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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Placentia & St. Mary's

Pages 344 - 346

Community of

PAGE 314                      
49   LINERD Thomas Head M M 51 O 50 4 No
    LINERD Virtue Wife F M 47        
    LINERD Patrick Son M S 15        
    LINERD Domenic Son M S 13        
    LINERD Francis Son M S 10        
    LINERD Stila (sic) Dau F S 8        
50   LINERD Bridget Head F W 55 O 75 3 No
    LINERD Ignatius Son M S 19        
    LINERD Gertie Dau F S 16        
51   WIFFIN James Head M M 56 O 50 3 No
    WIFFIN Kate Wife F M 54        
    WIFFIN Jusse (sic) (?) Son M S 24        
    WIFFIN Thomas Son M S 21        
    WIFFIN Antney (sic) Son M S 19        
    WIFFIN Susana (sic) Dau F S 15        
52   WIFFIN Edward Head M M 28 O 100 4 No
    WIFFIN Ida Wife F M 32        
53   WIFFIN Androw (sic) Head M M 60 O 100 3 No
    WIFFIN Sara (sic) Wife F M 54        
    WIFFIN Aguston (sic) Son M S 21        
PAGE 315                      
    WIFFIN Patrick Son M S 17        
    WIFFIN Marsiles (sic) Dau F S 13        
54   BEST William Head M W 76 O 900 6 No
    BEST Charel (?) Son M S 35        
    BEST Thomas Son M S 29        
55   BEST Agns (sic) Head F W 68 O 50 3 No
    SULLEY Thomas Adopted Son M M 22        
    BEST Fannie Grand Mother F W 75        
56   BEST Morais (?) Head M M 26 (?) O 100 5 No
    BEST Mary Wife F M 29        
    BEST Josey (sic) Dau F S 3        
    BEST Tresa (sic) Dau F S 2        
    BEST Annie Dau F S 7 Mos        
57   BEST Robert Head M M 38 O 80 5 No
    BEST July (sic) Wife F M 37        
    BEST Hazel Dau F S 13        
    BEST Reata (sic) Dau F S 12        
    BEST Alles (sic) Dau F S 3        
    NEWMAN Moley (sic) Step Dau F S 14        
    NEWMAN Agens (sic) Step Dau F S 10        
58   BEST John Head M M 44 O 100 7 No
    BEST Lessie (sic) Wife F M 40        
    BEST Ronald son M S 6        
    BEST Reman (sic) Son M S 1        
    BEST Gertie Dau F S 16        
    BEST Angel (sic) Dau F S 11        
    BEST Bertia (sic) Dau F S 10        
    BEST Alles (sic) Dau F S 8        
    BEST Ida Dau F S 3        
59   BEST James Head M M 60 O 500 7 No
    BEST Mary Wife F M 65        
    BEST Edward Son M S 33        
PAGE 316                      
60   BEST Leo Head M M 36 O 500 7 No
    BEST Marion Wife F M 25        
    BEST Morse (sic) Son M S 3        
    BEST Domanac (sic) Son M S 1        
    BEST Thomas Son M   1 Mo        
61   BEST Joseph Head M M 40 O 100 4 No
    BEST Minnie Wife F M 36        
    BEST Bernard Son M S 10        
    BEST James Son M S 8        
62   BEST Jenahna (?) Head F W 80 O 100 5 No
63   BEST John M. Head M M 49 O 100 6 No
    BEST Bridget Wife F M 40        
    BEST Patrick Son M S 18        
    BEST Malcolm Son M S 11        
    BEST William son M S 4        
    BEST Mary Ellen Dau F S 15        
    BEST Esther Dau F S 13        
    BEST Roda (sic) Dau F S 9        
    BEST Keatrin (?) Dau F S 7        
    BEST Blanche Dau F S 2        

Transcribed by Patricia Jackson (June 2002)

Page Revised: March - 2003 (Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Thursday August 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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