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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Harbour Grace

Pages 144 - 150

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 144              
1 1 LYNCH David Head M M 40
    LYNCH Bella Beatrice Wife F M 38
    LYNCH Mrytis Daughter F S 19
    LYNCH Mary Daughter F S 17
    LYNCH Mark Son M S 15
    LYNCH Rebecca Daughter F S 12
    LYNCH George Son M S 10
    LYNCH David Son M S 9
    LYNCH Harvey Son M S 8
    LYNCH Effie Daughter F S 6
    LYNCH Sadie Daughter F S 2
2 2 CLARKE George Head M M 35
    CLARKE May Wife F M 32
    CLARKE Raymond Son M S 9
    CLARKE Harold Son M S 4
3 3 CLARKE Matthew Head M M 32
    CLARKE Violet Wife F M 22
    CLARKE Freeman Edward Son M S 5
    CLARKE Gwendolyn Daughter F S 2
    CLARKE William Lewis Son M S 3 Mos
4 4 McCARTHY Michael of Thomas Head M M 53
    McCARTHY Alice Wife F M 41
    McCARTHY Alphonso Son M S 17
    McCARTHY Annie Maddona Daughter F S 15
    McCARTHY Mary Francis Daughter F S 13
    McCARTHY Ammonia (sic) Daughter F S 10
    McCARTHY Sarah Daughter F S 8
    McCARTHY Cecelia Daughter F S 4
    McCARTHY Michael William Son M S 3
5 5 McCARTHY Thomas Head M M 58
    McCARTHY Jessie Wife F M 58
    McCARTHY Bridget Daughter F S 19
    McCARTHY Thomas Son M S 17
PAGE 145              
6 6 LYNCH George of John Head M M 54
    LYNCH Winnifred Wife F M 43
    LYNCH Francis Jane Daughter F S 19
    LYNCH Kenneth Son M S 16
    LYNCH Alice Daughter F S 12
    LYNCH John Son M S 10
    LYNCH Walter Son M S 8
    LYNCH Sally Son? M? S 4 Mos
7 7 McCARTHY Ronald Head M M 26
    McCARTHY Mary Jane Wife F M 22
8 8 LYNCH David of A. Head M M 32
    LYNCH Eliza Wife F M 30
    LYNCH Mary Alice Daughter F S 7
    LYNCH Kathleen Daughter F S 5
    LYNCH Clayton William Son M S 3 Mos
9   VACANT          
10 9 DOBBIN George Head M M 44
    DOBBIN Alice Wife F M 33
    DOBBIN Gertrude Daughter F S 14
    DOBBIN Andrew Son M S 12
    DOBBIN Leo Son M S 9
    DOBBIN Angela Daughter F S 3
11 10 DOBBIN Vincent Head M M 45
    DOBBIN Mary Madonna Wife F M 37
    DOBBIN Margaret Edith Daughter F S 15
    DOBBIN Reginald Son M S 12
    DOBBIN James Davis Son M S 10
    DOBBIN Elana Kathleen Daughter F S 5
    DOBBIN William John Son M S 3
12 11 ADAMS Esau Head M M 45
    ADAMS Rosie Wife F M 22
    ADAMS Raymond Woodrow Son M S 15
    ADAMS Phoebe Jeanette Daughter F S 6
PAGE 146              
    ADAMS Lindbergh Clyde Son M S 3
    ADAMS Ruby Lorraine Daughter F S 8 Mos
    MERCER Annie Domestic F S 21
13 12 LYNCH Thomas Head M M 31
    LYNCH Rhoda Wife F M 28
    LYNCH John William Son M S 8
    LYNCH Muriel Daughter F S 3
    LYNCH Henry Son M S 4 Mos
  13 LYNCH Archibald Head M M 27
    LYNCH Sarah Francis Wife F M 26
    LYNCH Gladys Daughter F S 2
    LYNCH Olive Daughter F S 2 Mos
14 14 CLARKE David Head M M 60
    CLARKE Cecelia Wife F M 57
  15 CLARKE George Albert Head M M 28
    CLARKE Elizabeth Wife F M 27
  16 CLARKE David Head M M 23
    CLARKE Delilah Wife F M 19
  17 CLARKE Cecil Head M M 19
    CLARKE Violet Wife F M 17
15 18 GREELY Walter Head M M 27
    GREELY Ethel Wife F M 25
    GREELY Laura Daughter F S 4
    GREELY Mary Daughter F S 2 Mos
    GREELY Catherine Mother F W 68
  19 GREELY William Head M M 23
    GREELY Rebecca Wife F M 21
    GREELY Susanna Daughter F S 3
16 20 GREELY John William Head M M 32
    GREELY Laura Wife F M 28
    GREELY William George Son M S 7
    GREELY Harvey Son M S 5
17 21 LYNCH Archibald of Geo Head M M 38
PAGE 147              
    LYNCH Eliza Wife F M 32
    LYNCH Llewellyn Son M S 15
    LYNCH Jessie Daughter F S 12
    LYNCH Evelyn Daughter F S 9
