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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 75-86, 101-118 & 98

Community of
Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex MS Age
PAGE 101              
15 16 WELLS H Albert HEAD M M 43
    WELLS Annie Matilda Sister F M 41
    WELLS Roland Ernest Nephew M S 22
    CURTIS Wilfred Nephew M S 29
16 17 WELLS Samuel HEAD M M 48
    WELLS Beatrice Susanna Wife F M 32
    WELLS Hazel Irene Daughter F S 12
    WELLS Ruby M M Daughter F S 6
    WELLS Gertie Marie Daughter F S 2
    WELLS Annie Bell Daughter F S 2
18 18 MERCER Gorden A HEAD M M 36
    MERCER Daisy E Wife F M 32
    MERCER Nellie V Daughter F S 9
    MERCER Harvey M Son M S 8
    MERCER Allen L Son M S 6
    MERCER Ada Bell Daughter F S 9 Months
    SAUNDERS Reta Domestic F S 17
20 19 WELLS William T HEAD M M 37
    WELLS Elizabeth L Wife F M 36
    WELLS Mary M Daughter F S 14
    WELLS Elna (sic) L Daughter F S 11
    WELLS Alex V Son M S 9
    WELLS Edmon (sic) M Son M S 8
    WELLS Doris T ? Daughter F S 6
    WELLS Bernard L Son M S 5
    WELLS Raymond H Son M S 3
    WELLS Freeman L Son M S 6 Months
PAGE 102              
21 20 WIMBELTON Charles HEAD M M 59
    WIMBELTON Lucy M Wife F M 64
22 21 WELLS David E HEAD M M 36
    WELLS Hilda Wife F M 25
    WELLS Simon Wm Son M S 3
    WELLS Irene M L Daughter F S 1
23 22 SAUNDERS Harry I HEAD M M 53
    SAUNDERS Susannah C Wife F M 52
    MARSHEL Wm John Grand Child M S 3
    MARSHEL Mary Ann Lodger F W 75
25 23 MARSHEL (sic) John Henry HEAD M W 34
    MARSHEL (sic) Mary Ann Daughter F S 8
    MARSHEL (sic) Edward Son M S 6
26 24 BUTT Azariah HEAD M M 43
    BUTT Blanch (sic) E Wife F M 38
    BUTT Roy S G Son M S 17
    BUTT Ida H M Daughter F S 16
    BUTT Beatrice B Daughter F S 14
    BUTT Walter John Son M S 9
    BUTT Gordon Loyde Son M S 7
    BUTT Fredrick G Son M S 3
    BUTT Ford Son M S 2
27 25 BUTT John HEAD M W 72
    BUTT Ben Son M S 21
28 26 YOUNG Simeon HEAD M M 53
    YOUNG Emma S Wife F M 58
    YOUNG Alexander Son M S 18
    YOUNG Hurbert (sic) Son M S 13
29 27 HOBBS Robert HEAD M M 24
    HOBBS Lavinia Wife F M 18
PAGE 103              
30 28 TIZZARD Archibald HEAD M M 48
    TIZZARD Minnie Wife F M 41
    TIZZARD William L Son M S 20
    TIZZARD Louise F Daughter F S 14
    TIZZARD Cyral (sic) J Son M S 12
    TIZZARD Mable D Daughter F S 9
    TIZZARD Edward C Son M S 7
    TIZZARD Greta M Daughter F S 4
    TIZZARD Malcume (sic) J Son M S 1
    TIZZARD Ivy M Daughter F S 1
    TIZZARD Loyde (sic) A Son M S 5
31 29 SAUNDERS Francis Mildred HEAD M W 35
    SAUNDERS Pearl G C Daughter F S 16
    SAUNDERS Annie C Daughter F S 14
    SAUNDERS Arthur C Son M S 13
    SAUNDERS Violet J Daughter F S 8
    SAUNDERS Nathan M J Son M S 5
    SAUNDERS Harriett J Daughter F S 2
32 30 BUTT George S HEAD M M 40
    BUTT Dora J Wife F M 34
    BUTT May A Daughter F S 15
    BUTT Jessie M Daughter F S 14
    BUTT Ida R Daughter F S 12
    BUTT Charles E. Son M S 10
    BUTT Froney (sic) J Daughter F S 8
    BUTT Olive L Daughter F S 6
33 31 NORMORE George James HEAD M M 57
    NORMORE Minnie Jane Wife F M 52
    ROUSELL*1 Sandy Cousin M S 11
34 32 EARL Edward G HEAD M M 36
    EARL Mary E. Wife F M 27
    EARL Mable F Daughter F S 9
PAGE 104              
    EARL Olive P Daughter F S 6
    EARL Hugh H Son M S 4
    EARL George A Son M S 2
35 33 HOBBS James HEAD M M 27
    HOBBS Rosie E Wife F M 20
    HOBBS Hayward Fredrick Son M S 7 Months
36 34 NEWBERRY George HEAD M M 40
    NEWBERRY Annie Wife F M 39
    NEWBERRY Harvey Son M S 13
    NEWBERRY Gladis (sic) Daughter F S 7
37 35 SAUNDERS Chesley F HEAD M M 37
    SAUNDERS Blanch (sic) V Wife F M 37
    SAUNDERS Elsie Jean Daughter F S 14
