia Wife F M 58
    PILGRIM Ephraim Son M M 27
    PILGRIM Wilhelmina Daughter in Law F M 24
    PILGRIM Lilian A Grand Daughter F S 2 1/2
    PILGRIM Ivy R. Grand Daughter     16 Days

Originally Contributed and Transcribed by Stella Regular (August, 2001)

Re-Transcribed by Gervase Cunard to reformat page (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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