    LYNCH Gordon Son M S 6
    LYNCH Hazel Daughter F S 7 days
18 22 CLARKE Robert Head M M 65
    CLARKE Priscilla Wife F M 67
    CLARKE Archibald Grandson M S 17
  23 CLARKE Robert John Head M M 31
    CLARKE Flora Wife F M 25
    CLARKE Vera Daughter F S 9
    CLARKE Mary Priscilla Daughter F S 6
    CLARKE Enid May Daughter F S 4
19 24 CLARKE Archibald Stanley Head M M 37
    CLARKE Hazel Wife F M 27
    CLARKE Ina Daughter F S 10
    CLARKE Graham Son M S 5
    CLARKE Victoria Daughter F S 17
    CLARKE Jessie May Daughter F S 16
20 25 SHARPE Ambrose Head M M 35
    SHARPE Anastasia Wife F M 36
    SHARPE Maud Daughter F S 14
    SHARPE George Son M S 12
    SHARPE Mary Daughter F S 10
    SHARPE William Adam Son M S 7
    SHARPE Ambrose Son M S 6
    SHARPE Eliza Daughter F S 3
    SHARPE Levi Son M S 11Mos
21 26 SHARPE Thomas Head M W 34
    SHARPE Elizabeth Mother F W 62
  27 SHARPE John of William Head M M 32
    SHARPE Beatrice May Wife F M 28
PAGE 148              
    SHARPE William Son M S 2
    SHARPE Evelyn Daughter F S 7 Mos
  28 SHARPE William of Wm. Head M M 23
    SHARPE Stella Rose Wife F M 20
    SHARPE Thomas Son M S 2
    SHARPE Mary Daughter F S 7 Mos
22 29 LYNCH Rebecca Mother F W 68
    LYNCH Mark Head M M 28
    LYNCH Annie Louise Wife F M 25
    LYNCH Hayward George Son M S 6
    LYNCH Clara Marina Daughter F S 3 Mos
  30 LYNCH Levi Head M M 32
    LYNCH Mary Wife F M 32
    LYNCH George Son M S 12
    LYNCH Eliza Daughter F S 10
    LYNCH Doris Daughter F S 8
    LYNCH Lawrence Son M S 6
    LYNCH Levi Son M S 4
    LYNCH Melvin Son M S 2
    LYNCH Isaac Son M S 1 Mo
23 31 BARRETT Elizabeth Martha Head F W 75
24 32 LYNCH Eugene Head M M 47
    LYNCH Bertha Wife F M 42
    LYNCH Emma Daughter F S 17
    LYNCH Llewellyn Son M S 10
25 33 SHARPE William of John Head M M 60
    SHARPE Susanna Wife F M 47
    SHARPE John Son M S 15
    SHARPE Emma Daughter F S 12
    BARRETT Abram Step Son M S 23
26 34 MERCER Archibald of A. Head M M 52
    MERCER Mary Anne Wife F M 46
    MERCER William Herbert Son M S 20
PAGE 149              
    MERCER Harrison Warwick Son M S 18
    MERCER Frederick Rex Son M S 15
    MERCER Garfield Berkeley Son M S 14
    MERCER Emerson Bramwell Son M S 9
27 35 ADAMS James Head M M 24
    ADAMS Lizzie May Wife F M 26
    ADAMS Leslie Son M S 2
28   VACANT          
29 36 DROVER John William of G Head M M 40
    DROVER Eliza Wife F M 37
    DROVER John Thomas Son M S 15
30 37 DOBBIN Nicholas Head M M 52
    DOBBIN Jessie Wife F M 43
    DOBBIN Vincent Son M S 18
    DOBBIN Bridget Daughter F S 11
    DOBBIN Susanna Daughter F S 4
    DOBBIN Clara Daughter F S 1
  38 NEIL John Head M M 22
    NEIL Anastasia Wife F M 21
31 39 COOMBS Eugene Head M M 55
    COOMBS Alfreda Wife F M 49
    COOMBS John Wilfred Son M S 21
    COOMBS Albert Harrison Son M S 15
32 40 COOMBS Cyril Edward Head M M 60
    COOMBS Julia Anne Wife F M 58
    COOMBS Cecil Thomas Son M S 26
    COOMBS William Son M S 24
    COOMBS Edith Isabella Daughter F S 19
    COOMBS Stella Gertrude Daughter F S 16
    COOMBS Lizzie May Grand Daughter F S 1 Mo
33   VACANT HOUSE          
34 41 GREELEY Thomas Henry Head M M 35
    GREELEY Daisy Wife F M 29
PAGE 150              
    GREELEY Thomas Henry Son M S 9
    GREELEY Leander Son M S 8
    GREELEY William Son M S 3
35 42 MERCER Nathaniel Head M M 27
    MERCER Lenora Wife F M 22
    MERCER Arthur Son M S 2

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (February 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (February 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday April 17, 2016 (Don Tate)

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