    SAUNDERS Hugh Arthur Son M S 12
    SAUNDERS Effie Marie Daughter F S 9
    SAUNDERS Mable (sic) Irene Daughter F S 7
    SAUNDERS Sidney Chesley Son M S 4
    SAUNDERS Otto Pierce Son M S 2
    SAUNDERS Weave (sic) Bell Daughter F S 7 Months
38 36 SAUNDERS Stanley HEAD M M 54
    SAUNDERS Janet Wife F M 52
    SAUNDERS Adam Son M S 21
39 37 MERCER Adolphus HEAD M M 32
    MERCER Blanch (sic) Eva Wife F M 26
    MERCER Roy S. A. Son M S 5
40 38 BATSTONE Corbett HEAD M M 62
    BATSTONE Fannie E Wife F M 59
    BATSTONE Catherin (sic) M Daughter F S 32
  39 BATSTONE Leslie Doyle HEAD M M 36
    BATSTONE Wanetta R. S. Wife F M 25
    BATSTONE Naida (?) C L Daughter F S 2
    BATSTONE Evelyn M M Daughter F S 5 Months
PAGE 105              
41 40 GRANT Roland L. HEAD M M 38
    GRANT Diney (sic) Wife F M 37
    GRANT Myrtel (sic) M. Sister F S 33
42 41 FOSTER George HEAD M M 32
    FOSTER Delcie (sic) V. Wife F M 22
  42 FOSTER John HEAD M M 63
    FOSTER Elizabeth Wife F M 72
43 43 SAUNDERS Arthur HEAD M M 61
    SAUNDERS Lura (sic) Jane Wife F M 66
    SAUNDERS Lilie (sic) Olive Grand Child F S 7
  44 SAUNDERS Ralph HEAD M M 32
    SAUNDERS Flora Jean Wife F M 26
    SAUNDERS Philis (sic) E J Daughter F S 6
    SAUNDERS Greta S Daughter F S 3
    SAUNDERS Arthur S A Son M S 1
44 45 BUDDEN Charlie HEAD M M 50
    BUDDEN Millie Wife F M 53
    ROBERTS Arthur Edward Cousin M S 13
45 46 SAUNDERS Harold HEAD M W 28
    SAUNDERS Audrey M Daughter F S 5
46 47 WALSH John HEAD M M 68
    WALSH Elizabeth A. Wife F M 66
    RICE Garfield Grand Child M S 21
47 48 HARVEY John T HEAD M M 37
    HARVEY Diadens (sic) (?) Wife F M 34
    HARVEY Nicholas Son M S 13
    HARVEY Melvin Son M S 11
    HARVEY Freeman Son M S 10
    HARVEY Clarence Son M S 6
    HARVEY Elousie (?) Daughter F S 4
    HARVEY Llyod (sic) Son M S 3
    HARVEY John W. Son M S 11 Months
PAGE 106              
48 49 WALSH Thomas HEAD M M 73
    WALSH Hannah Wife F M 78
    SAUNDERS Dorothy Pearl Domestic F S 14
49 50 WARR Marsh Wm HEAD M M 53
    WARR Martha Wife F M 27
    WARR Norman J Son M S 20
    WARR George Walter Son M S 15
    WARR Beatrest (sic) M J Daughter F S 6
    WARR Gorden A Son M S 4
    WARR Reginal H. Son M S 2
50 51 CLARKE Walter HEAD M M 69
    CLARKE Lydia Wife F M 59
    CLARKE Selbia*10 R Son M S 35
    CLARKE Susie F Daughter F S 26
    CLARKE Loyde (sic) B Son M S 18
    CLARKE Patricia C Daughter F S 14
51 52 CLARKE Joseph P HEAD M M 33
    CLARKE Maggie A Wife F M 31
    CLARKE Calvin Son M S 10
    CLARKE Desmond Son M S 9
52 53 SAUNDERS Gilbert HEAD M M 52
    SAUNDERS Laura J Wife F M 39
    SAUNDERS George W Son M S 16
    SAUNDERS Harriet ? Elva ? Daughter F S 12
    SAUNDERS Wilbert John Son M S 12
53 54 LOCKE Chesley HEAD M M 23
    LOCKE Mary Bell Wife F M 20
    LOCKE Rowella (sic) E Daughter F S 1
54 55 GRANT Harvey C. HEAD M M 43
    GRANT Nellie E Wife F M 40
    GRANT Flora P S Daughter F S 17
    GRANT May H? Daughter F S 16
PAGE 107              
    GRANT Mildred T. D. Daughter F S 14
    GRANT Ira E. T. F. Son M S 12
    GRANT Harold L. Son M Sz 10
    GRANT Clarence R G Nephew M S 11 Months
55 56 INDER James HEAD M M 72
    INDER Mary Ann Wife F M 67
    INDER Marie Son M S 25
    SMITH Annie Domestic F S 16
  57 INDER Dexter F HEAD M S 32
    INDER Olive Wife F S 30
    INDER Pauline R Daughter F S 4
    INDER Patricia A Daughter F S 2
56 58 HAMILTON Douglas HEAD M M 43
    HAMILTON Bell R Wife F M 38
    HAMILTON Walter Wm Son M S 15
    HAMILTON Clayton E H Son M S 13
    HAMILTON Freeman A Son M S 10
    HAMILTON Jean B Daughter F S 7
    HAMILTON Selby Roy Son M S 6
    HAMILTON Ellinore (sic) M Daughter F S 4
57 59 DICKS John H HEAD M M 52
