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1935 Census of Newfoundland.
District of Twillingate

Pages 696 - 699

Community of
Salt Pond

Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age Religion
PAGE 696                
    ATKINSON Myrtle Wife F M 29 SA
    ATKINSON Phyllis Daughter F S 6 SA
    ATKINSON Thomas Son M S 1 SA
2 2 WELLS John HEAD M M 56 Pen Mission
    WELLS Anna Wife F M 51 Pen Mission
    WELLS Fred Son M S 19 Pen Mission
    WELLS Phyllis Daughter F S 14 Pen Mission
    SPENCER Hilda Wife F M 23 UC
    SPENCER Gwendolyn Daughter F S 3 UC
    SPENCER Geneva (sic) Daughter F S 8 Months UC
3 4 BURSEY George HEAD M M 39 SA
    BURSEY Lucy Wife F M 29 SA
    BURSEY William Son M S 6 SA
    BURSEY Enurchas (sic) (?) Son M S 3 SA
    BURSEY Glowena (sic) (?) Daughter F S 2 SA
4 5 BURSEY Doyle HEAD M M 31 UC
    BURSEY Gertrude Wife F M 24 UC
    BURSEY Priscilla (sic) Daughter F S 3 UC
5 6 BURSEY H Thomas HEAD M M 68 UC
    BURSEY Mary Wife F M 65 UC
    BURSEY Garland Son M S 22 UC
6 7 BURSEY Ananias HEAD M M 41 UC
    BURSEY Elizabeth Wife F M 36 UC
    BURSEY Pearce Son M S 14 UC
    BURSEY Kenneth Son M S 12 UC
7 8 JACOBS Herbert HEAD M S 33 SA
    CRAMM Arthur Lodger M S 28 UC
    CRAMM Armenious (sic) (?) Lodger M S 19 UC
8 9 ROWSELL Allan HEAD M M 47 Pen Mission
    ROWSELL Rachael Wife F M 41 Pen Mission
    ROWSELL Leonard Son M S 17 Pen Mission
PAGE 697                
    ROWSELL Donald Son M S 15 Pen Mission
    ROWSELL Dexter Son M S 12 Pen Mission
    ROWSELL Louise Daughter F S 10 Pen Mission
    ROWSELL Minnie Daughter F S 8 Pen Mission
    ROWSELL Scott Son M S 4 Pen Mission
9 10 BURSEY Albert HEAD M M 50 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Beatrice Wife F M 42 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Ford Son M S 20 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Ruby Daughter F S 15 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Dulcie Daughter F S 10 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Chesley Son M S 8 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Kathleen Daughter F S 4 Pen Mission
10 11 BURSEY Stanley HEAD M M 54 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Jane Wife F M 55 Pen Mission
  12 BURSEY Stanley A HEAD M M 29 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Rebecca Wife F M 29 Pen Mission
    BURSEY James Son M S 4 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Margaret Daughter F S 2 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Louise M Daughter F S 11 Months Pen Mission
11 13 NIPPER John HEAD M M 49 Pen Mission
    NIPPER Hettie Wife F M 47 Pen Mission
    NIPPER James Son M S 26 SA
    NIPPER Nat H Son M S 25 Pen Mission
    NIPPER Alec Son M S 24 SA
    NIPPER Sydney Son M S 23 SA
    NIPPER Alfred Son M S 22 SA
    NIPPER Obediah Son M S 19 SA
    NIPPER Margaret Daughter F S 15 Pen Mission
    NIPPER Wilbert Son M S 13 Pen Mission
    NIPPER Flossie Daughter F S 10 Pen Mission
    NIPPER John Son M S 8 Pen Mission
    NIPPER Melvin Son M S 5 Pen Mission
    NIPPER Herman Son M S 2 Pen Mission
PAGE 698                
12 14 BURSEY Joseph W HEAD M M 39 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Phyllis Wife F M 36 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Maxwell Son M S 13 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Greta Daughter F S 10 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Calvin Son M S 7 Pen Mission
    BURSEY Doris Daughter F S 4 Pen Mission
13 15 SNOW Elikam (sic) (?) HEAD M M 38 SA
    SNOW Edie (?) Wife F M 30 SA
    SNOW Jacob Son M S 11 SA
    SNOW Bride Daughter F S 9 SA
    SNOW Earle Son M S 6 SA
    SNOW Wesley Son M S 4 SA
    SNOW Vera Daughter F S 2 SA
    SNOW Stephen Father M W 69 SA
14 16 OSMOND Lewis HEAD M M 31 SA
    OSMOND Elsie Wife F M 28 SA
    OSMOND Lily Daughter F S 5 SA
    OSMOND Rose Daughter F S 2 SA
15 17 GOODYEAR Obediah HEAD M M 36 SA
    GOODYEAR Hilda Wife F M 37 SA
    KENNEDY Sarah Niece F S 7 SA
16 18 JANES Mark HEAD M M 48 UC
    JANES Mary Wife F M 43 UC
    JANES Frank Son M S 21 UC
    JANES Raymond Son M S 19 SA
    JANES Edward Son M S 17 UC
    JANES Edna Daughter F S 14 UC
    JANES Hedly (sic) Son M S 11 UC
    JANES Stephen Son M S 9 UC
    JANES Grace Daughter F S 7 UC
    JANES Mark W Son M S 5 UC
    JANES Sydney S Son M S 11 Months UC
17 19 ANSTEY Stephen HEAD M M 66 UC
PAGE 699                
    ANSTEY Naomi Wife F M 65 UC
    ANSTEY Bessie Daughter F S 30 UC
    ANSTEY Robert Son M S 27 UC
  20 ANSTEY Andrew HEAD M W 41 UC
    ANSTEY Henry L Son M S 13 UC
18 21 ELLSWORTH William HEAD M M No Entry SA
    ELLSWORTH Ethel Wife F M No Entry SA
    ELLSWORTH Phoebe Daughter F S 18 SA
    ELLSWORTH Reginald Son M S 17 SA
    ELLSWORTH Rose Daughter F S 10 SA
    ELLSWORTH Rita Daughter F S 7 SA
    ELLSWORTH Harold Son M S 5 SA
    ELLSWORTH Grace Daughter F S 3 SA
    ELLSWORTH Roland Son M S 10 Months SA
19 22 JACOBS Job HEAD M W 64 SA

Provided and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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