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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. George's Bay

Pages 99 - 107

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 99              
1 1 FALLE Newman HEAD M M 44
    FALLE Jane Wife F M 42
    FALLE Chesley Son M S 18
    FALLE Harvey Son M S 16
    FALLE Raymond Son M S 13
    FALLE Percy Son M S 8
    FALLE Elias Son M S 6
    FALLE Stanley Son M S 2
2   VACANT          
3 2 CUTLER Gordon HEAD M M 48
    CUTLER Eunice Wife F M 29
    CUTLER Elton Son M S 1
    CUTLER Albert Brother M S 54
4 3 CUTLER Wallace HEAD M M 56
    CUTLER Edith Wife F M 48
    CUTLER Arthur Son M S 26
    CUTLER Milton Son M S 22
    CUTLER Lloyd Son M S 20
    CUTLER Fredrick Son M S 18
    CUTLER Hazel Daughter F S 17
    CUTLER Josephine Daughter F S 15
    CUTLER Robert Son M S 11
5 4 CUTLER Wilson HEAD M S 53
    JENSEN Mrs. Edward Housekeeper F W 48
    JENSEN Lorain (sic) Housekeeper's Dau F S 20
    JENSEN Gladys Housekeeper's Dau F S 18
6 5 CUTLER Clyde HEAD M M 49
    CUTLER Mary Wife F M 39
    CUTLER Huttley Son M S 21
    CUTLER Dorris Daughter F S 19
    CUTLER James Son M S 17
    CUTLER Alma Daughter F S 15
    CUTLER Percy Son M S 12
PAGE 100              
    CUTLER Myrtle Daughter F S 10
    CUTLER Ida Daughter F S 6
    CUTLER Francis Son M S 4
    CUTLER Ruby Daughter F S 2
7 6 CUTLER Hewett HEAD M M 47
    CUTLER Dinah Wife F M 46
    CUTLER Reginald Son M S 14
8 7 HANN Sidney HEAD M M 59
    HANN Rose Wife F M 51
    HANN Olga Daughter F S 16
    HULAN Rose Niece F S 11
9 8 COLOUMB Peter HEAD M M 40
    COLOUMB Flora Wife F M 40
    COLOUMB Adeline Daughter F S 19
    COLOUMB Monica Daughter F S 17
    COLOUMB William Son M S 16
    COLOUMB Harold Son M S 14
    COLOUMB Angela Daughter F S 12
    COLOUMB Dolorosa Daughter F S 10
    COLOUMB Peter Son M S 8
    COLOUMB Mark Son M S 7
    COLOUMB Leo Son M S 5
    COLOUMB Edmund Son M S 3
    COLOUMB Florence Daughter F S 2
    COLOUMB Michael Son M S 1
10 9 YOUNG John E. HEAD M M 39
    YOUNG Nancy Wife F M 36
    YOUNG Marie Daughter F S 15
    YOUNG Loretta Daughter F S 13
    YOUNG Isabel Daughter F S 10
    YOUNG Ivan Son M S 9
    YOUNG Edward Son M S 7
    YOUNG Fintan Son M S 4
PAGE 101              
    YOUNG Emma Daughter F S 2
    YOUNG Madeline Daughter F S 1
11 10 WHITE Francis HEAD M M 37
    WHITE Josephine Wife F M 35
    WHITE Adolph Son M S 13
    WHITE Maxwell Son M S 11
    WHITE Venoir (sic) Son M S 9
    WHITE Annie Daughter F S 7
    WHITE Matilda Daughter F S 4
    WHITE Blanche Daughter F S 1
12 11 BLANCHARD Medrick (sic) HEAD M M 67
    BLANCHARD Mary Wife F M 60
    BLANCHARD Angela Daughter F S 37
    BLANCHARD Lucy Daughter F S 32
    BLANCHARD Hubert Son M S 26
    BLANCHARD Vitalis (sic) Son M S 16
13 12 BENOIT Leo F. HEAD M M 25
    BENOIT Marguerite Wife F M 23
    BENOIT Phylis Daughter F S 3
    BENOIT Veronica Daughter F S 1
14 13 ALEXANDER Adolph HEAD M M 29
    ALEXANDER Mary Wife F M 24
    ALEXANDER George Son M S 5
    ALEXANDER Gerald Son M S 3
    ALEXANDER Susan Daughter F S 1
15 14 ALEXANDER James HEAD M M 61
    ALEXANDER Eulolie (??) Wife F M 56
    ALEXANDER Fredrick Son M S 19