    DICKS Jelulia (?) A Wife F M 46
58 60 LOCKE Archibald HEAD M M 48
    LOCKE Emalena (sic) G Wife F M 46
    LOCKE Cyral (sic) Son M S 19
    LOCKE Reginald Son M S 17
    LOCKE Greta Daughter F S 16
    LOCKE Marjoria ? Daughter F S 14
    LOCKE Harvey Son M S 8
    LOCKE Beryl Daughter F S 6
    LOCKE Lester Son M S 4
    SNOW Robert Brother In Law M S 40
PAGE 108              
59 61 PENNEY William H HEAD M M 74
    PENNEY Susanna M Wife F S 68
  62 PENNEY Thomas H HEAD M M 48
    PENNEY Mary H Wife F M 53
  63 DICKS Pierce HEAD M M 34
    DICKS Martha S Wife F M 25
    DICKS Evelan (sic) T M Daughter F S 1 Month
60 64 GRANT John A HEAD M M 46
    GRANT Beatrice L Wife F M 40
    GRANT Joyce J Adopted F S 7
61 65 BOYLES Benjamin T HEAD M M 80
    BOYLES Jemina (sic) Wife F M 69
    BOYLES Florance (sic) Daughter F S 33
    BOYLES Frank R HEAD M M 27
    BOYLES Nellie L Wife F M 25
62 66 WHEELER Stuart (??) B HEAD M M 53
    WHEELER Elizabeth Annie Wife F M 55
    WHEELER Harold S Son M S 20
    WHEELER Donneld (sic) B Son M S 14
63 67 GILLARD Joshua HEAD M M 52
    GILLARD Annie E Wife F M 50
    GILLARD Hazel M A Daughter F S 18
    GILLARD Walter F Son M S 15
    GILLARD Daisy M Daughter F S 13
64 68 GRIMES John HEAD M W 80
    MARSHALL Maggie L Wife F M 35
    MARSHALL Henry George Son M S 16
65 70 SMITH William HEAD M M 72
    SMITH Annie M Wife F M 62
    SMITH Violet B Daughter F S 27
    BOUNDS Becky (sic) Servant F S 55
PAGE 109              
66 71 JENKINS Stephen HEAD M M 69
    JENKINS Susan Wife F M 66
    ANSTEY Garfield Grand Child F (sic) S 15
67 72 SMITH Joseph A HEAD M M 35
    SMITH Agnes B Wife F M 35
    SMITH Ethel G Daughter F S 14
    SMITH Alma A L Daughter F S 12
    SMITH Olive R Daughter F S 11
    SMITH Gladys J Daughter F S 9
    SMITH Nellie E Daughter F S 7
    SMITH Edward L Son M S 5
    SMITH Baxter A Son M S 4
    SMITH Alton M Son M S 2
68 73 MOORES Wm J HEAD M M 69
    MOORES Jane E Wife F M 63
69 74 SMITH Louise HEAD F W 56
70   SMITH Gorden A Son M S 27
    SMITH Queenie E Daughter F S 20
  75 SMITH Neil B HEAD M M 25
    SMITH Stella L Wife F M 22
    SMITH Netta E Daughter F S 1
71 76 INDER Bert E HEAD M M 38
    INDER Rose E R Wife F M 32
    INDER Stedman W Son M S 11
    INDER Chesley B Son M S 8
    INDER Billie A Son M S 6
    INDER Loraine (?) D Daughter F S 2
    EEAR (??) Jean Servant F S 21
72 77 MEHANEY Frank HEAD M M 48
    MEHANEY Elizabeth Wife F M 40
    MEHANEY Malvin (sic)A V Son M S 4
    MEHANEY Jean M Daughter F S 2
PAGE 110              
73 78 GRANT Ernest W HEAD M M 50
    GRANT Mary A Wife F M 45
    GRANT Florence B Daughter F S 14
    GRANT Mable I (sic) Daughter F S 12
    GRANT Guy E Son M S 8
    GRANT Maisy (sic) Adopted F S 2
74 79 LOCKE Ambrois (sic) HEAD M M 69
    LOCKE Bessie Wife F M 54
    LOCKE Garfield W Son M S 22
    LOCKE Thelma R. Daughter F S 17
75 80 SMITH Thomas A HEAD M M 57
    SMITH Agnes Wife F M 52
    SMITH Maxwell G Son M S 26
    SMITH Bennett John Son M S 22
    SMITH Rosie V P Daughter F S 11
76 81 BLACKLER Joseph H HEAD M M 77
    BLACKLER Elizabeth Wife F M 78
77 82 CLARKE Henry HEAD M M 73
    CLARKE Elizabeth S Wife F M 67
    CLARKE Allen Edward Son M S 30
    CLARKE Ada Grand Child F S 11
78 83 DOVE Adolphus HEAD M M 47
    DOVE Fannie Ida Wife F M 40
    CLARKE Sousana (sic) Mother In Law F W 75
    DOVE Ford W S Son M S 14
    DOVE Gerald C Son M S 13
    DOVE Marjorie D Daughter F S 10
    DOVE Pearl V Daughter F S 9
    DOVE Edith S C Daughter F S 5
79 84 CLARKE George W HEAD M M 80
    CLARKE Rosenna Wife F M 76
    CLARKE Marjory Daughter F S 27
PAGE 111              
NE 85 MARTAIN  (sic) Blanch (sic) HEAD M L S. * 45
* This may be Legally Separated.
