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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Fogo

Pages 274 - 276

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 274              
1 1 TARRANT Joshua HEAD M M 52
    TARRANT Louisa Wife F M 55
    TARRANT Thomas Son M S 25
    TARRANT Jane Daughter F S 20
2 2 TARRANT George HEAD M M (sic) 40
    TARRANT Maud Daughter F S 18
    TARRANT Andrew Son M S 6
  3 TARRANT Robert HEAD M M 21
    TARRANT Rosanna Wife F M 24
  4 COLES George HEAD M M 52
    COLES Jessie Wife F M 44
    COLES Mary Daughter F S 20
    COLES Stephen Son M S 18
    COLES Simeon Son M S 12
    COLES Hazel Daughter F S 8
    COLES Harvey Son M S 2
3 No Entry TARRANT Stephen Father in Law M W 73
4 5 OSMOND Charlie HEAD M M 50
    OSMOND Martha Wife F M 37
    OSMOND Mary Esther Daughter F S 14
    OSMOND John Henry Son M S 10
    OSMOND Arthur George Son M S 8
    OSMOND Nathaniel Son M S 2
    OSMOND Mary Jane Mother F W 71
5 6 GODWIN William HEAD M M 45
    GODWIN Hannah Wife F M 37
    GODWIN Joan Daughter F S 8
    GODWIN Sarah Jane Daughter F S 7 Mos
    CULL Allan Nephew M S 16
6 7 CULL Andrew HEAD M M 40
    CULL Sarah Ann Wife F M 34
7 8 CULL William HEAD M M 49
    CULL Eliza Wife F M 40
PAGE 275              
    CULL Nellie Daughter F S 18
    CULL Reginald Howard Son M S 13
    CULL Graham Son M S 9
    CULL James Randal Son M S 7
    CULL Andrew Son M S 5
    CULL Lucy Daughter F S 2
    CULL Elizabeth Maud Daughter F S 4 Mos
8 9 CULL Abraham HEAD M M 75
    CULL Eliza Ann Wife F M 71
  10 CULL John HEAD M M 41
    CULL Ella Maud Wife F M 30
    BRETT Neta Step Daughter F S 6
  11 CULL George HEAD M M 30
    CULL Hannah Wife F M 30
    CULL Gerald Thomas Son M S 5 Mos
9 12 CULL Joseph HEAD M M 71
    CULL Pamela Wife F M 67
    CULL Immanuel Nephew M S 18
    CULL Christopher Son M S 35
    CULL Joseph Son M S 29
  13 CULL Titus HEAD M M 42
    CULL Martha Ann Wife F M 25
    CULL Frederick Levi Son M S 11 Mos
10 14 CULL William HEAD M W 58
    CULL John Henry Son M S 23
    CULL Abraham Son M S 19
    CULL Amelia Daughter F S 21
    CULL Nora Daughter F S 14
    CULL Norman Son M S 12
    CULL Edgar Raymond Son M S 10
    CULL James William Son M S 8
11 15 OSMOND Andrew HEAD M M 73
    OSMOND Nora Wife F M 68
PAGE 276              
  16 OSMOND James HEAD M M 30
    OSMOND Dora Mary Wife F M 22
    OSMOND Dorman Son M S 7
    OSMOND Gladys Daughter F S 1 Month
12 17 BRETT John HEAD M M 46
    BRETT Martha Wife F M 44
    BRETT George Harvey Son M S 18
    BRETT Andrew Osmond Son M SS 13
13 18 KEATS Charles HEAD M M 39
    KEATS Lily Lavinia Wife F M 35
    KEATS Olga Emma Daughter F S 10
    KEATS William Son M S 5
    KEATS Pheobe Ann Daughter F S 1
  19 KEATS William HEAD M M 75
    KEATS Lucy Wife F M 64
14 20 KEATS George HEAD M M 29
    KEATS Dorothy Eliza Wife F M 20
15 21 KEATS Stephen HEAD M M 45
    KEATS Mary Wife F M 45
    KEATS John Wellington Son M S 13
16 22 KEATS Isaac HEAD M M 73
    KEATS Eliza Wife F M 58
  23 PENNEY Sidney HEAD M M 35
    PENNEY Clara Wife F M 30
    PENNEY Irene May Daughter F S 12
    PENNEY Gertrude Dorothy Daughter F S 10
    PENNEY Janet Muriel Daughter F S 8
    PENNEY Woodrow Wilson Son M S 6
    PENNEY Donald Joseph Son M S 4
    PENNEY Violet Gloria Daughter F S 2
No Entry No Entry RANDAL Allan * No Entry No Entry No Entry 40
No Entry No Entry RANDAL Elsie * No Entry No Entry No Entry 34
No Entry No Entry RANDAL James * No Entry No Entry No Entry 11
No Entry No Entry RANDAL Elizabeth * No Entry No Entry No Entry 1
* NOTE: The above family was crossed out on the original page. Included here for reference.

This page transcribed by Glynn Hewlett (December 2000)

Page Last Modified: Friday April 08, 2016 (Don Tate)

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