    ALEXANDER Joseph Son M S 16
    ALEXANDER Raymond Son M S 12
16 15 BARRY John HEAD M M 28
    BARRY Annie Wife F M 26
    BARRY William J. Son M S 7
PAGE 102              
    BARRY Ronald Son M S 5
    BARRY Bernard Son M S 3
    BARRY Edward Son M S 1
17 16 BLANCHARD Fredrick HEAD M M 49
    BLANCHARD Gertrude Wife F M 39
    BLANCHARD Hilda Daughter F S 21
    BLANCHARD Hazel Daughter F S 19
    BLANCHARD Charles Son M S 16
    BLANCHARD Arthur Son M S 14
    BLANCHARD Agnes Daughter F S 12
    BLANCHARD Ellen Daughter F S 10
    BLANCHARD Augustus Son M S 9
    BLANCHARD Elizabeth Daughter F S 7
    BLANCHARD Edward Son M S 5
    BLANCHARD Carrol Son M S 2
    BLANCHARD Regina Daughter F S 1
    BLANCHARD Freeman Grand Son M S 2
18 17 BLANCHARD Marcelle HEAD M S 42
    BLANCHARD Margaret Sister F S 40
19 18 DOUCETTE William HEAD M M 56
    DOUCETTE Katherine Wife F M 52
    BLAIS Darrel Grand Son M S 7
20 19 BLANCHARD Louis HEAD M M 40
    BLANCHARD Esther Wife F M 39
    BLANCHARD William Son M S 9
    BLANCHARD Kevin Son M S 7
    BLANCHARD Bernadette Daughter F S 2
21 20 BLANCHARD Walter HEAD M M 38
    BLANCHARD Margaret Wife F M 36
    BLANCHARD Geraldine Daughter F S 15
    BLANCHARD Grace Daughter F S 13
    BLANCHARD Leona Daughter F S 11
    BLANCHARD Eve Daughter F S 9
PAGE 103              
    BLANCHARD Louise Daughter F S 8
    BLANCHARD Ronald Son M S 6
    BLANCHARD Michael Son M S 5
    BLANCHARD Maurice Son M S 2
22   VACANT          
23 21 GALPIN Arthur HEAD M M 32
    GALPIN Bertha Wife F M 29
    GALPIN Llewelyn Son M S 6
    GALPIN Thomas Son M S 5
    GALPIN Arthur Son M S 3
    GALPIN James Son M S 1
24 22 CORMIER Patrick HEAD M S 79
25 23 BENOIT Francis HEAD M M 48
    BENOIT Adalaide Wife F M 41
    BENOIT Francis Son M S 25
    BENOIT Clifford Son M S 11
    BENOIT Earl Son M S 4
    BENOIT Pauline Daughter F S 2
    WHITE John Father in Law M M (sic) 85
26 24 PIEROWAY Llewelyn HEAD M M 57
    PIEROWAY Mary Wife F M 55
    PIEROWAY Sarah Daughter F S 15
    PIEROWAY Mary Daughter F S 13
    PIEROWAY Beulah Daughter F S 11
    PIEROWAY Stanley Son M S 7
27 25 DENNIS Garnett HEAD M M 26
    DENNIS Amelia Wife F M 21
    DENNIS Graham Son M S 1
28   VACANT          
29 26 PIEROWAY Wilfred HEAD M M 23
    PIEROWAY Marguerite Wife F M 22
    PIEROWAY Remona (sic) Daughter F S 2
    PIEROWAY William Son M S 1
PAGE 104              
    PIEROWAY Fanny Mother F W 78
    BENOIT Zeta Niece F S 8
30 27 WHITE Louis HEAD M M 53
    WHITE Pauline Wife F M 43
    WHITE Zeta Daughter F S 23
    WHITE Augustus Son M S 21
    WHITE George Son M S 19
    WHITE Walter Son M S 18
    WHITE Terence Son M S 12
    WHITE Eileen Daughter F S 11
    WHITE Isabel Daughter F S 10
    WHITE Helen Servant F S 23
31 28 WHITE Clarence HEAD M M 59
    WHITE Annie Wife F M 59
    WHITE Hugh Son M S 26
    WHITE Sarah Daughter F S 22
    WHITE Elizabeth Daughter F S 19
32 29 GARNIER Albert HEAD M W 36
    GARNIER Marion Daughter F S 8
    GARNIER Mathew (sic) Son M S 7
    GARNIER Louis Son M S 5
    GARNIER Bernadette Daughter F S 3
    GARNIER Leggo (sic) Nephew M S 1
    GARNIER Elizabeth Sister F S 32
33 30 BENOIT John (?) Henry HEAD M M 53
    BENOIT Elizabeth Wife F M 52