    MARTAIN (sic) Dorothy E Daughter F S 20
    MARTAIN (sic) Clarke B E Son M S 17
NE 86 HICKMAN William W HEAD M M 25
    HICKMAN Gwendolyn V Wife F M 22
    KNIGHT Annie M Wife F M 42
    KNIGHT Everett H Son M S 15
    KNIGHT Bonnie V Daughter F S 13
80 88 CLARKE Hayward J HEAD M M 36
    CLARKE Enid M Wife F M 37
    CLARKE Olive St Claire J Daughter F S 1
    SCEVIOUR Jean A Sister In Law F S 25
81 89 CLARKE Joseph J HEAD M M 66
    CLARKE Elizabeth Wife F M 63
82 90 MERCER Elijah HEAD M M 71
    MERCER Harriet Wife F M 39
    MERCER Elijah George Son M S 18
    MERCER Ivy Jean Daughter F S 6
83 91 PETERS John HEAD M W 62
    PETERS Gertie Daughter F S 28
84 92 PETERS Theodore C. J. HEAD M M 36
    PETERS Lillie Wife F M 34
    PETERS Barbara L J Daughter F S 5
    PETERS Donnald (sic) M. F. Son M S 1
85 93 PETERS George C HEAD M S 26
  94 WALSHMAN John Thomas HEAD M M 57
    WALSHMAN Emeline Wife F M 55
86 95 BROWN A.E. HEAD M M 65
    BROWN Mary Jane Wife F M 64
    BROWN Cleopatra A Daughter F S 23
    BROWN Alma M Daughter F S 20
PAGE 112              
  96 BROWN George C HEAD M S 26
    BROWN Ethel Wife F S 23
    BROWN Margaret B Daughter F S 2
87 97 RUSSELL Edward HEAD M S 31
    RUSSELL Ethel Dora Wife F S 23
88 98 ANSTEY George G HEAD M M 44
    ANSTEY Bessie Wife F M 42
    ANSTEY Olivia Mary Daughter F S 17
    ANSTEY Dulcie (sic) Netta Daughter F S 14
    ANSTEY Chester J S Son M S 12
    ANSTEY Calvin G Son M S 9
    ANSTEY Greta C Daughter F S 2
89 99 PETERS Llewelyn HEAD M M 52
    PETERS Ethel Wife F M 48
    PETERS Robert E Son M S 23
    PETERS Gladys M J Daughter F S 21
    PETERS Elaine F Daughter F S 18
    PETERS Heward (sic) R Son M S 16
    PETERS Mary O M Daughter F S 8
90   DOVE F J Unoccupied NE NE No Entry
91   ROBERTS Agustust (sic) Unoccupied NE NE No Entry
92   PETERS Charlie Unoccupied NE NE No Entry
93 100 WELLS Theophilus HEAD M M 60
    WELLS Margaret Bell Wife F M 49
    WELLS Flossie M Adopted F S 20
94 101 HUXTER Samuel T. HEAD M M 62
    HUXTER Sarah H Wife F M 49
    HUXTER Frank S Son M S 26
    HUXTER Samson Son M S 21
    HUXTER George A Son M S 20
    HUXTER Gorden H Son M S 18
    HUXTER Herman R Son M S 15
PAGE 113              
    HUXTER Margaret P Daughter F S 12
    HUXTER Raymond E Son M S 5
95 102 HUXTER Dorman HEAD M M 36
    HUXTER Gertie Wife F M 30
    HUXTER Herbert E Son M S 12
    HUXTER Janey*11 (sic) J Daughter F S 10
    HUXTER Myrtle S Daughter F S 8
    WELLS Raymond S Step Son M S 7
    WELLS Frank G Step Son M S 9 Months
96 103 HUXTER Howard HEAD M M 31
    HUXTER Mildred Maud Wife F M 21
    HUXTER Allen Edward Son M S 2
97 104 CLARKE Frank H HEAD M M 41
    CLARKE Delcie (sic) Wife F M 41
    CLARKE Walter A Son M S 18
    CLARKE Egbert H G Son M S 13
    CLARKE Vera J Daughter F S 10
    CLARKE Lillie Nora Daughter F S 7
    CLARKE Corbin W Son M S 3
    CLARKE Infant Daughter F S 9 Months
    ADAMS Amos Lodger M S 40
98 105 GRANT George Wm HEAD M M 50
    GRANT Maud R Wife F M 40
    GRANT Hannah S Daughter F S 21
    GRANT Dorman H S Son M S 17
    GRANT Dollis (sic) M Daughter F S 14
    GRANT Lovelet (sic) D M Daughter F S 9
    GRANT Howard H Son M S 7
    GRANT Ellie Bell Daughter F S 4
99 106 HUXTER Roland Wm HEAD M M 35
    HUXTER Flora L Wife F M 35
    HUXTER Willie V Son M S 13
PAGE 114              
    HUXTER Harry W Son M S 10
    HUXTER Freddie L Son M S 9
    HUXTER Doris I Daughter F S 7
    HUXTER Jimmie N Son M S 5
    HUXTER Nellie D Daughter F S 3
    HUXTER Lillie S Daughter F S 1
    WHITEHORNE Annie M Wife F M 41
    WHITEHORNE Murial (sic) H Daughter F S 20
    WHITEHORNE Rosieland (sic)*12 Daughter F S 17
    WHITEHORNE Dorothy May Daughter F S 14
    WHITEHORNE Nina Lucy Daughter F S 13
    WHITEHORNE Lillian Joyce Daughter F S 9
    WHITEHORNE Neil Lester Son M S 7
    WHITEHORNE Loyde (sic) George Son M S 2
102 108 GILLARD George W HEAD M M 68
    GILLARD Ada Wife F M 61
103 109 PENNEY Albert E HEAD M M 53
    PENNEY Alfreda Jean Wife F M 60
    PENNEY Maxwell L Son M S 27
    PENNEY Alfred N Son M S 25
    PENNEY Rosena (sic) L Daughter F S 20
    PENNEY Albert E R Son M S 10
    PENNEY Esther Mother F W 85
104 110 SPENCER Archibald HEAD M M 42
    SPENCER Marie Wife F M 37
    SPENCER Maxwell G Son M S 13
    SPENCER Madeline G Daughter F S 12
    SPENCER Doris Pearl Daughter F S 10
    SPENCER Marjorie E Daughter F S 8
