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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 61 - 66

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 61              
17 16 OSBOURNE Joseph HEAD M M 84
    OSBOURNE Jane Wife F M 82
    OSBOURNE Walter Son M S 43
  17 OSBOURNE John T. HEAD M M 57
    OSBOURNE Susannah Wife F M 48
    OSBOURNE Allan Son M S 26
    OSBOURNE Chesley Son M S 24
PAGE 62              
    OSBOURNE Clayton Son M S 9
18 18 BANKS Cyril HEAD M M 44
    BANKS Daisy Wife F M 43
    BANKS Edith Adopted F S 16
19 19 MACKAY George HEAD M M 33
    MACKAY Bessie Wife F M 34
    MACKAY Heber Son M S 17
    MACKAY Calvin Son M S 5
    MACKAY Mary Daughter F S 4
    MACKAY Watson Son M S 3
20 20 OSBOURNE Basil HEAD M M 64
    OSBOURNE Pheobe (sic) Wife F M 51
21 21 OSBOURNE Josiah HEAD M M 62
    OSBOURNE Mary Wife F M 55
    OSBOURNE Aaron Son M S 21
    OSBOURNE Blanche Daughter F S 20
    OSBOURNE Elizabeth Daughter F S 17
    OSBOURNE Stella Daughter F S 15
22 22 OSBOURNE Mathias HEAD M M 33
    OSBOURNE Minnie Wife F M 22
  23 OSBOURNE Pierce HEAD M M 30
    OSBOURNE Margaret Wife F M 32
    OSBOURNE Garland Son M S 4
    OSBOURNE Victor Son M S 3
    OSBOURNE Ethel Daughter F S 1
23 24 MACKAY William HEAD M M 25
    MACKAY Lenora Wife F M 23
    MACKAY Harold Son M S 4
    MACKAY Mary Daughter F S 18 Mos
    MACKAY Esau HEAD M M 58
    MACKAY Isabella Wife F M 54
    MACKAY Herbert Son M S 26
PAGE 63              
  25 MACKAY Elsie Daughter F S 16
24 26 OSBOURNE Joshua HEAD M M 34
    OSBOURNE Eliza Wife F M 32
    OSBOURNE Lewis Son M S 10
    OSBOURNE Stella Daughter F S 7
    OSBOURNE Ellen Daughter F S 5
    OSBOURNE Kenneth Son M S 3
    PARSONS Joseph Father M W 78
25 27 RICE John HEAD M M 50
    RICE Diniah (sic) Wife F M 41
    RICE Gladys Daughter F S 12
    RICE Hubert Son M S 10
    RICE Edward Son M S 8
    RICE Roland Son M S 6
    RICE Dorcas Daughter F S 3
    GILLINGHAM Lydia Mother F W 62
26 28 PIERCY Edward HEAD M M 56
    PIERCY Elizabeth Wife F M 42
  29 RICE Garland HEAD M M 20
    RICE Ida Wife F M 22
    RICE Lily Daughter F S 7 Mos
27 30 RICE Joseph HEAD M S 27
    RICE Alice Mother F W 71
28 31 RICE Fredrick HEAD M M 46
    RICE Lenora Wife F M 41
    RICE Muriel Daughter F S 19
    RICE Marian Son M S 18
    RICE Leah Daughter F S 13
    RICE Ilene Daughter F S 9
    RICE Howard Son M S 5
    RICE Freaky (sic) (??) Son M S 4
    RICE Guy Son M S 2
PAGE 64              
    RICE Boyce Son M S 2 Mos
29 32 PINKSEN Simeon HEAD M M 36
    PINKSEN Jane Wife F M 35
    PINKSEN Blanche Daughter F S 13
    PINKSEN Alfreda Daughter F S 10
    PINKSEN Warwick Son M S 7
  33 RICE George HEAD M M 33
    RICE Fannie Wife F M 31
    RICE Marjorie Daughter F S 10
    RICE Chloe Daughter F S 8
    RICE Gordon Son M S 6
    RICE Lloyd Son M S 4
    RICE 1 not baptized (sic) Daughter F S 4 Mos