    BENOIT Henry Son M S 20
    BENOIT Fredrick (sic) Son M S 17
    BENOIT Joseph Son M S 14
    BENOIT Josephine Daughter F S 11
    BENOIT James Grand Son M S 5
34   VACANT          
35 31 COLOUMB Joseph HEAD M M 43
PAGE 105              
    COLOUMB Florence Wife F M 38
    COLOUMB Fredrick (sic) Son M S 17
    COLOUMB Francis Son M S 16
    COLOUMB Samuel Son M S 13
    COLOUMB Darrel Son M S 11
    COLOUMB Priscilla Daughter F S 9
    COLOUMB Odell Daughter F S 3
36 32 NOVELL Fredrick (sic) HEAD M M 43
    NOVELL Bridget Wife F M 38
    NOVELL Joseph Son M S 10
    NOVELL Helen Daughter F S 8
    NOVELL Gerald Son M S 4
    NOVELL Elizabeth Daughter F S 2
37 33 YOUNG Wallace HEAD M M 35
    YOUNG Margaret Wife F M 34
    YOUNG Edward Son M S 13
    YOUNG Walter Son M S 11
    YOUNG Anne Daughter F S 9
    YOUNG Kathrine Daughter F S 8
    YOUNG John Son M S 6
    YOUNG Cecilia Daughter F S 4
    YOUNG Reta Daughter F S 3
    YOUNG Gordon Son M S 2
    YOUNG Susan Daughter F S 1
38   VACANT          
39 34 YOUNG Ruben HEAD M M 65
    YOUNG Susan Wife F M 64
    YOUNG Louis Nephew M S 8
    YOUNG Austin Son M S 3
40 35 COLOUMB Narcisse (sic) HEAD M S 70
41 36 COLOUMB David HEAD M M 36
    COLOUMB Bridget Wife F M 30
    COLOUMB Francis Son M S 11
PAGE 106              
    COLOUMB Gordon Son M S 9
    COLOUMB Wilfreda Daughter F S 8
    COLOUMB Cecilia Daughter F S 6
    COLOUMB Grace Daughter F S 3
    COLOUMB Richard Son M S 1
42 37 GARNIER Constant HEAD M W 62
    GARNIER Ethel Daughter F S 29
    GARNIER Vincent Grand Son M S 13
    GARNIER Anthony Grand Son M S 11
43 38 WHITE Camil HEAD M M 52
    WHITE Jane Wife F M 42
    WHITE Willis Son M S 13
    WHITE Mary Daughter F S 11
    WHITE Josephine Daughter F S 9
    WHITE Dora Daughter F S 7
44 39 WHITE Nathaniel HEAD M M 37
    WHITE Stella Wife F M 28
    WHITE Edith Daughter F S 12
    WHITE Regina Daughter F S 10
    WHITE Emily Daughter F S 7
    WHITE Gladys Daughter F S 6
    WHITE Walter Son M S 4
    WHITE Hellen Daughter F S 2
    WHITE Kevin Son M S 1
45 40 WHITE Martin HEAD M S 24
    WHITE Anthony Brother M S 21
    WHITE Thomas Brother M S 19
46   VACANT          
47 41 WHITE Joseph HEAD M M 54
    WHITE Mary Wife F M 42
    WHITE Margaret Daughter F S 19
    WHITE Arthur Son M S 18
    WHITE David Son M S 15
PAGE 107              
    TOBIN Annie Maid F S 21
48   VACANT          
49 42 WHITE Medrick HEAD M M 74
    WHITE Mary Wife F M 68
  43 TOBIN Mary HEAD M W 42
    TOBIN Georgena Daughter F S 19
    TOBIN Sadie Daughter F S 16
    TOBIN Bernard Son M S 13
    TOBIN Medrick Son M S 8
    TOBIN Malcolm Son M S 4
    WHITE Isaac Son M S 3
    COLOUMB Mary Grand Daughter F S 13
    WHITE Isaac Lodger M S 38
50 44 PERRIOR Wilfred HEAD M M 36
    PERRIOR Harriet Wife F M 34
    PERRIOR Wilfred Son M S 13
51 45 BENOIT Louisa HEAD F W 76
52 46 BARRY William HEAD M M 47
    BARRY Lizzie Wife F M 72

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (November 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (December 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday August 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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