    SPENCER E?rel James (?) Son M S 4
    SPENCER Eric Son M S 1
PAGE 115              
105 111 GILLARD Henry J HEAD M M 32
    GILLARD Carrie M Wife F M 30
    GILLARD Malcume (sic) Son M S 9
    GILLARD Claud (sic) Son M S 6
    GILLARD George Son M S 10 Months
106 112 WARR Eric L HEAD M M 35
    WARR Maggie Bell Wife F M 35
    WARR Harold Baxter Nephew M S 2
107 113 WARR Reginald W HEAD M M 38
    WARR Jennie S Wife F M 35
    WARR Phyllis M L Daughter F S 8
    WARR George W G Son M S 6
    WARR Marjorie L Daughter F S 4
    WARR Mary Ann Mother F W 65
    PINSENT Mary Domestic F S 21
108 114 PENNEY Wesley H HEAD M M 49
    PENNEY Gertie May Wife F M 45
    PENNEY Arthur J Roy Son M S 20
    PENNEY Warrick R Son M S 18
    PENNEY Claton (sic) Albert Son M S 13
    PENNEY Roania (sic) I M Daughter F S 10
    PENNEY Elizabeth E Daughter F S 5
    PENNEY Gordon A Son M S 3
109 115 FORSEY Evelyn H D HEAD F S 24
110 116 NOBLE Jonas HEAD M M 44
    NOBLE Ida E Wife F M 43
    NOBLE Clayton Wm Son M S 15
    NOBLE Graham E Son M S 13
    NOBLE Donnald (sic) P Son M S 11
    NOBLE Lillie G P Daughter F S 7
    NOBLE Colin R Son M S 6 Months
PAGE 116              
111 117 YOUNG Albert HEAD M M 65
    YOUNG Harriet Wife F M 62
    YOUNG Ethel M Daughter F S 31
    PELLEY Fred Adopted M S 21
112 118 YOUNG Ralph C HEAD M M 33
    YOUNG Jessie W Wife F M 30
113 119 SMALL Azariah HEAD M M 61
    SMALL Annie Wife F M 60
114 120 MATTHEWS Timothy J HEAD M S 34
    MATTHEWS Theresa Mother F W 69
115 121 HAYWARD S Thos HEAD M M 49
    HAYWARD M Bessie Wife F M 36
    HAYWARD G Ronald Son M S 8
    HAYWARD M Hazel Daughter F S 7
    HAYWARD E Wallace Son M S 1
116 122 YOUNG Augustust (sic) K HEAD M M 33
    YOUNG Bertha Jessie Wife F M 33
    YOUNG Marie Effie Daughter F S 8
    YOUNG Margarite C Daughter F S 6
    YOUNG Elsie O A Daughter F S 1
  123 COLBOURNE Amos HEAD M M 36
    COLBOURNE Voilet (sic) Mary Wife M M 22
117 124 SPENCER Alex HEAD M M 31
    SPENCER Winnie Wife F M 22
    SPENCER Fredrick G Son M S 6
    SPENCER Ilene (sic) Grace Daughter F S 5
118 125 SPENCER Albert J HEAD M M 56
    SPENCER Dora Wife F M 52
    SPENCER Ralph A Son M S 33
    SPENCER Mary C Daughter F S 21
    SPENCER Minnie I Daughter F S 15
    SPENCER William Son M S 12
PAGE 117              
    SPENCER Watson C. Son M S 28
119   PENNEY John Unoccupied NE NE No Entry
120 126 PENNEY Eli B HEAD M M 63
    PENNEY Elizabeth J Wife F M 63
    PENNEY Florence D Grand Daughter F S 16
121   PENNEY Joseph Unoccupied NE NE No Entry
122 127 SPENCER Elim (sic) HEAD M M (sic) 60
123 128 WELLS Philip HEAD M M 54
    WELLS Florence Wife F M 44
    WELLS Cicle (sic) Harry Son M S 24
    WELLS Freddie Son M S 16
    WELLS Pearl Daughter F S 11
124 129 HULL Joseph HEAD M W 50
    HULL Pierce Son M S 25
    HULL Wilfred R Son M S 23
    HULL Pearl A Daughter F S 15
    HULL Thomas B Son M S 5
125   SCEVIOUR Alfred Unoccupied NE NE No Entry
126   McLEAN Garland Unoccupied NE NE No Entry
127 130 GILLETTE William J HEAD M M 28
    GILLETTE Matilda Wife F M 30
    GILLETTE Ernest ? M Son M S 4
    GILLETTE Lewis Wm Son M S 2
    GILLETTE Carl John Son M S 1
128 131 HEATH William HEAD M M 43
    HEATH Alis ? Wife F M 44
    PADDOCK Jack Step Son M S 22
    PADDOCK Louise Step Daughter F S 20
    ROWSELL Phobe (sic) Mother F W 74
129 132 WINSOR Earnest HEAD M M 38
    WINSOR Gladys Wife F M 35
    WINSOR Nina Daughter F S 7
PAGE 118              
    WINSOR Austin Son M S 3
    WINSOR Richard Son M S 2
    McLEAN Jessie Mother In Law F W 69
130 133 FRENCH Raymond HEAD M M 38
    FRENCH Asaneth (sic) Wife F M 41
    FRENCH William S Son M S 12
    FRENCH Jeheuerra (??) M Daughter F S 6 Months
131 134 WILLIAMS Findley HEAD M M 30
    WILLIAMS Lydia Wife F M 30
    WILLIAMS Maguiret (sic)  Daughter F S 8
    WILLIAMS Idella Daughter F S 5
    WILLIAMS Roy Son M S 3
132 Unoccupied WILLIAMS Findley Head M M 30
133 135 WELLS Roderick HEAD M   28
    WELLS Stella Wife F   28
    WELLS Calvin Son M   5
    WELLS Roy Son M   3
    WELLS Mable Daughter F   10 Months
134 136 YOUNG Alexandra (sic) HEAD M   62
    YOUNG Susanna Wife F   61
    YOUNG Lenard Son M   23
    YOUNG Robert H Son M   18
135 137 YOUNG Simion HEAD M   36
    YOUNG Louise Wife F   23
    YOUNG Dorothy Ann Daughter F   8
    YOUNG Ruth Stell (sic) Daughter F   7
    YOUNG Henry (?) Loyde (sic) Son M   2
    YOUNG Auis (?)  G. Daughter F   3 Months ?
