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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 975-979

Community of
Ship Island
Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age Religion
PAGE 975                
95 106 BLANDFORD George HEAD M M 48 UC
    BLANDFORD Annie Wife F M 42 UC
96 107 BLANDFORD Dorman HEAD M M 52 UC
    BLANDFORD Ida Wife F M 40 UC
PAGE 976                
    BLANDFORD Mildred Daughter F S 12 UC
    BLANDFORD Dorcas Mother F W 73 UC
    KEARLEY Andrew Lodger M W 35 CE
97 108 BLANDFORD John HEAD M M 65 UC
    BLANDFORD Bertha Wife F M 59 UC
    GOSSE Gladys Domestic F S 18 UC
98 109 BLANDFORD Thomas Sr HEAD M W 83 UC
    SMART Elizabeth Domestic F W 54 CE
99 110 BLANDFORD Susannah HEAD F W 66 UC
    BLANDFORD Cluny (sic) Son M S 36 UC
    BLANDFORD John Son M S 34 UC
    BLANDFORD Thomas Jr Son M S 30 UC
    KEEFE Ivy Domestic F S 18 UC
100 111 BLANDFORD Philip HEAD M M 38 UC
    BLANDFORD Leah Wife F M 37 UC
    BLANDFORD Calvin Son M S 8 UC
    BLANDFORD Maxwell Son M S 4 UC
    BLANDFORD Margaret Daughter F S 2 UC
101 112 MILES Andrew HEAD M M 66 UC
    MILES Dinah Wife F M 61 UC
  113 MILES Hubert HEAD M M 35 UC
    MILES Doris Wife F M 35 UC
    MILES Muriel Daughter F S 14 UC
    MILES Frances Daughter F S 14 UC
    MILES Cecil Son M S 4 UC
102 114 MILES Henry HEAD M W 77 UC
    MILES Deborah Sister F S 64 UC
103 115 WOODFORD Lewis HEAD M M 38 CE
    WOODFORD Ida Wife F M 33 CE
    WOODFORD Stanley Son M S 11 CE
    WOODFORD Megan Daughter F S 6 CE
    WOODFORD Lucy Daughter F S 8 days CE
104 116 WOODFORD Pearce HEAD M S 48 CE
PAGE 977                
    WOODFORD Rebecca Mother F W 73 CE
105 117 WOODFORD Robert HEAD M M 46 CE
    WOODFORD Georgina Wife F M 44 CE
    WOODFORD Rita Daughter F S 16 CE
    WOODFORD Vera Daughter F S 14 CE
    WOODFORD Eglah (sic) (??) Daughter F S 12 CE
    WOODFORD Allie Daughter F S 9 CE
    WOODFORD Bernard Son M S 2 CE
106 118 WARREN Thomas Sr HEAD M M 68 CE
    WARREN Edith Wife F M 63 CE
    WARREN Allen Son M S 26 CE
    WARREN Harold Son M S 19 CE
    WARREN Carrie Daughter F S 22 CE
NOTE: Dwelling 107 Family 119 was used for a family living in Salt Harbour Island.
108 (sic) 120 (sic) WARREN Herbert HEAD M M 38 CE
    WARREN Lucy Wife F M 36 CE
    WARREN Francis Daughter F S 10 CE
    WARREN Heber Son M S 22 Months CE
109 121 WARREN Arch HEAD M M 45 UC
    WARREN Virtue Wife F W (sic) 50 UC
    WARREN Ford Brother M S 26 UC
    WARREN Garland Brother M S 21 UC
    WARREN Leslie Son M S 13 UC
    WARREN Rebecca Daughter F S 15 UC
    WARREN Mildred Daughter F S 10 UC
    WARREN Myra (?) Daughter F S 6 UC
    WARREN May Wife (?) F M (sic) 29 UC
    WARREN Wilbert Son M M (sic) 2 * UC
* NOTE: It appears that someone has tried to make changes for these two last individuals. To the right of the age of 2 someone has penciled in 27. This would make it appear the the two were husband and wife. Only a guess based on how things were scratched out and changed.
PAGE 978                
110 122 GRIMES Arthur HEAD M M 58 CE
    GRIMES Elizabeth Wife F M 56 CE
    GRIMES George Son M S 24 CE
111 123 GRIMES Elias HEAD M M 59 CE
    GRIMES Alfreda Wife F M 51 CE
    GRIMES Frank Son M S 26 CE
    GRIMES Emma Daughter F S 21 CE
    GRIMES Pleamon Son M S 7 CE
112 124 MILES Allan HEAD M W 48 CE
    BATT Lillian Domestic F W 35 CE
    BATT Wilbert Son M S 8 CE
113 125 FARTHING Isaac HEAD M M 67 UC
    FARTHING Charlotte Wife F M 73 UC
  126 FARTHING Lewis HEAD M M 34 UC
    FARTHING Olive Wife F M 26 UC
    FARTHING Gertie Daughter F S 3 UC
    BURNS (?) Norman Lodger M S 30 UC
114 127 BATT Jane HEAD F W 65 CE
    BATT Cluny Son M S 25 CE
115 128 HUSSEY Henry HEAD M M 35 CE
    HUSSEY Agnes Wife F M 33 CE
    FUDGE Eric Lodger M S 17 CE
116 129 HUSSEY Philip HEAD M M 47 CE
    HUSSEY Salomie (sic) Wife F M 45 CE
    HUSSEY Harry Son M S 14 CE
    HUSSEY Carrie Daughter F S 12 CE
    HUSSEY Ralph Son M S 8 CE
117   VACANT            
118 130 HUSSEY Charles HEAD M M 54 CE
    HUSSEY Ada Wife F M 48 CE
    HUSSEY Cecil Son M S 23 CE
119 131 HUSSEY Richard HEAD M M 60 CE
    HUSSEY Thomas (?) Wife F M 39 CE
PAGE 979                
    HUSSEY Wilson Son M S 11 CE
    HUSSEY Ruby Daughter F S 3 CE
    HUSSEY Thomas Brother M W 62 CE
    BRINSON  Stephen Step Son M S 17 CE
120 132 FUDGE Robert HEAD M M 56 UC
    FUDGE Louisa Wife F M 45 UC
    FUDGE Nellie Daughter F S 8 UC
    FUDGE Stewart Son M S 13 UC
121 133 POWELL John HEAD M M 45 UC
    POWELL Irene Wife F M 38 UC
    POWELL Robert Son M S 17 UC
    POWELL Lillian Daughter F S 13 UC
    POWELL Ethel Daughter F S 11 UC
    FARTHING David Lodger M S 58 UC
    HUSSEY Ivy Domestic F S 17 CE

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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