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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 10-12

Community of
Shoe Cove Brook
Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age Religion
Located on East side of Baie Verte Peninsula
PAGE 10                
59 71 GRAY Dorman HEAD M M 35 UC
    GRAY Alice Wife F M 34 UC
    GRAY Ida Daphne Daughter F S 15 UC
    GRAY George Raymond Son M S 11 UC
    GRAY Dorman Francis Son M S 7 UC
    GRAY George Father M W 80 UC
60 72 GRAY John Henry HEAD M M 55 UC
    GRAY Janet Maud Wife F M 49 UC
    GRAY Willie George Son M S 22 UC
    GRAY Josephine May Daughter F S 20 UC
    GRAY Charles Merricks Son M S 15 UC
    GRAY Clarence Taylor Son M S 12 UC
    NEWBURY Marjerie (sic) Annie Adopted Daughter Orphan F S 11 UC
61 73 HARDING John HEAD M M 82 CE
    HARDING Mary Ann Wife F M 79 CE
  74 HODDINOTT George Son in Law M M 49 CE
    HODDINOTT Sarah None * F M 35 CE
* NOTE: There is a notation in relat. column that says 2nd wife
    HODDINOTT Daisy Grand Daughter F S 21 CE
    HODDINOTT Viola May None (sic) F S 5 CE
PAGE 11                
    HODDINOTT Phillis (sic) Velma None (sic) F S 2 CE
    STARKE Meta Mabel None (sic) F S 9 UC
    STARKE Ruby Bell None (sic) F S 7 * UC
* Note: Original entry was 8. Age oif 8 was penciled in later.
62 75 GRAY Thomas George HEAD M M 47 UC
    GRAY Margaret Wife F M 33 UC
    GRAY Cyril Son M S 11 UC
    GRAY Audrey Daughter F S 9 UC
    GRAY Eric Son M S 6 UC
    GRAY Myrtice (sic) Daughter F S 3 UC
    GRAY Maxwell Son M S 2 UC
    GRAY Leander Son M S 23 UC
63 76 WELSHMAN Martha Ann HEAD F W 73 UC
    WELSHMAN Edward Charles Son M M 43 UC
    WELSHMAN Annie Daughter in Law F M 42 UC
    WELSHMAN Harold William * Grand Son M S 20 UC
* NOTE: This individual was lined out on the original page.
    WELSHMAN Lucy Grand Daughter F S 18 UC
    WELSHMAN Gertie Grand Daughter F S 16 UC
    WELSHMAN Charles Americ (?) Grand Son M S 13 UC
    WELSHMAN Jessie Grand Daughter F S 11 UC
    WELSHMAN Lily May Grand Daughter F S 8 UC
    WELSHMAN Harvey Grand Son M S 6 UC
64 77 GRAY John Albert HEAD M M 62 UC
    GRAY Naomi Wife F M 39 UC
    GRAY Pearl Marie Daughter F S 17 UC
    GRAY Annie Beatrice Daughter F S 14 UC
65 78 GRAY Bessie HEAD F M 41 CE
    GRAY John Foster Husband M M 33 UC
    WELSHMAN Vera Marie Daughter F S 15 UC
66 79 NOSEWORTHY George Kenneth HEAD M M (sic) 82 UC
    NOSEWORTHY Mariah Ann Wife F M 84 UC
    NOSEWORTHY Alfreda Daughter F S 48 UC
  80 NOSEWORTHY Lorenzo Son M M 50 UC
PAGE 12                
    NOSEWORTHY Dorcas Lydia Daughter in Law F M 53 UC
    NOSEWORTHY Baxter Bob Grand Son M S 26 UC
    NOSEWORTHY Annie L. Jane Grand Daughter F S 23 UC
    NOSEWORTHY Alfreda P. May Grand Daughter F S 20 UC
    NOSEWORTHY Myrtice Lizzy Grand Daughter F S 18 UC
    CRITCH Mervin Claude Great Grand Son M S 6 UC
67 81 WALSHMAN John HEAD M M 55 UC
    WALSHMAN Mary Ann Wife F M 54 UC
    WALSHMAN Willis Son M S 23 UC
    WALSHMAN Lydia Daughter F S 19 UC
    WALSHMAN Walter James Son M S 14 UC
68 82 FOSS Stephen HEAD M M 69 UC
    FOSS Mary Wife F M 57 UC
69 83 SAUNDERS George Robert HEAD M M 54 UC
    SAUNDERS Rachel Wife F M 50 UC
    SAUNDERS Ida Florence Adopted Daughter F S 15 UC
    SAUNDERS Walter Cousin M S 14 UC
70 84 GRAY James William HEAD M M 63 UC
    GRAY Mary Ann Wife F M 54 UC
    GRAY Nellie Daughter F S 26 UC
    GRAY Harold Son M S 20 UC
    GRAY Allan James Son M S 19 UC
    GRAY Gladys Marie Grand Daughter F S 9 UC
    BOWENS Willis Lodger M S 23 UC
71   VACANT            
72   VACANT            
73   VACANT            

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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