136 138 GILLARD Aaron HEAD M   60
    GILLARD Sebena Wife F   51
    YOUNG Allen No Entry M   24
    BUTT Baxter No Entry M   21
PAGE 78              
137 139 BUTT Eloil (sic) HEAD M M 74
    BUTT Johanna Wife F M 66
  140 BUTT Julius C. HEAD M M 38
    BUTT Agnie (sic) * Wife F M 34
* NOTE: Agnie was lined out, not to be used and is included here for reference only.
    BUTT William Son M S 16
    BUTT Alfreda Daughter F S 15
    BUTT Clayton Son M S 13
    BUTT Meta Daughter F S 8
    BUTT Queena (?) Daughter F S 6
    BUTT Malcume (sic) Son M S 4
138 141 McLEAN Garland HEAD M M 42
    McLEAN Pearl Wife F M 40
    McLEAN Elsie Daughter F S 13
    McLEAN Roy Son M S 7
    McLEAN George Son M S 5
    McLEAN Dorothy Daughter F S 2
138 142 TAYLOR Earnest HEAD M M 40
    TAYLOR Lilian Wife F M 32
    TAYLOR Arthur A Son M S 7
    TAYLOR Bruse (sic)*2 Son M S 5
    TAYLOR Elgin Son M S 2
140 143 TAYLOR Esau HEAD M M 75
    TAYLOR Susanna Wife F M 65
    TAYLOR George Son M S 22
141 144 BLACKLER Frank HEAD M M 39
    BLACKLER Deliah Wife F M 36
    BLACKLER Fannie Mother F W 79
    BLACKLER Ralph V. Son M S 12
    BLACKLER Rita F Daughter F S 9
    BLACKLER Walter Gordon Son M S 8
    BLACKLER Hardy V. Son M S 3
PAGE 79              
142 145 BLACKLER Agustust (sic) HEAD M M 45
    BLACKLER Elcie (sic) Wife F M 36
    BLACKLER Harold D Son M S 11
    BLACKLER Philis S (sic) Daughter F S 10
    BLACKLER Harvey John Son M S 8
    BLACKLER Marjorie Lucy Daughter F S 7
    BLACKLER Marion Fanny Daughter F S 5
    BLACKLER Francis J Son M S 2
    BLACKLER Roy Edward Son M S 2
    BLACKLER Infant Daughter F S 1 Day
143 146 OXFORD Thomas HEAD M M 58
    OXFORD Susanna Wife F M 55
    CRITCH Mark Step Son M S 19
    CRITCH Georgenia (sic) Step Daughter F S 15
    CRITCH Edley*3 Stewart Step Son M S 11
144 147 LOCKE Norman HEAD M M 24
    LOCKE Bessie Wife F M 24
    LOCKE George Son M S 4
    LOCKE Edna Daughter F S 1
145 148 JENKINS Herbert HEAD M M 37
    JENKINS Flosie Wife F M 27
    JENKINS Ruby P Daughter F S 5
    JENKINS Robert S Son M S 3
146 149 OXFORD Robert HEAD M M 49
    OXFORD Jemina (sic) Wife F M 44
    OXFORD Voilet (sic) M Daughter F S 21
    OXFORD Alfred E Daughter (sic) F S 17
    OXFORD Mary R Daughter F S 12
    OXFORD Elsie A Daughter F S 10
147 150 JENKINS Harvey HEAD M M 42
    JENKINS Agnes Bell Wife F M 36
    JENKINS Enna (sic) Annie Daughter F S 16
PAGE 80              
148 151 WHITEHORN Steward (sic) HEAD M M 43
    WHITEHORN Dulcie Mary (sic) Wife F M 41
149   CLARKE Elizabeth Mother in Law F W 70
150 152 CLARKE Wm John HEAD M M 36
    CLARKE Pearl Wife F M 31
    CLARKE George R Son M S 12
    CLARKE Viola Lucy Daughter F S 9
    CLARKE Marie Gertie Daughter F S 5
151 153 CLARKE Arthur HEAD M M 34
    CLARKE Carie (?) Voilet (sic) Wife F M 32
    CLARKE Malcome H Son M S 7
    CLARKE Stanley H Son M S 4
    CLARKE Eric A Son M S 3
    CLARKE Bertram B Son M S 8
152 154 JENKINS Elijah HEAD M M 72
    JENKINS Rebecca Wife F M 72
  155 JENKINS Fred HEAD M M 33
    JENKINS Bertha Wife F M 23
    JENKINS Elford*4 Ford Son M S 1
153 156 JENKINS Martain (sic) HEAD M M 40
    JENKINS Minnie R Wife F M 34
    JENKINS Marie (?) Annie Daughter F S 6
    JENKINS Clayton M Son M S 4
    JENKINS Harold A Son M S 7 mos
154 157 CLARK (sic) Charlie HEAD M M 40
    CLARK (sic) Voilet (sic) Wife F M 32
155   WELLMAN Ernest HEAD M M 44
    WELLMAN Francis (sic) Wife F M 37
    WELLMAN Marguerite Daughter F S 13
    WELLMAN Sophi (sic) Daughter F S 7
156 159 WELLMAN Warrick HEAD M M 32
    WELLMAN Sophia C Wife F M 30
PAGE 81              
    WELLMAN Jack M Son M S 7
    WELLMAN Malcome R Son M S 3
157 160 WHITEHORN Henry HEAD M M 79
    WHITEHORN Lucy R Wife F M 31
158 161 WELLMAN Pierce HEAD M M 40
    WELLMAN Maude E Wife F M 46
    WELLMAN Paul L Son M S 13
    WELLMAN Bessie E Daughter F S 12
    WELLMAN George P Son M S 8