30 34 PINKSEN John HEAD M M 59
    PINKSEN Winnifred Wife F M 31
    PINKSEN Marie Daughter F S 7
    PINKSEN Ronald Son M S 3
    PINKSEN Adell Daughter F S 1
31 35 GILLINGHAM George HEAD M M 30
    GILLINGHAM Eunice Wife F M 28
    GILLINGHAM Joseph Son M S 10
    GILLINGHAM Olivia Daughter F S 8
    GILLINGHAM Elizabeth Daughter F S 6
    GILLINGHAM Manassah Jr. Son M S 4
    GILLINGHAM Clement Son M S 9 Mos
32 36 GILLINGHAM Manassah Sr. HEAD M M 45
    GILLINGHAM Agnes Wife F M 35
    GILLINGHAM Stewart Son M S 10
    GILLINGHAM Hector Son M S 1
    MACKAY Edward Father M W 68
33 37 MACKAY Pierre HEAD M M 30
    MACKAY Rebecca Wife F M 22
PAGE 65              
    MACKAY Edward Son M S 5
    MACKAY Baxter Son M S 2
34 38 OSBOURNE James HEAD M M 66
    OSBOURNE Mary Wife F M 63
    OSBOURNE John Son M S 43
    OSBOURNE Jacob Son M S 30
    OSBOURNE George Son M S 26
    OSBOURNE Adophus Son M S 22
35 39 SPARKS Josiah HEAD M M 50
    SPARKS Charity Wife F M 42
    SPARKS Priscilla Daughter F S 23
    SPARKS Beatrice Daughter F S 21
    SPARKS James Son M S 18
    SPARKS Elizabeth Daughter F S 16
36 40 OAKE Raymond HEAD M M 44
    OAKE Mildred Wife F M 44
    OAKE William Son M S 22
    OAKE Mabel Daughter F S 17
    OAKE Ida Daughter F S 12
    OAKE Sadie Daughter F S 9
    OAKE Harvey Son M S 5
37 41 WHITE Edward HEAD M W 40
    WHITE Dorcas Daughter F S 11
    WHITE Louisia Mother F W 68
38 42 WHITE Allan HEAD M M 32
    WHITE Violet Wife F M 28
    WHITE Victor Son M S 5
    WHITE Maxwell Son M S 2
  43 POLLARD William HEAD M W 43
    POLLARD Agnes Daughter F S 12
39 44 BANKS George HEAD M M 48
    BANKS Mary Wife F M 49
    BANKS Malcolm Son M S 17
PAGE 66              
    BANKS Emma Daughter F S 15
    BANKS Blanche Daughter F S 10
    PARSONS Gordon HEAD M M 24
    PARSONS Annie Wife F M 24
    PARSONS Allan Son M S 2
40 45 ROBINSON William HEAD M M 30
    ROBINSON Agnes Wife F M 26
    ROBINSON Clarence Son M S 4
    ROBINSON Douglas Son M S 3
    ROBINSON Ross Son M S 1
41 46 BANKS Aquilla HEAD M M 54
    BANKS Victoria Wife F M 51
    BANKS Obadiah Son M S 29
    BANKS Agustus Son M S 17
    BANKS Esther Daughter F S 13
    RICE Sadie Grand Child F S 1
42 47 BANKS Joseph HEAD M M 57
    BANKS Jane Wife F M 30
    BANKS Winnona (sic) Daughter F S 10
    BANKS Eleanor Daughter F S 8
    BANKS Harry Son M S 4
43 48 ROBINSON Joshua HEAD M M 55
    ROBINSON Annabella Wife F M 51
    ROBINSON Elizabeth Daughter F S 28
    ROBINSON Adolphus Son M S 25
    ROBINSON Douglas Son M S 22
    ROBINSON Sidney Son M S 16
    ROBINSON Florence Daughter F S 14
    ROBINSON Theresa Daughter F S 12

Originally Contributed and Transcribed by Stella Regular

Updated by Gervase Cunard to reformat page (March 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (March 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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