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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Bonavista

Pages 283 - 286

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12 Col 19
PAGE 283                
200 184 DAVIS Naboth Head M M 54 UC
    DAVIS Sarah Wife F M 52 UC
    DAVIS John Son M S 24 UC
    DAVIS Linda Daughter F S 15 UC
    DAVIS Helen Daughter F S 9 UC
201 185 SMART Laurier (sic) Head M M 34 UC
    SMART Alice Wife F M 29 UC
    SMART Samuel Son M S 8 UC
    SMART Harold Son M S 7 UC
    SMART Lloyd Son M S 5 UC
    SMART Ida Daughter F S 4 UC
    SMART Evelyn Daughter F S 2 UC
    SMART Edna Daughter F S 1 UC
202 186 DAVIS William Head M M 31 UC
    DAVIS Belle Wife F M 28 UC
    DAVIS Hazel Daughter F S 10 UC
    DAVIS Gilbert Son M S 8 UC
    DAVIS Jack Son M S 6 UC
    DAVIS Maxwell Son M S 5 UC
203 187 STEAD Albert Head M M 72 SA
    STEAD Frances Wife F M 68 UC
204 188 STEAD Joseph Head M M 65 UC
    STEAD Fanny Wife F M 65 UC
PAGE 284                
    STEAD Abel Son M S 20 UC
205 189 SQUIRES Joseph Head M M 49 CE
    SQUIRES Emily Wife F M 46 UC
    SQUIRES William Norman Son M S 18 UC
    SQUIRES Edward Thomas Son M S 16 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Lily Maud Neice F S 6 UC
206 190 SPARKES Llewelyn Head M M 52 UC
    SPARKES Elizabeth Wife F M 44 UC
    SPARKES Abel Son M S 17 UC
    SPARKES Herbert Son M S 13 UC
    SPARKES Leonard Son M S 11 UC
    SPARKES Marion Daughter F S 9 UC
    SPARKES Harry Son M S 4 UC
    SPARKES Olive Daughter F S 3 UC
    SPARKES Bagella (sic) Son M S 22 UC
207 191 SPARKES Charles Head M M 54 UC
    SPARKES Rebecca Wife F M 46 UC
    SPARKES Stewart James Son M S 21 UC
    SPARKES Edgar Wesley Son M S 17 UC
    SPARKES Barbara Daughter F S 15 UC
    SPARKES William Son M S 9 UC
    SPARKES Alexandra Daughter F S 5 UC
208 192 SPARKES John Head M M 44 UC
    SPARKES Laura Jane Wife F M 38 UC
209 193 SPARKES Thomas Sr Head M M 70 UC
    SPARKES Mary Helen Wife F M 64 UC
    SPARKES Frances Daughter F S 24 UC
    SPARKES Thomas Son M S 20 UC
210 194 SPARKES Arthur Head M S 35 UC
    SPARKES Hedley Brother M M 30 UC
    SPARKES Matilda Sister in Law F M 28 UC
    SPARKES Shirley Nerissa (sic) Neice F S 7 UC
    SPARKES Edgar Frank Nephew M S 4 UC
PAGE 285                
    SPARKES Josephine Pearl Neice F S 2 UC
    SPARKES Eric Ralph Nephew M S 6 Mos UC
211 195 BURTON Emily Head F W 58 UC
    BURTON Chesley Son M S 23 UC
  196 BURTON Benjamin Head M M 37 UC
    BURTON Ivy Pearl Wife F M 28 UC
    BURTON Joseph George Son M S 4 UC
    BURTON Vincent Benjamin Son M S 1 UC
212 197 FIFIELD Jacob Head M M 40 UC
    FIFIELD Annie Wife F M 39 UC
    FIFIELD Edgar Son M S 17 UC
    FIFIELD Janie Daughter F S 14 UC
    FIFIELD Mabel Daughter F S 11 UC
    FIFIELD Elwin Son M S 9 UC
    FIFIELD Nellie Daughter F S 6 UC
    FIFIELD Emerson Son M S 2 UC
    BROWN Edgar Brother in Law M W 37 SA
    BROWN Gordon Nephew M S 9 SA
    BROWN Charles Nephew M S 6 SA
213 198 DAVIS Hedley Head M M 63 UC
    DAVIS Hannah Wife F M 59 UC
    DAVIS Mabel Daughter F S 20 UC
    DAVIS Frank Son M S 17 UC
    DAVIS Hedley Son M S 15 UC
    DAVIS Vera Grand Child F S 8 UC
214 199 SPARKES Samuel Head M M 41 UC
    SPARKES Mary Wife F M 41 UC
    SPARKES Hubert Gower Son M S 9 UC
    SPARKES Gertrude Madge Daughter F S 5 UC
    SMART Ernest Lodger M M 30 UC
    SMART Lena Lodger F M 20 UC
215 200 DAVIS Benjamin Job Head M M 34 UC
    DAVIS Hazel Blanche Wife F M 26 UC
PAGE 286                
    DAVIS Sadie Loretta Daughter F S 7 UC
    DAVIS Eugene Maxwell Son M S 2 UC
216 201 DAVIS Daniel Head M M 57 UC
    DAVIS Susanna Wife F M 55 UC
    DAVIS Donald Son M S 19 UC
    DAVIS Earle Kitchener Son M S 17 UC
    DAVIS Neta Blanche Daughter F S 13 UC
217 202 DEWEY Jesse Head M M 62 UC
    DEWEY Jemimah Wife F M 54 UC
    DAVIS Jane Daughter F M 35 UC
    DAVIS Job Son in Law M M 38 UC
    DAVIS Selina Dorothy Grand Daughter F S 13 UC
    DAVIS Roderick Grand Son M S 6 UC
218 203 DEWEY John Head M M 60 UC
    DEWEY Jemimah Wife F M 55 UC
    DEWEY Jack So M M 23 UC
    DEWEY Meta Vivian Jane Daughter in Law F M 24 UC
    DEWEY Myrtle Dorothy Grand Daughter F S 2 UC
    DEWEY No Entry Grand Son M S 3 Wks UC
219 204 STEAD Theophilus Head M M 42 UC
    STEAD Matilda Wife F M 40 UC
    STEAD Thomas Son M S 15 UC
    STEAD Noah Theophilus Son M S 14 UC
    STEAD Lucy Daughter F S 11 UC
    STEAD Joseph Son M S 9 UC
    STEAD George Son M S 6 UC
    STEAD Lucy Mother F W 72 UC
    HINES Stephen Lodger M S 30 CE

Contributed and Transcribed by Mabel Macyshen nee Brennan (May 2004)

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