159 162 LEGGE Wilson John HEAD M M 38
    LEGGE Voilet (sic) E Wife F M 36
    LEGGE Gertrude A Daughter F S 6
    LEGGE Ruby Stella Daughter F S 4
    LEGGE Nellie F Daughter F S 5 Months
160 163 DALLEY William H HEAD M M 30
    DALLEY Jean T Wife F M 27
    DALLEY Maxwell H Son M S 7
    DALLEY Alva (??) J Daughter F S 5
    DALLEY Glendon L Son M S 1
161   DALLEY Raymond Unoccupied N.E. N.E. No Entry
162 164 DALLEY Samuel T HEAD M M 67
    DALLEY Diana A Wife F M 55
  165 DALLEY Garfield HEAD M M 26
    DALLEY Jessie W Wife F M 22
    DALLEY Ernest S Son M S 3
    DALLEY Fredrick B Son M S 1
163 166 BENNETT William HEAD M W 48
    BENNETT Hubert Wm Son F M 21
    BENNETT Daisy Daughter F S 20
    BENNETT Roland Son M S 15
    BENNETT Jessie Daughter F S 10
PAGE 82              
164 167 WELLS Hubert W Head M M 63
    WELLS Emma Wife F M 57
    WELLS Katie Daughter F S 20
    WELLS Edwin Grand Son M S 8
  168 WELLS Doyel (sic) HEAD M M 24
    WELLS Mariam (sic) Wife F M 21
    WELLS Evylen (sic) Daughter F S 4
    WELLS Gladell (sic) (?) Daughter F S 10 months
165 169 BOWERS Eli HEAD M M 38
    BOWERS Lucy Wife F M 31
    BOWERS Alma Daughter F S 8
    BOWERS Azel*5 (sic) Daughter F S 4
166 170 WELLS Edgar HEAD M M 55
    WELLS Leuie (sic) Wife F M 52
    SAUNDERS Wm H J Adopted M S 11
167 171 WELLS Rouben (sic) HEAD M W 47
    WELLS Nellie Daughter F S 16
    WELLS Theophiles Son M S 18
    WELLS Elizabeth Daughter F S 14
168 172 CRITCH Wm L HEAD M M 65
    CRITCH Francis Ann Wife F M 66
    CRITCH Doudley (sic) Son M S 25
169 173 OXFORD Walter HEAD M M 46
    OXFORD Nellie Wife F M 40
    OXFORD Reta Daughter F S 12
    OXFORD Azel (sic)*5 Daughter F S 10
    OXFORD George Son M S 7
    OXFORD Norma Daughter F S 6 Months
170 174 YOUNG Robert HEAD M M 50
    YOUNG Bell M Wife F M 39
    YOUNG Arch Son M S 16
    YOUNG Alfred Son M S 14
    YOUNG Genevia*6 Daughter F S 10
PAGE 83              
171 175 OXFORD Lewis HEAD M M 44
    OXFORD Phiby (sic) Wife F M 42
    OXFORD Warrick J Nephew M S 23
    OXFORD Delcie Bell Daughter F S 20
    OXFORD Lodge (sic) Son M S 15
    OXFORD Pierce N Son M S 13
    OXFORD Merick (sic) Son M S 10
172 176 OXFORD Alfonzo (sic) HEAD M M 50
    OXFORD Pricella (sic) Wife F M 36
    OXFORD Samuel Son M S 14
    OXFORD Harvey Son M S 9
    OXFORD Norman Son M S 7
    OXFORD Cecil Son M S 24
173 177 OXFORD William G HEAD M M 54
    OXFORD Dora Wife F M 50
    OXFORD Chesley Son M S 24
    OXFORD Elda ?*7 Daughter F S 22
    OXFORD Lillian Daughter F S 17
    OXFORD Roseland Daughter F S 14
    OXFORD Hubert Son M S 11
    OXFORD Freeman Grand Son M S 2
  178 TAYLOR Wm John HEAD M M 81
    TAYLOR Rebecca Wife F M 77
  179 TAYLOR Harold HEAD M W 36
    TAYLOR Noah Son M S 6
    TAYLOR Jenetta (sic) Daughter F S 5
174 180 NOBLE Albert HEAD M M 39
    NOBLE Delcie (sic) Wife F M 35
    NOBLE Seddella*8 B Daughter F S 15
    NOBLE Ivy E. Daughter F S 13
    NOBLE Millie N Daughter F S 6
    NOBLE Infant Son M S 1 Mo
PAGE 84              
175 181 MARSHELL James HEAD M M 88
    MARSHELL Eliza Wife F M 76
176 182 NOBLE George HEAD M M 43
    NOBLE Elizabeth Wife F M 40
    NOBLE Daisy W Daughter F S 13
    NOBLE Jamiah (sic) F Daughter F S 10
    NOBLE Joyce W Daughter F S 8
    NOBLE Herman G Son M S 5
177 183 BOWERS John HEAD M M 42
    BOWERS Annie Wife F M 35
    BOWERS Pierce Son M S 11
    BOWERS Raymond Son M S 8
    BOWERS Marie Daughter F S 6
    BOWERS Stanley Son M S 2
    BOWERS Cecil ? Son M S 1
178 184 RIDEOUT Albert HEAD M M 65
    RIDEOUT Lucy Wife F M 65
    RIDEOUT Laura ? Jean ? Grand Daughter F S 10
  185 OXFORD Max HEAD M S 28
    OXFORD Catherin (sic) Wife F S 28
179 186 HULL Roland HEAD M M 44
    HULL Lizzie ? Jane Wife F M 44
    HULL Mary Beth Daughter F S 24
    HULL Gladys Daughter F S 22
    HULL Bonnie Daughter F S 20
NOTE: Mary Beth, Gladys and Bonnie were all lined out to be omitted.
    HULL Alfreda Daughter F S 16
    HULL Doris Daughter F S 11
    HULL Edna Daughter F S 9
    WOOLFREY Sophia Mother F W 75
180 187 NOBLE Chesley HEAD M M 36
    NOBLE Elizabeth Wife F M 31
    NOBLE Elcie (sic) Daughter F S 9
PAGE 85              
181 188 THOMS Frederick HEAD M W 40
    THOMS Willis F Son F S 15
    THOMS Lucy D Daughter F S 14
182 189 AUSTINS Chesley A HEAD M M 38
    AUSTINS Fannie Wife F M 38
    AUSTINS Roy Son M S 15
    AUSTINS Ralph Son M S 13
    AUSTINS Niel (sic) Son M S 9
    AUSTINS Infant Son M S 2 Wks
183 190 MILLEY Clement HEAD M M 33
    MILLEY Marie Jane Wife F M 34
    MILLEY Harvey C B Son M S 6
    MILLEY Monford (sic) G N Son M S 2
184 191 FOSS Archibald HEAD M M 56
    FOSS Bessie Ann Wife F M 56
    FOSS Ida Daughter F S 21
    FOSS Stephen Son M S 25
185 192 MILLEY Elijah HEAD M M 39
    MILLEY Maggie Wife F M 30
    MILLEY Alfred A S Son M S 7
    MILLEY Majorie A D Daughter F S 6
    MILLEY Evagiline (sic) E. Daughter F S 5
    MILLEY Gladis (sic) L Daughter F S 3
    MILLEY Arthur Chesley Son M S 10 Months
186 193 JACOBS Uriah HEAD M M 70
    JACOBS Emmilly (sic) H Wife F M 59
    JACOBS Edley (sic) Son M S 25
    JACOBS Easu (sic) Son M S 23
187 194 CHURCHILL Jacob HEAD M M 49
    CHURCHILL Lucy M Wife F M 37
    CHURCHILL Winsor (?) G Son M S 9
PAGE 86              
188 195 TAYLOR Angus HEAD M M 44
    TAYLOR Fannie Wife F M 26
    TAYLOR Maluony*9 (sic) ? Daughter F S 5
    TAYLOR Ruby Daughter F S 3
    TAYLOR Viletta (sic) Daughter F S 6 Months
    FOSTER Lucy Maude Of George Foster F S 5 Yrs
193 199 PERRY Levi H HEAD M S 30
PAGE 98              
No Entry No Entry YOUNG Chesley HEAD M S 26
PAGE 75              
415   JENKINS Keziah Unoccupied No Entry No Entry No Entry
PAGE 76              
No Entry No Entry SMITH Benjamin Head M S 22
No Entry No Entry PETERS Cecil (?) Head M S 26
No Entry No Entry McLEOD Wm Lodger M S 32
No Entry No Entry AMOS (sic) Sydney Lodger M S 29
No Entry No Entry ROGERS Harry Lodger M S 38
No Entry No Entry RIDEOUT Anna No Entry M S 42
No Entry No Entry BAKER John No Entry M S 68

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)
ROUSELL*1 I feel that the name ROUSELL should have been spelled as ROWSELL as this is my grandfather. Vanessa (Rowsell) Raffay
TAYLOR, Brouse*2 I feel that the name Brouse should have been spelled as Bruce Norman Dicks
CRITCH, Edley*3 I feel that the name Edley should have been spelled as Hedley Norman Dicks
JENKINS, Elford*4 I feel that the name Elford should have been enumerated as Everett Norman Dicks
BOWERS. Azel*5 I feel that the name Azel should have been enumerated as Hazel Norman Dicks
YOUNG, Genevia*6 I feel that the name Azel should have been enumerated as Geneva Norman Dicks
OXFORD, Elda*7 I feel that the name Elda should have been enumerated as Hilda Norman Dicks
NOBLE, Sedella*8 I feel that the name Sedella should have been enumerated as Idella Norman Dicks
TAYLOR, Maluony*9 I feel that the name Muluony should have been enumerated as Melvina Norman Dicks
CLARKE, Selbia R.*10 I feel that the name Selbia should have been spelled as Selby R. Norman Dicks
HUNTER, Janey J.*11 I feel that the name Janey J. should have been spelled as Jennie J. Norman Dicks
WHITEHORNE, Rosailand*12 I feel that the name Rosailand should have been spelled as Rosalyn Norman Dicks

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